Light spoilers for the next seasons of Foreign below.

Just when we started to wonder if we couldn’t trust anything anymore, Foreign is renewed for another season. Like clockwork, the series has always helped after helping to travel through time in and around the Scottish Highlands, and now that lovebirds protagonists Claire and Jamie have settled in pre-Revolution North Carolina, they have the American dream to fight. with as well.

As season 6 of the popular Starz series wraps up production this week, the creators are already anxiously awaiting the following next season. Here’s what we know so far about the newly announced Season 7.


Season 7 will recount the events of the seventh volume of the Outlander series, An echo in the bone.

Like every chapter before it, Season 7 will adapt its material directly from Diana Gabaldon’s books and in the case of Season 7, from the book An echo in the bone. As Gabaldon describes on its website, AEitB four main storylines follows: 1) Jamie and Claire struggle to live in the North Carolina backcountry as war escalates around them; 2) Brianna and Roger moving to Lallybroch in the 1970s following their past adventures; 3) the difficulties of Lord John Gray and William on the British side of the American Revolution; and 4) young Ian’s topsy-turvy love life. Rest assured that, if you’ve read the book, you can expect a mostly faithful adaptation to the screen.

We get an extended season.

After giving the official green light to season 7, Starz announced that the series would be extended to make up for a season 6 cut short by COVID-19.

“Shooting in 2021 presented an unprecedented set of challenges that led us to the decision to truncate [season 6] to give fans the most vibrant and dynamic season possible as quickly as possible, ”showrunner Matthew B. Roberts said in a press release. “Dinna fash, then we’ll be filming an extended Season 7 with 16 episodes next year as life gets back to normal.” it will be the longest Foreign series since season 1 aired with 16 episodes in 2014 and 2015.

There is no release date yet.

Considering that Season 6 isn’t expected to drop until early 2022, we’re unlikely to see Season 7 until 2023. Deadline, production will begin Season 7 following the release of Season 6 early next year. And the wait will be worth it, because all of your favorite actors, including Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin, are expected to return for season 7.

Don’t expect this to be the last chapter.

Gabaldon is still actively working on the Foreign series, and book 9, Go tell the bees that I’m gone, is slated for a November 2021 release date. But number 9 won’t be her last dance with Jamie, Claire and co .; the author announced for a total of 10 entries in the Foreign chronology. If the Starz show continues its current adaptation trajectory of around one pound per season, it’s likely that we can expect to see more renewals in the near future.


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