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When Away started selling luggage in 2015, it was a success almost immediately. The idea of ​​an Away luggage sale would have been out of the question. High-end hard shell design, the built-in battery for your phone, good preliminary reviews, and forgiving lifetime warranty programs – all at a price that was just a little more than what you thought you wanted to pay – made all that four-wheeled carry-on luggage an added investment for anyone. with The taste of Rimowa with a small budget. (And after several years of use, at GQ, we’ve found that its shell holds up well and that the internal organization features (like a laundry bag) are actually useful.)

Over the next five years, Away truly disrupted (sorry) the luggage industry. And then, last year, Away was the one who was confused. The Verge released a lengthy investigation detailing a toxic work environment at Away, then Covid-19 wiped out everyone’s travel plans and baggage sales. Last September, the company responded with its very first Away luggage sale. And it wasn’t just a measly 10% off sales, but really huge. Some items were available for half their starting prices.

Since the possibility of traveling feels closer by the day, it is no wonder that the second never the sale of Away luggage is slightly more modest than the first. While nothing is halved, a bunch of suitcases, backpacks, tote bags and accessories from the company are at 30% off for the next two days. But since we would be buying (and would have purchased) Away luggage at full price, we will gladly take any discounts we can get. If you can spend some time preparing to travel in the next few months, you’ll get the double benefit of vacations and shiny new luggage to display in the hanging bins.


The best carry-on suitcases in outdoor luggage sales

We believe the best Away suitcase is its smallest hard-shell offering, the Carry-On. The 30% discount applies to Asphalt, Black, Brick.

Image may contain: luggage and suitcase

Away carry-on suitcase (was $ 225, now 30% off)

If you’re looking for something bigger – and you agree that, despite the name, it might not always be possible to carry it – go for the larger luggage at hand.

Image may contain: luggage and suitcase

Away Bigger cabin suitcase (was $ 245, now 30% off)

And if you’re planning a getaway with checked baggage, let us show you the big suitcase.

Image may contain: luggage and suitcase

Large suitcase outside (was $ 295, now 30% off)

The best backpacks and backpacks in the outdoor luggage sale

The Away backpack is… very good. Sleek, simple, with three internal compartments and a laptop compartment. That’s 30% off in six colors, including black, navy green, and rib (below).

The picture may contain: backpack and bag

Outdoor Backpack (was $ 165, now 30% off)

If you prefer to travel without a back sweat (we hear you), the Away tote bags might interest you. The Longitude Top and Wide Latitude are crafted from a smooth, hearty leather and come with a small, removable zip pocket for everything you need with quick access. Both are 30% in the colors black, buff, navy, pine and ruby.

Image may contain: handbag, accessories, accessory, bag and tote bag

Away Lattitude Tote Bag (was $ 195 now 30% off)

Image may contain: handbag, accessories, accessory, bag and tote bag

Away Longitude tote bag (was $ 195, now 30% off)

Away’s Everyday is a bit smaller than some of the weekends we recommend, and a bit too big for daily transport. But if this neither-here-nor-there size doesn’t work for you, good news: the blush and navy versions are 30% off.

product picture

Away Everywhere Bag (was $ 165, now 30% off)

This image may contain luggage


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