Never miss a drop again with the new clock from Supreme


the look the clock: Supreme x Seiko Marathon Clock

The best thing about this watch: it is not a watch at all.

The backstory: Supreme is known for its collaboration with nobody (this season includes a box of Supreme branded Wheaties) and this week the brand is stamping its logo on an obscure Seiko product. The object in question is a miniaturized version of Seiko’s Marathon Clock – an object that broadcasts its purpose quite clearly. Seiko uses full-size versions of these clocks to time sporting events, like, well, marathons. This version of the clock, which usually comes in taxi yellow, packs all the functionality of this timer into a luggage-friendly model that’s just four inches tall. The small version of the clock can do pretty much anything that the normal size can do: it has a countdown function, a stopwatch, an alarm, a snooze button and a timer. a calendar.


Some Supreme superfans have speculated that each brand chooses accessories based on their relationship to nefarious activities. A 2011 crucifix actually stores a pocket knife, a New Testament doubles as a storage box, and then there are knee breakers and skull crackers like hammers, baseball hats, and crowbar feet. Understanding the sneaky use of the Marathon Clock is trickier. I guess baddies frequently count until the completion of their evil plans – maybe they could use that supreme marathon clock.

Courtesy of Supreme

This watch counts in the world of watches because: it looks like the big watch boom is no longer constrained to the wrist. One of the things watch collectors love to say is that their hobby is the most wearable luxury out there. Unlike a painting that you hang in your house or the car that remains in the garage, a watch can go with you everywhere. But who needs portability when you can just have a really cool clock? Those who follow watches closely may recall that earlier this year Hodinkee released a $ 5,900 travel clock that sold out in no time. Turns out, once your wrists are covered, you start to look around and wonder where you can put a great time measuring device. And what better time for a clock than now, as we spend more time in our homes and home offices?

Congratulations to Drake: Remember a few years ago when pictures of Drake’s California mansion surfaced on the internet? The image of the Supreme rug by his bedside and a Supreme x The North Face bag not far from me is etched in my brain. This alarm clock would fit well into his Swag Castle.

Where and when to buy it: The Supreme x Seiko Marathon Clock will be available on the Supreme website on Thursday, April 22 at 11 a.m. EST. The price of the Non-Supreme Marathon Clock is $ 42.50 – there might be a hype tax on the final price of this version.



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