Neena Gupta played a 90-year-old in Sardar Ka Grandson, but will accept the role of a granny again on that condition


Veteran actor Neena Gupta’s first response was to say no to the role of a 90-year-old grandmother in her recent outing, Sardar Ka Grandson. It was, however, the film’s script that made him say yes to playing the film’s title “ Sardar ” and portraying Arjun Kapoor’s grandmother to Amreek in the Netflix project.

“I thought I didn’t want to make a 90 year old kid now, before I listened to the script. But, after doing that, there wasn’t even a second thought. I immediately said yes. It’s very rare at my age that you get a role like this. In addition, it was a very stimulating role. I’m always really nervous if I’ve done too much, lost my posture, or got the wrong tone of voice, all those preoccupations of an actor. They always find faults in their performance. After the first 3-4 days, I familiarized myself with my prostheses. The main thing is the script and the dialogue is very cool, ”Gupta said in an exclusive chat with


Sardar Ka Grandson revolves around an NRI grandson who is there to make his grandmother’s last wish come true to visit his ancestral home in Lahore, Pakistan. Due to some restrictions, the matriarch cannot visit Lahore, and therefore the grandson decides to bring Lahore to her, structurally moving the house.

Revealing how the team broke through the central theme of the story, director Kaashvi Nair told us, “We wanted to keep the tone of the two countries very light and real because there is so much brotherhood. We have Pakistan because leaving a house behind under these circumstances is part of the history of Partition for us. Eventually the movie came into being because we read an article about moving a house from Kerala to Manesar, but they did it brick by brick. When we’ve done our research and come down to structural relocation, and honesty if you see a house on a truck, you’re sold. Now you need to understand the story around it.

sardar ka grandson cast neena gupta arjun kapoor rakul preet Sardar Ka Grandson was released on Netflix on May 18. (Photo: Netflix)

Sardar Ka Grandson has a predominantly all-female team, comprising actors Rakul Preet Singh, Soni Razdan, and Divya Seth. Main actor Arjun Kapoor previously shared with us, how he worked on a set with the majority of the cast and crew being women.

Sharing how she bonded with Arjun as a true grandmother-grandson, Neena Gupta added that she would only play such a role in the future if it caught her eye.


“It’s not like now that I will only play the role of grandmother. No one can force me to do this. If I don’t want to play a grandmother, I will say no. If there is a good role, I will say yes. I play a variety of interesting roles, ”said the ace actor, whose upcoming projects include Good Bye, Masaba Masaba 2 and Panchayat 2.

Rakul, for his part, argued why films are bringing a calming effect to audiences in these difficult times. “Entertainment plays a very important role in giving you some relief, even when the going is tough and you want to be entertained. And the movies do it best. Even our film comes at a time when you place more importance on families and relationships than you ever have, ”she said.


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