Of course, Bill Murray wore two watches at a time in Cannes


You may have seen Bill Murray wearing two watches at the Cannes Film Festival and said to yourself: Oh, what a crazy guy, that Bill Murray. The practice of “double wrist” or “double timekeeping” – wearing two watches at the same time, one on each wrist – is not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, the practice is closely associated with many famous and historical figures: US Army General Norman Schwarzkopf put his coins back then in Saudi Arabia and in the East during the Gulf War. (Likewise, Fidel Castro would stack two Rolexes on the same wrist: one set to local time and the other would have followed Moscow.)

Murray also follows a long line of Hollywood types who use their wrists to their fullest potential. Marlon Brando, Princess Diana, Johnny Depp and even Justin Bieber are Schwarzkopf practitioners. Like his predecessors, Murray, in a land far and far (the south of France), may also be trying to keep pace locally and at home.

Timex Easy Reader by Bill Murray and Cartier Tank Solo


It’s quite Murray’s combination – it’s like putting caviar on a Ritz cracker (which, perhaps not coincidentally, is a delicious combination). On the one hand, he’s wearing a Timex Easy Reader, a simple watch that, as the name suggests, is also very readable. It costs $ 50 and is available virtually everywhere watches are sold, a rarity in the world of celebrity watches. The other watch is a true Hollywood piece: a Cartier Tank. While the two may appear to come from different worlds, they make a lot of sense together. The Cartier delivers the oomph of luxury, but getting an exact time isn’t that easy. This is where Timex comes in. Form and function are distributed over the two wrists.

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LeBron James’ Rolex Pearlmaster

The first of Jam space 2 required a child-friendly watch. This Pearlmaster, set with blue, green and yellow sapphires, comes in the familiar colors of Saturday morning cartoons. It’s undeniably an amazing watch, but we have a question: why not the new $ 100,000 from Kross Studios? Space jam shows that vaguely resembles a basketball?

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Dave Chapelle’s Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Chapelle oscillates between luxury watches to die for and a humble Apple Watch. Fortunately, there was no need to count the steps in the NBA Finals game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns, so Chapelle pulled out one of his Rolex Daytonas. Chapelle has a particular taste for its watches. Whether he’s looking for high-end Rolex pieces or a much more wallet-friendly Shinola, he clearly needs time. Something. Its collection of watches consists of this much-requested Daytona, two aviation-inspired Breitlings and Shinola’s Runwell Chrono. What they all have in common is a chronograph function. Hey, since the refs aren’t ready for this, maybe Chapelle can time Giannis Antetokounmpo’s free throw routine.

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The Chopard LUC Perpetual Chrono by Adrien Brody

Brody wore Chopard’s LUC power plant for The French dispatch screening. The combination of a perpetual calendar – an advanced complication that maintains a precise date until the year 2100 – with a chronograph (stopwatch) function is a flex in the watch world. Chopard is one of the few brands, along with Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne and Vacheron Constantin, to achieve this feat. And as Brody’s watch shows, it’s not easy to pack all of these features into one watch. Chopard only succeeded in gluing sub-dials on sub-dials, thus creating the mythical under-sub-dial.

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Hublot Classic Fusion by Khris Middleton

During her playoff run, Middleton switched between a Rolex Day-Date and this Classic Fusion. These two timepieces represent two different flavors of classic timepieces. This Hublot was originally designed in the 1980s, when watches like the Royal Oak and the Nautilus were beginning their rise to iconic status. This watch emerged from the same environment where brands sought a happy medium between casual pieces and their luxury counterparts.


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