Novak Djokovic has finally signed with a watch brand: Hublot


We are gathered here today to join this man, Novak Dojokovic, and this Swiss watch brand, Hublot, in a holy partnership. “I am very happy to join a brand that values ​​sport and athletics, supports our profession and invests in us, the athletes,” said Djokovic. GQ. In this arms race for the wrist space, Hublot has landed the biggest free agent possible. The rest of us should care because the wedding is more like a player getting a shoe deal – and Djokovic is on the verge of getting the watchmaking equivalent of a signature pair.

He says they plan to collaborate on a “limited edition personalized series and that I will also be involved in the design of my own watch.” Hublot is also working on a performance watch that Djokovic can wear during matches. “I have never worn a watch in my professional matches so this will be another new adventure for me,” he told GQ. In the meantime, Djokovic plans to wear the brand’s Big Bang Meca-10 blue ceramic off the pitch at the upcoming US Open tournament. “It fits my overall style for the tournament,” he explains. “My shoes and gear will be blue, so I decided to go blue all the way.”

Dojokovic and the blue ceramic Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 he will wear off the court at the US Open


This also answers the question: What will Novak wear? A top tennis player who goes without a watch brand for a long time is rare. Djokovic’s celibacy was such big news that earlier this month the surveillance site Hodinkee devoted a story to the question “Why doesn’t Novak Djokovic have a watch sponsor?” Rolex to Roger. Richard Mille has Rafa. A tennis player’s wrist – inevitably the star of a tantalizing close-up whenever a tennis player lifts a trophy at the end of a tournament – is prime real estate. And Novak does a lot of trophy raising: 85 career ATP titles, including a joint record of 20 Grand Slam tournaments.


Like most tennis players, Djokovic is admittedly strict about his routine. The slightest change, such as signing with a new watch brand just before a big tournament, can cause disruption. Djokovic, however, isn’t worried about the new machines on his wrist. The agreement with Hublot is a “new beginning”, he says. “I like it, it helps me feel young.”

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