OUAI x Byredo Leave-In Conditioner is 2021’s Coolest Collaboration


Almost a year ago, the brilliant minds behind OUAI and Byredo – celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and perfumer Ben Gorham, respectively – released what we never thought we needed: a dry shampoo combined with the scent. classic Mojave Ghost, the perfect fusion of these two iconic brands.

Now they have done it again. Available for purchase on August 3, OUAI x Byredo are launching a version of the hair care brand’s beloved leave-in conditioner scented with Mojave Ghost. “Our first collaboration with Byredo sold out faster than expected,” Jen Atkin told ELLE.com. “We knew this was an exciting launch, but our community was obsessed. We got a ton of requests to bring back the product, so working with Byredo again was a no-brainer.”


YES x Byredo

Choosing the right scent to combine with this hair product was another instinctive choice. “This is one of Byredo’s most popular fragrances, and my favorite, so it’s no surprise our customers liked it too,” said Atkin. Ben Gorham, the founder of Byredo, said: “[Jen] love the scent. She told me it was the smell she wore when she first kissed her husband. Byredo has always been about memories and emotions, so this seemed like the perfect fit from the start. And the fact that it persists so perfectly on skin and hair makes it the perfect choice.

Particularly necessary if you live in a polluted city like New York City, the hint of delicious sandalwood that permeates your hair means you won’t end up smelling smoke or the subway all day. Plus, you can wear your usual scent without conflicting smells. For Gorham, the leave-in conditioner also gives consumers the option to bring the scent on vacation. “With summer coming, I want to [consumers] so they can bring Mojave Ghost on their travels. I know we’ve created something beautiful and useful that can be in anyone’s luggage, taking Byredo on the road to create even more memories. “

YES x Byredo


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