North Face Thermoball Slippers Sale: These comfy house shoes are 40% off right now (plus 9 other big gear deals we love)


The humble slipper turned out to be the flagship shoe of the past year. While you probably had to look for a reason to wear your favorite sneakers, moccasins, or sandals during the pandemic, you never needed a reason to accept the heartwarming embrace of comfy house shoes. And all that padding around the house has probably added to considerable wear and tear on your shoes at home. If you’re looking to enhance or just expand the spin of your homemade shoes, the North Face Thermoball slippers are an extremely practical favorite, and thanks to a big sale at Nordstrom, a stylish Buffalo plaid colourway from the Thermoball is a whopping 40% off. at present.

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The North Face ThermoBall Slipper (was $ 75, now 40% off)

The Thermoball is basically what would happen if you tried to turn a puffy North Face winter coat into a shoe. The resulting shoe is extremely warm and comfortable. But it also has a high grip rubber outsole. As we have already noted, “that means it can handle a slosh around a campsite just as well as a quick turn around the corner for a coffee.” But even if you never set foot outside the house, there is something fun and challenging about wearing a down jacket on your feet.


Want to win more good deals? Here are 9 more worth seeing.

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Native Union Drop Wireless Charging Pad (was $ 50, now 40% off)

You are always corking in your phone? Come on man.

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Burrow Range 3 Piece Sectional (was $ 1,200, now 10% off with code “TULIP”)

Depending on what you’re willing to spend, Burrow’s Spring Sale will get you at least 10% off their beautiful sofas, side tables, and rugs.

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Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Wireless Headphones (was $ 120, now 23% off)

This is the first Liberty Air 2 deal we’ve seen since we started recommending them earlier this year in our guide to true wireless headphones. Yes [AirPods]( don’t match your ears, Ankers are your best bet.
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Hay Result Chair (was $ 325, now 60% off)

Huge savings on some school vibes for your dining room.

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Manduka eKO Lite 4mm Yoga Mat (was $ 78, now 20% off)

All of Manduka’s yoga mats are excellent – we’ve called their most expensive model “the Cadillac of yoga mats” – although some have downright ridiculous names. The eKO Lite is comfortable enough, with a soft support surface, but also light enough to carry.
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Sony WH-1000XM4 noise canceling headphones (was $ 350, now 26% off)

Sony noise canceling headphones have an incredibly lively sound profile, with a bass response that gives a boost. And every time you leave the house, you’ll appreciate how much ambient noise these cans cancel out.
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Urban Outfitters “Akina” Side Table

Just tell everyone that you fell the tree yourself.

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Staub ceramic casserole dish (4 quarts) (was $ 430, now 30% off)

The most elegant possible way to boil water for pasta. Large enough for the occasional stew too.

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Solo Stove Range Smokeless Fireplace (was $ 270, now 20% off)

Solo Stove fireplaces use a unique design that makes them easy to start and prevents them from releasing a ton of smoke. You’ll get plenty of flames and heat from the stove, but its small size also makes it easy to transport from your apartment to the front porch without throwing your back.


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