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Although a third season of the hit HBO series Big little lies is far from guaranteed, the next best thing has happened. A limited series based on BLL author Liane Moriarty Nine perfect strangers, about a goop-style wellness retreat gone awry, heads to Hulu. It brings together BLL star Nicole Kidman with show creator David E. Kelley and Jonathan Levine will direct all eight episodes.

Below is everything you need to know about the new show, which also stars Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, Michael Shannon, Regina Hall and Manny Jacinto in its first series since. The right place.

Nine Perfect Strangers will premiere in August on Hulu.

The show will premiere on Wednesday, August 18, and new episodes will drop weekly. An announcement teaser featured snapshots of some of the “strangers” waiting to meet Kidman’s Masha, who enters the room with a calm and eerie promise: “Welcome to Tranquillum House. We will heal you. Take a look below.


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In October 2020, Kidman spoke with Hollywood journalist on the “strict protocol” surrounding the production of the series, especially in the group scenes involving the 10 main actors. “It’s a set, so 10 actors who all work together, who adapt to be tested every day,” she told the point of sale. “There is a really strict protocol. But you always know that at some point he might stop, which is stressful. As an actor, it’s just amazing to be able to work. But as a producer there is a tremendous amount of stress, feeling responsible for the safety and health of over 300 people.

The show is based on a book by Liane Moriarty.

Source material for the series, confirmed by THR in May 2019, is the 2018 novel of the same name by Moriarty. Nine perfect strangers, the author’s eighth adult novel takes place in a refined wellness retreat, in which the mysterious resort manager rules over the mind and body of her guests. In an interview with The Guardian, Moriarty said she was inspired by “this desire that we all have for transformation.” She continued, “I can never see an article that says, ‘Just change that one thing in your life and you will be transformed forever’ – even though you know when you click on it it won’t work, I find it irresistible.”

An official logline for the Hulu adaptation, via Variety, bed:

It takes place in a boutique health and wellness wellness center that promises healing and transformation as nine stressed city dwellers attempt to embark on a path to a better lifestyle. Station manager Masha (Kidman), a woman on a mission to invigorate tired minds and bodies, watches over them during this ten-day retreat. However, these nine “perfect” strangers have no idea what will hit them.

The trailer is directly inspired by similar projects, like Big little lies and Cancellation.

A trailer for the adaptation, which only reveals that the show is “coming soon,” depicts a pink Kidman in a white pantsuit, his voice singing in a meditative vibrato. “Surrender to me,” she asks her visitors, who gather around her in something that looks like a prayer circle.


“In ten days you will be transformed,” she tells them, as they surround her in a subsequent clip, each lying in open graves that they have apparently dug for themselves. Hmm, not at all worrying! This version of Kidman couldn’t have something naughty up his sleeve, could he?

Watch the full trailer below.

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A star cast and a creative team are involved.

Kidman had been attached to the show from the start, having acquired the rights to the book prior to its July 2018 release, per Hollywood journalist. The Oscar winner will play the role of Masha and produce the series alongside executive producer Bruna Papandrea (Big little lies, Missing girl). Kelley will serve as showrunner with John Henry Butterworth (Ford vs. Ferrari). Kelley and Butterworth will write the series with Samantha Strauss (The end).

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In January 2020, Deadline reported that Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy will star and produce the series. She will play Frances, one of the “nine perfect strangers”. TVLine describes the character in the novel as “an unlucky novelist whose publisher has rejected her latest manuscript.”

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May 27 Deadline reported that Manny Jacinto will be returning to television after his four-season run as Jason Mendoza on NBC’s The right place. He will play Yao, who is described as “a bright-eyed man-child with a hipster vibe.” After experiencing a life and death experience alongside the character of Kidman, Yao becomes his right hand man at the Tranquillum Wellness Station. The outlet notes that Yao is “deeply engaged” in the unorthodox techniques of the station and “completely in the grip of (Masha)”.

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At the end of June, the casting of Luke Evans (The beauty and the Beast, The alienist) like another of the nine titular foreigners. Through Deadline, he will play Lars, who is described as a “magnificent gay divorce lawyer” in a 2018 review of Moriarty’s novel by USA today.

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The next addition to the star-studded cast is Samara Weaving, fresh off her turn as actress Claire Wood on Netflix. Hollywood. According to Deadline, she will play Jessica, another stranger. SnowfallMelvin Gregg will play her character’s husband, Ben, as previously reported by Point of Sale. According to Kirkus Reviews, Ben and Jessica Chandler are “a young couple whose relationship fell apart after winning the lottery.”

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Grace Van Patten (Meyerowitz’s stories, Maniacal) joined the cast at the end of July, by Deadline. She will play her compatriot Zoe, who according to USA today went into retirement to deal with the death of his twin brother, Zach.

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Tiffany Boone, who played the younger version of Kerry Washington’s Mia on Hulu’s Small fires everywhere, also joined the cast, via Deadline. She will play Delilah, an employee of the Tranquillum complex. While filming the show in Australia, Kidman told ELLE of Boone, “We did a scene yesterday where she really moved me. I was touched by his open-mindedness and his willingness to explore all aspects of the scene. Boone said her character was “very zen, but she has that little fire in her.”

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Regina Hall was chosen as Carmel, another of the Nine Perfect Strangers, by Deadline. This character is described by USA today as “a single mother of four who was abandoned for a younger wife by her bored husband.”

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Deadline was also the first to report the casting of Michael Shannon as Napoleon, another of the strangers. According to the outlet, her character is married to Heather (Asher Keddie) and is the father of Zoe (Grace Van Patten). The family enters retirement crying.

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To complete the cast, Bobby Cannavale is the ninth perfect stranger, Tony, Deadline reports. A USA today review of Nine Perfect Strangers marks the character “a former beer-bellied football star” and a potential interest in McCarthy’s Frances. Another late comer to the cast is Zoe Terakes, who plays Glory, an employee of the Tranquillum wellness center, by Deadline.

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Jonathan Levine will direct each episode.

Levine, director of Far shot, Warm bodies, and 50/50, will direct the eight episodes of the limited series. He will also produce the project.

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