Mom-to-be Dia Mirza shares beautiful photos on International Yoga Day


Like many of her colleagues in the film industry, Dia Mirza is passionate about yoga and often shares photos on her social media accounts. On International Yoga Day 2021, the mom-to-be posted a series of comeback photos.

In the photos, we can see Dia doing pranayamas. The caption of her post read: “Align mind, body and soul with daily practice of breathing, stretching and meditation ️💚🌳🌏 Lucky to have this green space open so I can be with it nature. Being with nature strengthens the immune system, sharpens our senses and improves the overall feeling of well being. Also brings JOY ☀️🌳🐯 I miss you @abhisheksharmayogafitness! Let’s do yoga and take new photos please 😂🙏🏻 PS – These are pictures #ThrowBack. #InternationalYogaDay #Yoga #YogaDay #ForNature.

On Sunday, Dia Mirza shared a selfie of herself on her Instagram Story, where she poses in her backyard at home.


Dia Mirza Dia Mirza’s latest selfie. (Photo: Dia Mirz / Instagram)

On April 1, Dia announced her pregnancy with a photo of herself in the Maldives, which her husband, Vaibhav Rekhi, clicked. She captioned the post: “Happy to be… One with Mother Earth… One with the Life Force which is the beginning of all… of all stories. Lullabies. Songs. New saplings. And the blossoming of hope. Blessed to rock this purest dream of all in my womb. “

After that, the actor was trolled for the timing of his announcement, as she had married Rekhi in February 2021. However, she handled the trolls with dignity. “There should never be any shame attached to this beautiful trip,” she replied to a person who questioned the timing of her pregnancy announcement, saying that as women “we must always exercise our choice ”.

When someone asked her why she hadn’t announced her pregnancy before marriage and shattered stereotypes like she did with a female priest officiating at her wedding ceremony, the actor replied, “Interesting question. . First, we didn’t get married because we had a baby together. We were already getting married because we wanted to spend our life together. We found out that we were going to have a baby while we were getting ready for our wedding. This marriage is therefore not the result of pregnancy. We did not announce the pregnancy until we knew it was safe (medical reasons). This is the happiest news of my life. I have waited many years for this to happen. I wouldn’t hide it for any reason other than medical.

Dia Mirza married businessman Vaibhav Rekhi in February in a low-key ceremony on February 15.



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