Monochrome is the chic answer to summer style


When it comes to getting ready for summer, we go for an effortlessly chic look. And, yes, there are constant watches like black and white, or for the more advanced, subtle coordination that will get you out without much effort. But even better – and what we really crave after this pandemic-invoked style hibernation: a colorful ensemble that epitomizes carefree (and cheerful) summer style. The pieces in the new Marc Jacobs color collection deliver just that.

Whether you’re drawn to matching sets or reveling in a mixed aesthetic, the staple assortment is full of personality and always manages to be comfy. Aim for bright, saturated colors when you’re feeling the most energetic. Or, stack on neutrals for an understated vibe.

Before, we’ve rounded up four monochrome outfits that will stimulate your mind and make dressing an event in itself. So go on and buy the edit for an extraordinarily dressed summer lived off the lines.


Go green

Marc Jacobs

Monochromatic doesn’t necessarily mean just one shade from head to toe. Break things up and create dimension with variegated separate pieces – a same-tone striped tee, lace-up sandals, luxe sunglasses and a weekend go the sartorial distance. A pair of cream-colored knee-high shorts will keep things on the ground when you’re on the go.

Blue, baby

Marc Jacobs

Whether you’re near the water or not, adopt an ocean paddle for outdoor summer gatherings in the grass, among sand dunes, or in your backyard. A ribbed bra and loose sweatshirts are extraordinarily comfortable, not to mention that the chic revealing of the skin will be appreciated by the warmth. Lean even further into the blustery summer lifestyle with easy-to-slip slides, coordinating cat eyes, and complimentary beach blanket.

Tickled Rose

Marc Jacobs


A punchy pink outfit, especially one that centers around a sporty polo dress, effortlessly reads energetic on sizzling days. A canvas tote, sneakers, and a pearl and shell necklace match perfectly. For a summer vacation, take it a step further by matching your toiletries for the ultimate color coordination.

Neutral territory

Marc Jacobs

When you go out with your pooch, a neutral approach to monochrome keeps things easy but elevated. Go for an off-white sweatshirt set and black accents for contrast like a sleek black baseball cap, two-tone slides and a padded baby carrier for a chic puppy.

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