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Mare of Easttown’s Angourie Rice Is No Longer The Girl Next Door

Angourie Rice’s Siobhan Sheehan might be the only character in HBO’s hit detective drama Mare of Easttown who isn’t actively languishing. In other words, the daughter of titular character Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) might have gone to therapy willingly, and it shows.

Mare‘s central mystery revolves around the death of a young woman named Erin McMenamin and the earlier disappearance of another teenage girl named Katie Bailey, both from the Pennsylvania township of Easttown, where Mare works as a detective. But while these events provide the puzzle pieces of Mare’s case load, the emotional core is Mare herself, and the characters she spends the most time with: most importantly, her family. She lives with both her mother (Jean Smart) and daughter under the same roof, all three of them coping (to various levels of success) with the death of Mare’s eldest, Kevin (Cody Kostro), and Mare’s subsequent spiral into divorce, depression, and drinking. They’re also collectively raising Kevin’s young son, Drew (Izzy King), and fighting desperately to keep him as Drew’s mother, a recovering addict named Carrie (Sosie Bacon), launches her own battle for custody.

In the midst of all this chaos is Siobhan, a high school student who doesn’t fall into the trope of embittered teenager ravaged by her family’s traumas. Instead, she seems remarkably well-adjusted, if, understandably, a little pissed at her parents. She’s the textbook parentified child, afraid to leave home for college lest the place fall apart without her. She processes her grief by making tender video projects about her brother. She’s queer and seems to have no qualms about showing it. She’s falling in love with a girl who likes the music she makes in her band. She seems, if not happy, at least not actively miserable.

Some think it’s all a guise, and Siobhan is actually the murderer who killed Erin (and perhaps even kidnapped Katie). It would certainly make for a riveting twist in an otherwise stale television genre. But it’s much more likely that Siobhan is simply a good example of what happens when people do the mental work of grief processing—and give themselves the time and space and energy to heal, however long it takes and however unfinished the work may be.

To learn more about the inspirations behind Siobhan’s ray of light in the dark Easttown universe—as well as what might be next for the show— asked Rice to spill as many details as she was allowed.

How did Mare of Easttown first land in your lap?

I auditioned for it first here in Australia; I sent my tape in. I didn’t think it would go anywhere, because I had played nice girl-next-door characters, and Siobhan isn’t that. I felt like I probably wouldn’t get it. And then I was in LA for something else, and they asked me to do a callback, then they asked me to do a meeting with the director and writer, and I thought, Okay. They’ll probably give me notes and I’ll go and do another audition. They offered me the job, and I was so pleased and really shocked.

What was your impression as you were reading the script and as you started to rehearse?

I had read the first two episodes, and I obviously knew that Kate [Winsley] was attached, and I knew it was HBO, but I really connected with Siobhan and her story. I got so invested in the whole community of characters—not only the mystery, but everyone [in Easttown].

What really interested me about the story was, you’ve got these three generations of women living in a house together. We went into a rehearsal process where we would get all the characters who interacted with each other or who were related into a room and speak about their history, their background, their family dynamic and also, I think, the timeline of what happened.

I really loved that process of sitting down and talking about the characters, but also how we related to them and what aspects of our own lives paralleled the characters.

How did you relate to Siobhan?

We talked about this during rehearsals: She is the one holding the family together. She’s the go-between with her mom and her dad and her grandma. She’s caring for her nephew who’s, like, five.

I related to the fact that she wants to dissolve all conflict, and she’s had to grow up really quickly, because she’s a carer for this kid. She’s also taking care of her grandmother. She’s making sure that her mom and her dad don’t have this huge fight in the middle of the yard that’s embarrassing to everyone. I really related to that, feeling like you have to be fine and mature all the time because everyone else is behaving immature or falling apart.

angourie rice

Becca Kefer

Siobhan certainly seems well-adjusted, all things considered.

She has found a way to cope with everything in a way that her mother has not. That doesn’t mean that she’s totally fine and perfect, but it’s out of necessity. She’s found a way to understand and process her grief and her trauma out of necessity, because no one’s been there holding her hand through it.

Everyone kind of went their separate ways dealing with this big tragedy. I think, like, all the things that Mare is dealing with, in terms of the death of her son? Siobhan has already gone through it and found a way to understand it. That’s another thing that I loved about her character, is that she is a bit of light in the show. She’s got a love story.

I was talking to our writer the other day, Brad [Ingelsby]. He was saying like, “I don’t see this as a show that’s dark necessarily. I see it as a show about grief.” That’s the thing, I think Siobhan has realized you just have to keep going.

Siobhan is proudly, openly queer. It’s relatively rare in TV to find a queer character whose entire story arc isn’t about them struggling to come out, or them facing homophobia and trauma. What was it like, for you, exploring such a relationship?

That’s also what I loved about Siobhan’s relationship, that in this story you have an established queer relationship that doesn’t have to be made into a big thing. It’s part of Siobhan’s life; it’s part of her story, but it’s not the most important part. The most important part is that she’s falling in love.

Also, the fact that her established queer relationship [at the beginning of the show] isn’t perfect; it’s not this amazing thing to be upheld.

Kiah [McKirnan], who plays Anne, we went out to dinner before starting shooting. We hung out, and that was so lovely because she’s amazing. She was such a great scene partner and we both kind of held each other’s hands throughout it and made each other feel comfortable and that we were in it together. I think, especially when you’re doing more intimate kissing scenes, it’s so important that you have that person with you, and you’re like, “It’s us. We’re in this together. It’s just about us. No one else.”

Speaking of Siobhan’s established queer relationship, that’s with Becca, who’s part of her band. In the scenes where Siobhan is singing, is that really you?

Yeah! I like singing. It was funny actually, in my meeting where they offered me the job, they were like, “Can you sing?” I was like, “Yeah,” which is true. I can hold a tune. I can harmonize. I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to sing or if they wanted me to lip sync to someone else, I didn’t know.

Then, in the rehearsal process, they were like, “No, we’ll get you to record all these songs.” And then I said to them, “You just trusted that I can sing when I said I could sing?” All the other band members had to audition. I didn’t have to do that. They just trusted me that I could sing. [Laughs]

All the songs are by a band called Mannequin Pussy. They’re a local Philly band. They’re amazing. They were all recorded in a studio in Philly by the legendary Will Yip. He is an amazing producer—I was so stoked to work with him. He’s worked with Lauryn Hill. He’s the real deal. So yeah, it was super fun. I loved it. I had a great time.

angourie rice in mare of easttown


It’s interesting watching reviews of this show roll in, and seeing critics suss out the central “message” of it—whether it’s a feminist show, or a show chiefly about grief, or more about morality, and so on. As someone who spent hours working on this story, what do you think it’s about?

The central message of the show, I think, is an exploration of how people deal with grief and trauma individually and also collectively. The individual’s journey to healing is impacted and influenced by how we heal as a community.

When we see, especially in that group of three women, how each of them individually has coped, we see they can’t really reach that point until all of them reach that point.

I think the show is also about mental health and mental illness and communication in that, and how lack of communication can have disastrous consequences. I think that’s what the family learns by the end of the show. They learn how to communicate, how to talk about what happened, and how they feel about it.

We know that their story continues. We know that there will still be a long journey to healing as a community, but we can leave them as an audience and know that in the end they will be okay.

How did you and Kate Winslet develop that sort of communication as a mother-daughter pair?

We had the rehearsal process. We had a cast dinner before starting filming, which was really lovely. That was mostly to also meet Izzy [King], who plays little Drew, because he was four when we started filming and everyone wanted to be comfortable with him and make sure he was comfortable with us.

I felt very well taken care of and looked after [by Winslet]. That was really, really nice. I feel like it came quite naturally to us. And then exploring that tension as well, the root of the tension between mother and daughter. Episode six, you really see where the tension comes from with Mare and Siobhan—where the root of that disconnect is.

You know everyone’s talking about your accents. The SNL parody leaps to mind. How did you work to make yours authentic?

I know. I’m like, “Oh gosh, we have three generations of women living in this house and we’re from three different countries.”

Siobhan’s accent is the lightest of everyone, which in some ways is easier and in some ways is harder. For me, the challenge was when it’s so subtle, it’s hard to remember the points to make it strong.

Previously when I’ve done stuff in accents, like with a standard American accent, I don’t really think about it. It feels like second nature and once I get into it, it’s just natural. With this accent though, I was working on it every single day. Every night before I went to set, I would call the dialect coach and we’d go through our lines. Every morning in the trailer, we’d go through our lines again. We’d do voice exercises because Australian placement is very up in your nose. It’s very annoying, I hate it. [Laughs]

angourie rice

Becca Kefer

The show is billed as a limited series, but I’m curious, if there were to be a second iteration, whether that’s another season or a spinoff, would you be interested in returning?

Someone asked me that yesterday, and my immediate response is, “Yeah!”

But then, the more I think about it, the more I think, actually, I’m so happy to leave those characters where they are. The more I think about it, the more I’m like, “No, no, no.” I kind of love the power that this standalone story has.

But, of course, if Brad wrote an incredible second season or an incredible spinoff, of course I’d be like, “Yeah!” I don’t know how he feels about it. When it was pitched to me, it was always going to be just seven episodes.

This is just all Brad’s writing, I think, but I also love how we get to a point where the [characters are] okay by the end of this series, but we know that there’s still stuff to do.

Leaving Mare for a minute: You’re also returning as Betty Brant in the third Spider-Man movie. Marvel is, of course, notorious for keeping lips sealed when it comes to spoilers. But what has it been like to work within the Marvel universe for these few years and to finally wrap this series?

It was quite emotional, actually. I signed on to the first one when I was 15. By the time this one comes out, I’m going to be almost 21. That’s six years of my life in the MCU. I really do feel like I grew up with that character. I feel like I had my coming-of-age with that character. While she was going to her first school dance and going overseas and getting her first boyfriend, I was doing all those things at the same time.

The formula was, one year we film and then the next year we do press. There was never a year where I wasn’t talking about Spider-Man or where it wasn’t a part of my life. It was quite an emotional thing to say goodbye to Betty. But it kind of feels like the right time to say goodbye.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in December 2002.


Affleck and Lopez have been conversing since their engagement ended: “They’ve kept in touch here and there throughout the years,” the E! Source said. In Lopez. “Ben contacted her to see how she was doing [after her Alex Rodriguez breakup] and they have had dinner together a few times over the past month. It’s natural between them and the chemistry is unreal. They pick up where they left off and enjoy each other’s company right now.

People also reported that the vacation had taken place, and a source told the outlet: “[Jennifer] spent several days with Ben out of town. They have a strong connection. Everything has been fast and intense, but Jennifer is happy. ” People didn’t go so far as to say they were officially releasing again, but the outlet didn’t outright deny the possibility either.

TMZ also confirmed the trip and was told by a source who saw them in Montana that “they look a lot like a couple.”

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People It was said last week that Bennifer was planning to meet again after their first high-profile date.They have a good time hanging out, ”a source told the outlet. “It’s been years since they caught up well. They have a lot to say.

The source added that Affleck and Lopez, single and in Los Angeles, wanted to spend more time together. “They are planning to come out again,” the source said. The outlet didn’t know that when they released this report last week, Affleck and Lopez were hanging out … on their secret “alone” Montana vacation.

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Manish Malhotra has carved out a place for himself in the fashion world. Today he is among the leading designers and the first choice of Bollywood actors. Of Kajol for Sara Ali Khan, the fashion designer has been a celebrity favorite because of his elegant and glamorous designs. Enjoying the response to her latest fashion flick Nooraniyat, Manish is also planning to take part in this year’s 2021 Vogue Wedding Show, which has gone digital this time around. The luxury wedding exhibition, which runs until June 30, will feature bridal lehenga, jewelry and wedding services, including decoration and hotels.

In an exclusive conversation with, the designer as talked about his latest collection, wedding trends, pandemic mode, and more.

Tell us about Nooraniyat, your latest collection.

Nooraniyat is a collection that I really enjoyed creating. It offers a wide range of kalidars, lehengas, dresses, jackets, shararas, kurtas, palazzos, dupattas and signature blouses that suit a variety of palettes and occasions. The collection is in sherbet and blush tones of hot pink, lilac, gray-blue, beige-gold, powder blue, gold-silver metallic among many others. He expertly embroidered pieces to two-tone, color-blocked silhouettes that travel from classic aesthetics to a more dynamic new-age look of the contemporary era.

Manish Malhotra Interview, Manish Malhotra, Manish Malhotra News, Indianexpress, Fashion News, Manish Malhotra Fashion, Nooraniyat, Manish Malhotra Vogue Wedding Show, Vogue Wedding Show News, Vogue Wedding Show 2021, Creation of Manish Malhotra. (Source: Document PR)

How is the Vogue Wedding Show 2021 different for you this year?

I have been with the Vogue Wedding Show since its inception. It has always been a great association. This year VWS has gone digital, which is exciting. Previously, when the VWS was physically held, when many people visited us, many others could not for various reasons. Now that the VWS is live, it will be accessible to everyone around the world. How awesome! Everyone will be able to see the latest collection, connect with the designers and even choose the full look from head to toe from the comfort of their home. My Taban, Ruhaaniyat and Nooraniyat collections will be available for everyone to view and buy, so there will be a variety of styles to choose from.

How have pandemic lockdowns been for you?

I always look on the positive side of things. On a personal level, I lost 17 kg during the lockout and it was really rewarding. I guess it would have been difficult to manage with my regular schedule.

And professionally, I’ve had my fair share of time to pause and think. Introspect, retrospectively and reinvent myself. I spent a lot of time with my mom, watching movies, having tea together, and having a good time for myself – drawing, reading, painting. I really learned to love reading and fitness became part of my daily routine as well. Overall it has been very good.

How is the fashion industry coping with the changes induced by a pandemic?

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. the pandemic forced us to change the way we operate. Travel is limited now, it is not advisable to go out too much, which is why many clients like to do online consultations now. I do so much and it’s awesome because thanks to the tech world we are all connected all the time. Plus, I started making fashion couture movies which are a whole new take on fashion shows. I really enjoyed the process of making these films as much as I enjoyed creating and designing the new collections.

How do you make sure your designs are sustainable?

I think durability is one of the most important factors that come into play. As a label, and as a top level designer today, I think it is very important for me to take into account factors such as the technology, sustainability and empowerment. For businesses that have so much confidence, or for any business, it is important to follow these values. We are working to imbue them all in our journey. We work with an NGO for empowerment and are very particular about electricity and water.

Marriages have undergone a drastic change amid the pandemic. Does the wedding sewing industry have too?

Weddings have become more intimate now. There are fewer people in attendance, but it is still a special day for the bride, groom and their families who create memories for life. So they will always dress for the occasion. The number of events has surely decreased, but even with a limited number of events, the atmosphere and ambiance remain special.

How do you see the digital makeover of the Indian fashion industry in the midst of a pandemic?

I have always believed that change is the only constant. Personally, I love the new digital trend. When I started doing fashion shows, only a limited number of people attended. The photos would come out a day or two later and then we would wait to see the reaction from our customers. But today, everything is instantaneous. A live digital fashion show is watched by millions of people seated all over the world. Reactions are immediate through comments and likes. With my previous “Ruhaaniyat” collection, I launched my fashion films. I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to do it again, this time with my last collection “Nooraniyat” and I intend to do it with my future collections as well. The digital trend is only growing and following this trend is not only the wise thing to do for your brand, but also allows you to learn so many different sides of the fashion world. I certainly love the process and intend to follow it.

Who is your all-time muse and why?

There cannot be a muse all the time because every time the essence is different. I love the individuality of each muse as it adds to the personality of the collection, so it is essential for me to have a muse that reflects the essence of the collection.

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The women who came forward when my mother was gone

Over the past year or so, I have thought a lot about my mother, who passed away in 2008. I have often wondered how she – an older Latina with underlying comorbidities and a deep, constant love of socialization – would go through. a global pandemic?

More recently, with the hope of increasing vaccinations, I thought about how glorious this weekend would have been, how many selfies we would have contributed to the constant stream of gratitude and joy that floods my diet. on social networks every second Sunday in May.

Since her unexpected death 13 years ago, Mother’s Day has lost some of its brunch and flower innocence for me. I still spend the day celebrating with my son, who was born four years after my mother died, and honoring the other moms I know and love. But more so, maybe, it’s a day I spend thinking about the group of women who showed up on the day my mother left and have cheered me up ever since, more than they realize. probably.

This group of women – I have come to call them Las Amigas – were my mother’s dearest friends. And while, of course, they could never replace her, they served as proxies, providing unfettered, unconditional love when I needed it most.

Sara González holds her little child Isabel

Isabel González Whitaker, a small child, with her mother Sara.

Courtesy of Isabel González Whitaker

Psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner, who helped create the Head Start program in the United States under President Johnson, said: “Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her. To my siblings and I, this irrationally insane adult was our mother. With my older brother and sister in tow, she fled Cuba in 1960, shortly after Fidel Castro took power during the revolution. Seeking refuge in the United States, they took a ferry from Havana to Key West, then traveled by train to New Orleans, eventually settling in New York.

Throughout our lives, our mother has showered us with relentless love and support. And every professional success I’ve had is due in large part to her fierce belief in my potential and my own internalized desire to make her proud. But when your biggest cheerleader dies, who takes the megaphone?

As I struggled to regain my balance after losing it, I looked for people who could fill this void – people who would support me, but who could also share stories I had never heard about my mother. I found a support group in Las Amigas – five incredibly cool, independent and strong women who knew me as a facet of my mother’s multidimensional life.

In Cuba, my mother lived in a multigenerational house, as was the norm. In her case, she was raised by aunts and great aunts. Years later, while my family lived in Atlanta, my grandmother occupied the ground floor of our townhouse. I suspect that growing up with older parents predisposed me to being able to navigate adult spaces as a child, and this might also explain the ease with which I was able to contact Las Amigas when I needed their support.

Even as a child I realized my mom’s friends were both a book and smart, glamorous and social street. I knew that when Mireille left Cuba, she was working at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. She had married a film distributor, spent time in Cannes and refused to quit smoking during her later years. She was my mother’s oldest friend, two lovely girls who met in kindergarten at Merici Academy in Havana, where the strict Ursuline nuns left a lasting impression. When my husband’s book came out in 2013, my mom wasn’t there to share our enthusiasm. But Mireille was. She asked for a personalized copy and after finishing it wrote me a lovely letter detailing her favorite parts.

Mom met Celie as a teenager in Cuba. After the revolution, Celie moved to Madrid. Visiting him was our first trip to Europe, a gift from my brother. My mom and Celie had partied with Hollywood stars like Kirk Douglas in 1950s Cuba, so when Celie found out that Bruce Springsteen was in Madrid and staying at the Ritz hotel, she took us there. As we sat in the marble lobby, The Boss stepped out of an elevator with his wife and teammate Patti Scialfa. My charming mom dressed in a remarkable Krizia costume called him like they were old buddies. Startled, he turned around, waved his hand, and offered the stunned teenager, standing next to two striking tall women, a huge smile and an everlasting memory. Years later, as I struggled with infertility after my mother’s death, it was the devout religious Celie who prayed for me at Our Lady of Lourdes.

“My charming mother dressed in a remarkable Krizia costume called him like they were old buddies.”

One of the first friends my mother made when she arrived in New York City was Zigrida, a Latvian woman who fled the Nazi occupation as a child by walking west for months and hiding in a network of shelters. Zigrida and Mom were going on a cruise together – they loved a multi-course meal lasting several hours. When we could no longer break bread with my mother, my husband and I would cook elaborate meals for Zigrida, who listened intently as we discussed our jobs and dreams.

My mom met DeeAnne at the University of North Carolina library where they both worked – and where they were sometimes mistaken for models due to their penchant for wearing miniskirts and platforms. My father was pursuing his doctorate in college, and my mother and DeeAnne came together to marry unstable men who were praised for their brilliance. It was in the 1970s, and they explored feminism together, guiding each other through the process of finding their own voices. When my brother passed away a few months after my mother, it was DeeAnne who helped organize her memorial service at her church in Miami, near my brother’s house.

Sara González sits on a boat in a low-back swimsuit

Isabel’s mother, Sara.

Courtesy of Isabel González Whitaker

Once my mother found her calling as a minority and immigrant rights advocate in Atlanta, she also found a soul mate in Aida, a glamorous, politically left-wing Puerto Rican philanthropist. Aida and my mom loved to dance salsa and recap stories from The New York Times, troubling itself over Republican agendas and Latin politics. Together, they stood up for the Latin people of Atlanta – a community that, especially in the ’80s and’ 90s, lacked representation. When I had nothing black to wear at my mother’s memorial, it was Aida who bought me a dress, a perfectly chic black DVF that I loved as much as I hated. I never wore it again.

I came across a study recently that suggested that having friends who are at least 15 years older helps people enjoy life experiences. On the other hand, older people report benefiting from the new perspectives offered by young friends. I have learned firsthand that there is so much more to these unique relationships beyond the transaction. Over the past decade, I’ve stayed in touch with some of these friends – they’re mine now too, not just my mom – more than others. But I hope they all know how much they mean to me. On this Mother’s Day, I am grateful for Las Amigas, women who, in my mother’s absence, gave me an “irrational madman” that I so needed.

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Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms belonging to various professions

Mothers have a solution to every problem and they never give up hope and trust. You can sit down losing all hope in life, but she will come and give you a hug to make you feel good. Moms are very special and precious. From birth to always being the mainstay of strength – moms are the real superstars for their children. Mother’s Day celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May is the day dedicated to the supreme power of mothers. This day celebrates the eternal spirit, magnanimous love and unwavering dedication of mothers. They are in fact not the gift of God but of God themselves.

So, have you still planned something special to celebrate this Mother’s Day? We’re here to help you with that. We have separated various Mother’s Day gift ideas based on various professions. So, check out the best gifts for your mom based on her profession here.

If she is a teacher:

If your mother is a teacher, remember that she has to take care not only of you, but of many other children. In a rush to take care of the house, prepare for the next test, or check exam papers – she always works to deliver capable citizens of the world. She should therefore never fail to take care of her health. Give her a new insulated lunch box set with a healthy recipe book. A decorative tray filled with dried fruits and a bottle of fruit juice would be other Mother’s Day gift choices.

Gifts for the teacher

If she is an artist:

Maybe everyone is an artist as long as they are involved in creating something. So if your mom is a painter, the best Mother’s Day gift for her would be a trip to Italy. Italy is still the best place in the world that catches the eyes and hearts of artists. Whether Florence or Rome – the artistic flavor of Italy in architecture, paintings and museums is fascinating. The renaissance period and the overwhelming creations of Michelangelo or Tintoretto is something every artist wants to see in their lifetime. That’s why you need to organize a trip to Italy to surprise your mom. In case your mom is a dancer, make a collage of her best dance performances on stage and get a personalized photo frame. Or use the photos of her best performances on stage and create a personalized calendar. She will be delighted with this incredible gift idea. You can also give your dancer mom a new line of makeup or cosmetics.


If she likes high tech stuff:

If your mom is the one who loves to surround herself with all the high tech stuff, then you don’t have to think much to surprise her on Mother’s Day. Just get him the latest iPhone, Kindle, speakers, laptops, etc. She would be more than happy with these new technological gifts from you.

Gifts for moms

If she spends more time in her prayer room:

She believes that everything in this world happens with the blessings of the Lord. She also believes that every problem in her life, in the life of her family and in the lives of her children can be solved with more prayers. She wakes up at 4 a.m. and starts singing. She loves her prayer room more than anything else and her dedication is second to none. So get her a cute marble pooja thali, sparkling idols of gods and goddesses and incense stick holders as a Mother’s Day gift.

Mothers day gifts

If she is a doctor / nurse:

Being in the medical profession, she barely has time to rest. Many times you have seen her rush to the hospital for an emergency. So, in case she is a doctor or nurse who has dedicated her life to serving others, then as a surprise Mother’s Day gift you can take her to a spa salon. She barely has time to relax and therefore a spa session would be a thoughtful gift idea. Her nerves and cells would calm down and she would feel more energetic!


If she is a patron:

A boss is one who is always after her workers or employees for the best results. A boss is one who is always running from meeting to meeting, setting the structure of the organization’s future income and checking her children’s homework and diet. She never fails in any role. For Mother’s Day, treat your Bossy Mommy with a personalized coffee mug, personalized laptop skin, and a book from his favorite writer.

Female employee

If she’s a fitness freak:

You are really in luck if your mom is a fitness freak because there is always an in-house fitness guru who always checks your portions. When you want to have a bowl of gajar ka halwa during the winter season, she will make sure that you get the low calorie and fat halwa, savor every bite of it and keep fit too. As a Mother’s Day gift, treat her to a basket of fresh seasonal fruits and dark chocolates. You can also get a smart watch for her.

Women's training

These are the gifts you could plan and give for your mom this Mother’s Day. Let us know which one you have chosen.

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Kangana Ranaut takes Instagram dig after deleting her Covid-19 post, says ‘Can’t wait to be banned here’

Kangana Ranaut recently announced on Instagram that she had contracted the coronavirus. However, her post was deleted by the social media platform, apparently because she called the virus a “ little flu of the times. ”

After the incident, the actor shared stories on Instagram, claiming how unhappy she was with the platform as a user and would be happy to be ‘banned’ from there as well. Kangana’s Twitter account has been permanently blocked for his controversial posts.

On Monday, Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram again and shared a long story on Instagram, explaining how everyone on social media is consumed by capitalism. Here is his full note:

kangana ranaut A screenshot from Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram story.

“On Instagram, everyone is a victim of capitalism, a whole generation of young people eaten away by the termites of capitalism and consumerism. Their indifference and contempt for the nation and its crisis is appalling, the lack of human values, empathy and nationalism makes them ugly, superficial and unnecessary. I have never liked this platform and I can’t wait to be banned here, it will be a badge of honor. When I look back, I will remember that I didn’t adjust. I made them uncomfortable. I asked questions and pushed them to go beyond buying and selling. When you look back, how will you see yourself? Gentle, obedient, sheep in a flock waiting to be exploited or exploited?

In terms of work, Kangana Ranaut has Tejas, Thalaivi and Dhaakad in her kitty.

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How Neha Dhupia-Angad Bedi’s low-key marriage upset Yuvraj Singh

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi are considered some of Bollywood’s most favorite duos who continue to push couple goals. From breaking stereotypes to raising their daughter Mehr, Neha and Angad have no qualms about living their lives in the media eye. The two are celebrating their third wedding anniversary today.

We know how Neha and Angad announced their wedding three years ago, leaving fans surprised. Neha, who was already three months pregnant, confessed that she had always wanted to get married in an Anand Karaj, dressed in pale pink.

Angad Bedi, who appeared as a guest on Neha’s No Filter Neha season 3 podcast show, has revealed a lot of personal stuff about their friendship turned relationship turned marriage.

Angad Bedi Neha Dhupia wedding photos Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi were married in a ceremony in Gurudwara in 2018.

Speaking about how he had to do the immense task of confessing his love for Neha, and also that she was carrying her child, to Neha’s parents at the time, Angad shared on the show, “Considering that you ( Neha) didn’t want to break the news you were expecting, so we had to tell them (Neha’s parents) that we need to get married and love each other. I was extremely nervous because it was judgment day, technically. To break the news to your parents, I was really cold in my feet, because clearly it was not going to come from you (Neha). Everything had to come for me. I really had to get up and talk. I just had to let it slip and see the reaction.

Neha and Angad also shared how their sudden wedding plan upset even some of their close friends, including cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Angad said on the show, “My best friend shared an Instagram post very recently on Friendship Day (now dated 2018) and I read that post. Yuvi’s quote was something like – just my take on people and who I thought were friends, after the experience I would like to say I love my dogs more. Something like that, I just thought it was a little immature. But he’s entitled to his opinion so it’s okay. It was my fault and I say it very openly that I should have given him more time, but unfortunately for us the decision was made so sudden. He has his reasons for being upset and I really love him but if you mean what our relationship is like right now, yes it’s not the same and I hope in due time it gets better because that I miss him. He is a very dear friend of mine.

Neha, for her part, had told Humans of Bombay: “I have always fallen back on Angad to support me. He lived a celibate life and knew that the only place he could ever stop for unreasonable demands for food at home, day or night, was my place. We became close friends – there was no facade, no judgments, and no attempts to impress us. Well, no attempt to impress on my part! In fact, it was the first call I made after a great grief and it spoke to me through. Of course, I’m sure there was a hidden motive! She also revealed in the post that it was the filmmaker and his good friend Karan Johar playing Cupid, when he picked them both up in a corner at a party and shouted “Can’t you see that ?! Are you blind? “

Neha has been part of MTV Roadies as one of its gang bosses since its season 14 (2016). His celebrity audio talk show No Filter Neha recently aired its fifth season.

Angad, on the other hand, was recently seen on the ZEE5 Mum Bhai show. Her last Bollywood film was Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, released on Netflix last year.

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Who Is Lily James? – Meet the Actress Who Sparked Chris Evans Dating Rumors

Lily James and Chris Evans became one of summer 2020’s surprise pairings last summer when they were photographed leaving a private members’ club in London together and taking the same cab back to Evans’ hotel, where the two used different entrances to go in. While it’s unclear whether the two are dating or just friends, Evans’ British companion is also an accomplished Disney star with an extensive résumé, a past high-profile public romance, and many famous friends.

Here, what to know about Lily James and her connection to Evans.

lily james

John PhillipsGetty Images

Lily James is a 31-year-old British actress who has been acting in movies and TV shows for over 10 years.

James famously played Cinderella in Disney’s live adaptation of the film that came out in 2015. She also starred as Lady Rose MacClare in Downton Abbey from 2012 to 2015. In Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, she played young Donna. Other high-profile projects include War & Peace‘s TV mini series (she played Natasha Rostova), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (she played Elizabeth Bennet), Baby Driver (she played Debora), and Yesterday (she was Ellie Appleton).

James grew up in Esher, Surrey, and went to drama school.

James was a middle child, with two brothers. Her mother was a travel agent. Her grandmother was American actress Helen Horton, who famously voiced Mother in the 1979 film Alien. Her father James Thomson also acted, was a musician, and entrepreneur. He passed away from cancer in 2008 when James was just 18.

She spoke to Harper’s Bazaar UK in its March 2019 issue about how being in an emotional household growing up shaped her. “I don’t always deal with pressure and stress well,” she said. “I grew up in a house where tempers rose quickly… I think the extremes live quite happily in me. I can be really happy and I can be the opposite; I throw things and shout. My dad had a bad temper and I think it’s a family trait. I’ve always been quite explosive.’”

James studied musical theatre at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts in Hertfordshire, then went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, according to her February 2020 AnOther magazine profile. She graduated in 2010 and started working steadily after.

She’s playing Pamela Anderson in Hulu’s upcoming limited series, Pam and Tommy.

A first look from Hulu in early May 2021 revealed just how much James has transformed for the role:

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After some people expressed their doubts about whether she was the right fit for the role, James posted the following Anderson quote on her account:

“It’s great to be blonde. With low expectations it’s very easy to surprise people.”

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“Lily James” is a stage name she took in honor of her late father.

James’ real name is Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson, and her stage name came from her father James Thomson. James fondly remembered her dad growing up, telling Harper’s Bazaar UK, “[he] told us made-up stories every night, with different accents and different voices…My dad had such a rich, varied life. He was an actor for a while, then he had an orchestra; he was an entrepreneur, but at the same time, he wrote music, he played in a band—he was just so clever.”

She shared a tribute to her dad on Instagram in late June:

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James actually lost three close family members within a short window of time: her grandmother, her uncle (who passed away from motor neuron disease), and her father. Their losses profoundly shaped her.

James told The Telegraph in its June 2o19 profile of her that “a lot of my family died in the space of five years, but I am glad that my grandma died before my dad, because if she had seen that… it was like our whole family was suddenly…” she paused, then said that her mother kept everyone together. “I haven’t always been the easiest daughter and life can be so hard, but she is the most amazing mum, kind and dedicated and my support in everything. I love her so much.”

James lives in north London.

She spoke to The Times about her neighborhood in January 2019, saying, “I live in north London, where there are some of the best pubs, and I like to go out and dance every so often. I just went out to Rowans, the bowling alley in Finsbury Park with karaoke booths, for a friend’s birthday and did some very bad singing of Cher songs with my mates. I’ve been in a long phase of not looking after myself, so now I’m getting myself together again.” At the time, she shared a rented flat with her then-boyfriend Matt Smith. She said eventually, “I’d like to have a little place in the country.”

burberry february 2018 show

Matt Smith and Lily James together in February 2018.

David M. BenettGetty Images

James and Chris Evans were spotted out for the first time in July 2020.

The two were seen leaving London’s Mark’s Club in Mayfair together on Saturday, July 4, 2020. James wore a silky red dress and a navy trench with high heels, while Evans complemented her in a black top, blazer, and pants. They took a cab together to Evans’ hotel, The Corinthia, around 1 AM and exited the vehicle separately. Evans went into the front entrance of the hotel and James to the back, presumably to spend more time together, since James has a home in the city. The Daily Mail has photos of them here.

While the two haven’t been seen out together before, they do follow each other on Instagram.

chris evans following lily james on his instagram account

Chris following Lily on Instagram.


lily james following chris evans on her account

Lily following Chris on Instagram.


Evans and James had their second public outing days after their first.

On Wednesday, July 8, 2020, Evans and James were photographed having ice cream together in a London park. The two sat alongside each other in the grass during the date-like outing.

James wore jeans, a pink graphic t-shirt, and a cream cardigan with a blue bandana as a face covering, while Evans wore a navy and gray t-shirt, dark denim, a New England Patriots bandana as his face covering, and a Boston Red Sox hat. The two were shot smiling and laughing alongside each other—though they avoided showing any overt PDA. Daily Mail has photos of that outing here.

James has spoken about being typecast in English rose, good-girl roles.

James spoke to AnOther magazine earlier this year about being typecast into “English rose,” historical-film parts. “It’s funny because I wasn’t always the English rose,” she said. “I didn’t play those roles at drama school, or in my first theatre job. Over time, I’ve sort of morphed into a version of myself that I’ve been cast as. I think largely it’s because of England, because I’m based here. There’s a lot of period drama and England does it really well—it’s our history.”

She also touched on being pigeon-holed into the same kind of roles during her July 2018 interview with Allure. “I think every actor is typecast,” she said with a shrug. “You have to remind yourself, I can do this for a long, long time, and there’s so much time to reinvent yourself or move in a totally different direction.”

She added that she’s ready to move away from wholly good-girl characters. “I’ve just had this feeling that I can’t get rid of recently—and sometimes what you think is right for you is total nonsense anyway—that I’ve wanted to step away from playing characters that feel quite honest and open,” she said. “There’s a goodness to them that I want to get away from.”

world premiere of disney's "cinderella"

Lily James at the Hollywood premiere of Cinderella.

Jeffrey MayerGetty Images

James has used her platform to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and Time’s Up, among other causes.

She spoke to Allure about her decision to be get involved in social justice movements. “There’s one part of me that’s like, I’m an actor and I want to just do that,” she started. “A lot of the stuff that comes along with that isn’t stuff I would have ever thought I’d do. I want to be an actor and then have my own life be private. But then I also realize the importance of that platform. Why not use it and for the better? And why not really become passionate about something you think could make a difference? For me, I think a lot of the people who follow me might be young girls. That’s pretty important. If I feel like I could be some sort of useful voice to them, then that’s my responsibility and it’s worth taking on.”

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James has talked about the downside of playing a Disney princess, saying it’s hard to “shed” the role.

“Cinderella was a gift, and I will treasure it for the rest of my life,’ she told Harper’s Bazaar UK in 2019. “But I wore a dress for the Mamma Mia! premiere that was blue and white and quite pouffy, and when I got out on the red carpet, all anyone said was ‘Oh, it’s Cinderella!’ It’s a happy association, but also something that you want to shed at some point…”

She also touched on her public persona versus who she actually is. In her 2019 Telegraph interview, James said her bubbly personality doesn’t always capture how she’s really feeling. “I can operate quite well in a certain level of who I am, but there is a part of me that I find harder to communicate,” she said. “I think that is how I have learnt to cope with work and the press and life. It is a mechanism, but then the divide sometimes feels like it gets too big between who you are and who you show to the world… and then I think, ‘Is it all in my head? Am I this person or am I that person?'”

James is a natural brunette who has gone blonde for roles.

She spoke to Harper’s Bazaar UK about her natural hair color, saying, “I’m naturally a brunette, and I love it, but everyone else wants me to go blonde. Even my mum says, ‘I think I secretly prefer you as a blonde.'” James has gone between being brunette and blonde, depending on the role she’s playing. When photographed with Evans over the weekend, she was a light brunette.

Who Is Lily James? - Meet the Actress Who Sparked Chris Evans Dating Rumors

Lily as a brunette in October 2019.

Mike MarslandGetty Images

James dated Doctor Who and The Crown‘s Matt Smith for over five years.

The couple didn’t share much about their relationship publicly. They were last photographed together in May 2020. The Sun reported their breakup in December, with a source telling the outlet, “Things haven’t been right for a while, and a few months ago they decided to finally end it properly. It has been difficult because they have many mutual friends, so hopefully it will all stay civilized. But for now the relationship is formally off.” The couple never confirmed or denied their split.

In June 2019, James discussed Smith a little in her interview with The Telegraph. She shared a rare photo of them on her Instagram in December 2018:

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

When discussing entering her 30s, she said, “you know what you feel, what you want, what you are about, when you don’t have to try to be something…As I get older I want to settle into a life that feels like it has continuity. Sometimes I am just desperately scouring my diary for a day that coincides with Matt.”

She opened up about the public’s initial reaction to them, Cinderella and Doctor Who, dating in 2015, “It was like a weird sci-fi universe,” she said. The two lived together in north London.

She explained to The Telegraph in June 2019 that she purposely chooses to keep their relationship to herself to safeguard it. “There is more interest because we are both in the industry, so you have to be more protective,” she said. “It is a weird thing to say, but I feel really proud that there aren’t too many photographs of us online. We don’t really do many official things together, because it feels like that [the relationship] is just for us.” She declined to detail whether at the time, they were talking about marriage or starting a family together anytime soon. She did acknowledge she wants to be a mother someday though and that she looks forward to creating a life for her kids that is full of “freedom and mystical worlds. I can’t wait for that, it is so exciting.”

James has mixed feelings about the institution of marriage.

In her January 2019 The Times interview, James said she wasn’t sure how she felt about the prospect of marrying Smith then. “I’ve gone through different phases of wanting and not wanting to get married,” she said. “I don’t know where I sit with it now. What matters is the relationship and how you feel about each other.”

When asked whether she’d want to start a family with Smith in that interview, she laughed: “I’m definitely not answering that.” (Smith said he wanted to have a lot of children in a 2018 interview with Desert Island Discs, going so far as to claim that “essentially, the purpose of us all is to procreate.”)

James’ famous friends include Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, and Jenna Coleman.

James was photographed out with Dominic Cooper, Gemma Chan, and Billie Piper at the end of June. In her Telegraph profile, the reporter added that her friend circle also imcludes Douglas Booth, Richard Madden, and Jenna Coleman.

James is an Aries.

James celebrated her 31st birthday on April 5 this year. Chris Evans, for those interested, is a Gemini, an excellent pairing astrologically, for what it’s worth.

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