Neena Gupta reacts by playing a mother to Kanwaljit Singh, who was her husband on the Saans TV show: ‘It’s the pleasure of acting’


Bollywood actor Neena Gupta played Arjun Kapoor’s 90-year-old grandmother, Amreek, in Netflix’s latest film, Sardar Ka Grandson. While some fans of the actor were surprised to see Gupta playing a grandmother, one of them noticed how she played a mother for actor Kanwaljit Singh in the film, with whom she once romanticized. in the Saans TV show.

In Sardar Ka Grandson, Gupta plays Sardar, the head of a Punjabi family. She has only one wish before dying, to revisit her ancestral home in Lahore, Pakistan. Kanwaljit Singh plays his son and Arjun Kapoor is the grandson of the NRI who takes it upon himself to fulfill his grandmother’s last wish.

Recently, Gupta was made aware of the fan’s sighting regarding Kanwaljit Singh and herself. The fan wrote, “Don’t tell me Kanwaljit Singh is Neena Gupta’s son in the movie? They were co-stars in the 90s. SMH. In response, Gupta told Bollywood Hungama, “Bhaiya yehi toh acting ka maza hai. Kal jo aapka lover tha woh aapka beta hai, yehi toh maza hai (See, it’s fun to act; someone who was your lover is now your son. It’s fun). “


Saans was a hit series from the 90s. The history of the Saans revolved around Priya (played by Neena Gupta), Gautam (played by Kanwaljit Singh) and Manisha (played by Kavita Kapoor). It was a one-of-a-kind TV show that tackled marital infidelity.

saans neena gupta kanwaljit singh Neena Gupta and Kanwaljit on the Saans TV show. (Express archive photo)

Neena, who was reluctant to play a 90-year-old initially, agreed to do Sardar Ka Grandson after reading the script. She told, “I thought I didn’t want to make a 90 year old child now, before I listened to the script. But, after doing that, there wasn’t even a second thought. I immediately said yes. It’s very rare at my age that you get a role like this. In addition, it was a very stimulating role. “

But, Neena Gupta is clear that she won’t be playing grandma roles again unless the script is nice. “It’s not like now that I will only play the role of grandmother. No one can force me to do this. If I don’t want to play a grandmother, I will say no. If there is a good role, I will say yes. I play a variety of interesting roles, ”the actor said.



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