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Priyanka Chopra announces Oscar nominations in a blue dress, enjoys ‘Coolest #WFH day ever’ with Nick

Officially kicking off the Oscar race this year, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas announced the nominations live on the Academy’s official social media channels. Ahead of the virtual event, the couple took to Instagram to announce the same.

“This is by far the coolest #WFH day ever! ❤️😬 Log into one of the @theacademy accounts at 5:19 am PDT to see us reveal the #OscarNoms! @nickjonas ”, wrote the Quantico the actor, who was seen keeping the color coordinated with her husband. Check out the details below.

Seen in a bright blue number, Priyanka’s dress featured a halter neck with tie detail. While the upper part of the dress featured ruffles, the bottom had sheer panels. Pairing the outfit with hot pink pointy stiletto heels, it’s safe to say that she managed to block out the colors effortlessly.

Priyanka Chopra announces Oscar nominations in a blue dress, enjoys 'Coolest #WFH day ever' with Nick They got our full attention. (Photo: screenshot / Youtube)

Her look was completed with a pair of diamond teardrop earrings, a sleek ponytail, a matching watch, and soft, shiny makeup of nude lip undertones and bronzed cheeks.

Priyanka Chopra announces Oscar nominations in a blue dress, enjoys 'Coolest #WFH day ever' with Nick We love the look! (Photo: screenshot / Youtube)

Nick, on the other hand, kept it shiny in a plain white shirt topped with a gold reflective tuxedo.

We’re totally in love with their look and can’t wait to see what they have in store for the main ceremony in April.

Watch the video below to learn more.

The couple like to keep it fashionable, here is the proof.

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Classic Style


The Peaky Blinders hairstyle: what to ask for and how to style it

With frenzied show performances from Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, razor sharp costumes and good bloody hairstyles across the board, the BBC drama Peaky Blinders grabbed us from the start. It follows the story of a gangster family who ran a criminal racket in Birmingham just after WWI. It’s one of the most stylish things on TV since 2013, but apparently not everyone agreed with the look hairstylist and makeup artist Laura Schiavo had in mind.

It took about a week to convince the cast to cut their hair for the now iconic period-style haircut. Iddo Goldberg (who plays Freddie Thorne) claims he first went under the razor – which encouraged the “ Peakies ” to copy him. One of the main benchmarks for the look came from Peter Doyle’s book Crooks Like Us: A Compilation of Sydney Police Portraits of Criminals from the 1920s, but the style is also partly inspired by the haircuts. military and nods to earlier history. eras.

While Peaky Blinders outfits – all herringbone coats and baker’s hats – have understandably become popular off-screen, Schiavo is still bewildered by the hairstyle’s popularity: “It’s weird, when I did it for the first time the boys wanted to wear hats to hide it, but now they don’t need them anymore because everyone is wearing it.

Off-screen, the appeal is that the hard back and sides showcase your bone structure (or beard) and the high contrast between the styling on the top of your head is a guaranteed spritzer. Plus, loose hairstyles and faded cuts of various types have been hairstylist favorites since the beginning of Peaky Blinders.

What is the Peaky Blinders haircut?

When we first meet Mafia boss Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), he’s returned to Birmingham from trench hell. Her hair is worn in a “disconnected, unmixed, very short and pointed style,” says Schiavo. It is also inspired by the styles worn by the “sloggers” or hooligans of the late 1890s.

The Peaky Blinders hairstyle: what to ask for and how to style it

Photo by Hannah Skelly on Unsplash

While most of the characters have roughly shaved backs and sides, the styling on the top varies. Some wear the Peaky Blinders haircut with a simple side parting, some with a textured French cut, some with a quiff and others with slicked back hair. This versatility is probably the other reason why IRI has become popular.

The gang mentality was also important to convey, as Schiavo explains: “In the post-war era, when the ‘peaky world’ is set, they shaved their heads because of the lice. Yes, this hipster-friendly haircut had a very practical, rather dark, function of helping to prevent the spread of lice between the troops and among the poverty stricken population at home.

“But the look I was going for when I designed the cut for the show was so that you only saw the skin when the boys wore hats,” she says. “This is how you only really see the individual character when he takes his hat off.” This effect would also likely have made it more difficult for witnesses to identify a gangster if caught red-handed.

What to ask

Watching the actors should give you an indication of what look will work best for your own hair type. The series is so popular that your hairstylist will likely be familiar with the look, but in essence you have to ask for a disconnected undercut with no fade.

“You have to be sure that you can be really short on your back and sides,” says Joshua Gibson, director of Sassoon Academy in London. “Decide whether you want to wear the hair away from the face or closer to the head in length and worn forward.”

The Peaky Blinders hairstyle: what to ask for and how to style it

Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash

Often the most violent character, Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) has the most extreme clearance to match. Ideally, you need straight, thin hair to do this, with a long left section at the top that it wears slicked back. Trying to be the respectable face of a ‘legitimate’ business, Tommy himself wears it in a slightly softer cut pushed forward across his face and swept to the side. Younger brother John Shelby (Joe Cole) wears his straight parting in short, sleek curtains.

Style advice

Assuming you won’t hide it under a flat cap, Gibson says the best way to style it for your hair type: “If you have straighter hair texture, you might be better off dressing the hair away from the face using pomade or wax and use a Tangle Teezer to avoid comb marks for more elegance. »Frizzy hair types will benefit from a light oil like Illuminating Oil from Sassoon Professional to keep it smooth.

Gibson also recommends a textured product like a paste to plump blonde, fine, or back hair. With a stylish look like this, he also recommends using Nioxin Cleanser 2 to avoid the buildup of a heavier product. Both “Arthur” and “John” require styling pomade that adds both high shine and hold and “Tommy” requires texture with a matte finish.

Key products

Stick Tancho Tique

Want to style your hair with the official Peaky Blinders kit? Schiavo used Tancho High Grade Tique, an obscure styling wax that smells of lavender, for most of the sets. Presumably, the sweet scent is more in keeping with the early 1920s than modern hair potions (those in the method take note of these details). It comes in a push up stick and helps treat loose hairs without adding too much shine.

Buy Now: £ 26.99

Stick, Tancho Tique (3.52 oz)

Sachajuan Brilliant Serum

On set, Schiavo mixed the Tancho with a hair serum to achieve the wet look sported by Arthur and John. We love the Sachajuan Shine Serum which gives the hair a high shine and protects it at the same time.

Buy Now: £ 22.00

Sachajuan Brilliant Serum 30ml

Reuzel ointment

For Series Five, Schiavo rocked it by switching to Reuzel Pomade, which comes in a handful of formulas that cover high hold and high shine to a matte finish, depending on your preference.

Buy Now: £ 16.79

Reuzel fiber ointment

Kent comb

To get a really clean parting according to John, you need to style the hair when it’s wet, with a precise comb like this handmade example from Kent.

Buy Now: £ 5.89

Kent Men's Handmade Coarse and Fine Tooth Pocket Comb

Tangle Teezer

Once you have the parting, use a Tangle Teezer to smooth out the comb marks, as suggested by Joshua Gibson.

Buy Now: £ 12.00

The original PANTHER BLACK

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Alia Bhatt Through Directors’ Eyes Meghna Gulzar, Gauri Shinde: She Gives Us Clues On Where To Call ‘Cut’

Alia Bhatt is a good actor, mainstream star, child star, and also often a subject of online memes. But if you ask her directors, the moments between becoming a character in a story and who she is, are where Alia Bhatt really comes out. The moments rarely seen by foreigners but the most intimately experienced by his collaborators.

On Alia Bhatt’s birthday, reached out to filmmakers Gauri Shinde and Meghna Gulzar, who directed Dear Zindagi (2016) and 2018 Raazi, respectively, and explored the actor’s vulnerable and receptive side. While in Cher Zindagi, Alia offered a deep and intimate portrayal of a young girl struggling with the effects of childhood trauma, Raazi saw Alia give a searing performance as a young woman left alone in a field of battle, where she finds love to lose it. forever.

alia bhatt raazi Alia Bhatt won several awards for her performance in Raazi (2018). (Photo: Document PR)

Gauri and Meghna, who gave the actor two remarkably different characters to play, worlds to inhabit and enemies to fight, revisited their experiences filming Alia and how her strength lies in her ability to feel deeply. Meghna remembers Alia’s shaking hands during a scene that made her realize that the actor no longer played Sehmat but had become her.

“There is a vulnerability and a delicacy in Sehmat, in her being that Alia brought to the character just with the way she approached and interpreted him. There were times when you could see his hands physically shaking onscreen and you couldn’t always pull it off as a performance. You have to tremble in the depths of yourself while being this character for him to appear like this in front of the camera, ”says the director.

Sehmat allowed Alia to tap into a myriad of emotions, the guilt of which was especially crucial as the woman’s journey on her mission was filled with lasting regret as well as suffocation for not being able to mourn her sins. Meghna shares how the scene where Sehmat finally crumbles after realizing she had come too far to go back, Alia took charge and guided her director’s gaze in a direction she wanted the footage to take .

alia bhatt vicky kaushal raazi Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal in an image of Raazi. (Photo PR)

“The scene where she breaks down in the shower – the scene after the interval – after killing Abdul, all I said to her was, ‘This is how you hold up, this is what you do. You turn on the shower and take it from there. Where she went, how much she cried, that’s all her. I just let the camera roll until it finished its blast cycle and that’s when I called cut. So a lot of times I’d take the cues from here to figure out where I should call cut and a lot of times it would take me to point out how far the emotions need to go, which is, I think, a fabulous synergy. working relationship between an actor and a filmmaker.

It’s the same synergy that Gauri Shinde mentions when she talks about seeing Alia as Kaira in Cher Zindagi. Like Meghna, even Gauri found herself in an equation with the actor where they didn’t need to converse to discuss a scene. “She just got it. I don’t know what else to say. Of course, we thought in the same way as people, but it’s also because Alia is very receptive. She’s open to feeling things, ”says Gauri.

alia bhatt dear zindagi shah rukh khan Alia Bhatt starred alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi. (Photo: Shah Rukh Khan / Instagram)

Unlike Meghna however, Gauri didn’t write Kaira with Alia in mind. The actor made the character his own with his understanding of the emotions Kaira was supposed to feel. Alia entered Dear Zindagi after a series of romantic comedies and a heavy highway, but the maturity she has shown defied inexperience.

Gauri attributes this depth to Alia’s openness to vulnerability. “She lets herself feel things and is affected by them. She’s not trying to be someone who wants to avoid feeling certain emotions. She is very receptive. This is why his performance seems so natural. More than understanding the character, it is about understanding the emotions. You have to be deeply passionate to be deeply affected by things. And Alia is an extremely passionate girl, who loves to live her life every moment. “

Kaira drew a picture of all of these people, struggling to articulate the engulfing sadness and when they try to find a solution on the outside, they realize that the answer lies somewhere in their own past. The character demanded that Alia convey her chaotic, restless, and exhausted state of mind without saying much.

“I didn’t tell her to look sad, hurt or angry because everyone interprets sadness in their own way. What we knew was that there would be no dialogue, but she understood the emotion so well that she was able to bring out that expression. And Alia is so beautiful even when she is sad.

alia bhatt shah rukh khan dear zindagi Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan in a still from the 2018 drama Dear Zindagi. (Photo: Document PR)

“I don’t think anyone looks so attractive when we’re in a bad state of mind. And when I say attractive, I don’t mean it in a cliché sense, but that she’s so charming that she looks attractive on screen in any situation. She just had Kaira very well. Even today, when I meet her, I want to give her a hug because I find her so innocent and charming, ”says Gauri.

Revisiting the dramatic climax of the film, where Kaira lets her guard down and reveals to her family the traumatic childhood they imposed on her, disrupting her mental peace even as an adult, the director says it remains an unforgettable day so that Alia’s breakdown took everyone. by surprise.

“It was the hardest to shoot. It was surely a challenge for her because it needed a lot of emotional intensity. The way Alia played it left me surprised. Her explosion, the crying of it all had to come from a real space, a place, a trigger within her because it wasn’t a performance. That’s all her. I remember when it ended there was silence in the room and I went to sit next to her and all I wanted to do was give her a hug because she had it. look so tired, so exhausted.

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17 best men’s underwear in 2021: light and comfortable

Wearing an undershirt might seem like your first step into daddy style – not the cool kind. But the best men’s underwear isn’t reminiscent of Homer Simpson or Ed Bundy. Like other ultra-practical investments – think bullet powder, nose hair trimmers, and calf-high dress socks – the best men’s underwear does just that. meaning. Whether you go for a 100% cotton version or a synthetic moisture wicking number, a Sopranos– a style ribbed tank top or a classic crew neck (we’re always on deep v neck tees) you need a base layer that protects against excess sweat and nipple visibility .

Whether it’s the swampiest part of summer or the coldest days of winter, the underwear below is specially designed to keep you dry, comfortable and stink-free. And, since their main purpose is to sacrifice themselves to save your favorite buttons and dress shirts, most of our top picks cost less than a fancy cocktail party – so you can wear them and wash them to death, then replace them. regularly worry-free in the world. Oh yes, and all of them are unlabeled, as no one needs to spend all day trying to ignore a small rectangular piece of fabric. Without further ado: the 17 best men’s undershirts to come home pronto.

The Best Buy-in-Bulk Underwear

product picture

Uniqlo Airism Short Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt

Uniqlo continues to do what Uniqlo does best: providing technology-driven, well-designed, perfectly-tuned foundations at simple prices. Their Airism t-shirts are made from a smooth, breathable polyester blend that is antimicrobial, deodorant, and will keep your armpits fresher than the Fonz in the sweltering turgid and sweltering July days. At just $ 10 a soft drink, you can afford to buy enough for each day of the work week, plus a few extras for the gym, hikes and whatever summer throws at you.

The best soft as a kitten underwear

product picture

If you’ve ever purchased underwear using a podcast discount code, you’re already familiar with modal fabrics. Made from beech, the fabric is allegedly [extremely Marc Maron voice] twice as soft as cotton, naturally antibacterial and fully biodegradable. These Tani t-shirts take those claims even further: They are made from Micro Modal Air, the finest form of the fabric which the brand claims is thinner, stronger and softer than cotton. silk. We have no way of proving the science behind these claims, but we can at least anecdotally say that these shirts are so soft and light that they almost feel like wearing nothing at all, and they seem to do a job. remarkable for keeping summer- induced stench at bay. Now back to the pod.

The best classic cotton underwear

This image may contain clothing, apparel, home decorations, shirts and sleeves

Calvin Klein Regular Fit Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt (3 Pack)

In case you really I just want to keep it the old fashioned way, well Calvin Klein still makes the best 100% cotton underwear in the business. They’re lightweight, snug-fitting, and polished enough to be worn casually like a regular tee. If you’re lucky enough to land at the drier, less smelly end of the ladder, and just need a simple, regular, regular cotton base layer to get you through the week , this three-pack is for you.

The best silky and slimming bikini bottom

product picture

Tommy John Second Skin Undershirt

Tommy John’s aptly named undershirt doesn’t just fit like a second skin – after a few wear and tear it hugs your body, hugging every contour with more enthusiasm than your most affectionate aunt. Its soft, silky finish doesn’t lint no matter how many times you run it in the ringer (or in the washing machine, for that matter), and in a micromodal blend – with a touch of spandex for good. measure – this is a solid Spanx alternative for anyone trying to hide a growing gut.

The best gain enhancing undershirt

product picture

2 (X) IST Essential Cotton Square Fit Tank Tops (Pack of 2)

Far be it from us to unilaterally declare anything objectively sexy, but if we had to pick a tank that matches the descriptor, 2 (X) IST might just be it. The brand’s distinct square styling will make your upper body look exponentially more defined, no matter how long it has been since you last saw the inside of a squat rack.

Twelve other underwear we love

product picture

Hanes ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt (6 Pack)

No scuffed label and no crooked collar no matter how many times you wash it. At around $ 3 a shirt, you can afford to purchase additional multipack to store in your desk drawer in case of an emergency.

product picture

Tom Ford cotton-jersey crew-neck T-shirt

Do you need to spend over a hundred dollars on an undershirt? No, but if you are To go to drop a serious coin on the fanciest version the money can buy, should it come from Tom Ford? Absolutely.

product picture

Calvin Klein Solid Tank Top In Super Soft Stretch Modal

Don’t let anything get between you and your Calvins, let alone a preference for soft tanks.

product picture

FOG Essentials White Jersey T-Shirts (3-Pack)

Large, loaded and ready to use for layering under suitable cuts.

product picture

Everlane organic cotton crew

Rugged enough to wear everyday under your best oxford shirts, smart enough to wear on its own as a standalone tee.

product picture

Bombas Pima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt (3 Pack)

Surprised, surprise: The brand behind some of the most kindly designed socks in the industry also makes a high-quality undershirt. Sleep on it at your own risk.

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Sleeves, Undershirt, Long Sleeve and T-shirt

Spanx cotton compression crew neck

Yes, Spanx does stuff for guys. Yeah that’s gonna keep things tight on the days you need to watch really sharp and assembled.

Sunspel cellular cotton T-shirt

Sunspel cellular cotton T-shirt

Sunspel has found a way to make a loose, airy knit look consistently clean and refined.

Image may contain: Clothing and clothing

Fruit of the Loom Stay Tucked Crew Tee (6-Pack)

For guys who want their shirt to stay on all day, these minimal underwear is where it is at. The longer body construction means it tucks away easily and won’t come loose every time you bend over to stretch or grab a dime.

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Undershirt and T-shirt

Mack Weldon Silver Crew Neck T-Shirt

Infused with antimicrobial silver to keep your armpits fresher for longer.

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Sleeves, Undershirt and T-shirt

Hugo Boss Regular Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirts (3 Pack)

Smooth cotton, more roomy body and slightly scoop neckline will make you feel like a boss.

The picture may contain: clothing, long sleeves, sleeves, clothing, interior decoration and undershirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Fitted Round Neck Undershirts (3 Pack)

It’s Ralph, tho.

More better things

The best men’s underwear is worth every penny
The best long underwear is your secret weapon to stay warm all winter long.
The best socks will help you win the winter
The best fleece jackets will make you the most comfortable style of living God __

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Celebrity Fashion

Celebrity Fashion

See Beyoncé’s second Silver Grammys 2021 dress

Beyoncé made history last night, becoming the most awarded female artist of all time at the Grammys with her 28 lifetime wins. Bey wore a leather minidress to the ceremony, but she ended the evening in a sparkly dress to match her feat. Beyoncé was pictured on her way to her party dinner with Jay-Z in a silver dress and turban. She looked amazing:

Beyoncé in her second grammys dress


Beyoncé’s daughter Blue, 9, also won her first Grammy ahead of Sunday’s ceremony. Although Blue did not give a speech (her award was announced before the show), Beyoncé congratulated her daughter in her own acceptance speech on the show.

“Thanks a lot guys,” Bey began, after winning her 28th grammy and making history. “Oh my God. I’m so honored. I’m so excited. Thank you guys. As an artist, I believe it’s my job and all of our jobs to reflect the weather. It’s been such a difficult time that I wanted to uplift, encourage and celebrate all the beautiful black queens and kings who continue to inspire me and the whole world. It is so overwhelming. I have worked my whole life, since I was nine years old, and I can’t believe it happened. It’s such a magical night. Thank you very much. I know my daughter is watching, two daughters and my son you are all watching. Congratulations Blue. She won a Grammy this evening. I’m so proud of you, and I’m so honored to be your mom, all of your moms. You are all my babies. And I’m so proud of you all. I love you so much, my rock. your night. Thank you. “

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Sporty Style


The best sneaker brands in the world right now

Not that long ago, attending a special event wearing a pair of sneakers was a sure-fire way to signal yourself to your peers in shiny shoes as a sartorial outcast. However, attitudes have changed in unforeseen ways and what was once the scruffy outlier is now the gold standard of footwear.

The transition from race track to track has been slow and gradual, but in recent years it has reached a crescendo. A crescendo that seems ready to erupt indefinitely.

This is in large part thanks to a number of key designers and sneaker brands pushing the shoe to its limits in every direction imaginable.

Some have created white leather shoes that blend perfectly with the stitching. Others are inventing technology that could just as easily have come out of an Area 51 lab (or just Back to the future). Meanwhile, there are those who have elevated the sneaker from its utilitarian roots to the absolute pinnacle of high fashion that it is today.

Here we take a look at the most influential sneaker brands in the world right now and what they are doing to help make the world’s favorite shoes.


The undisputed masters of the hype

Yeah, in 2016 Nike really stepped back into the future and produced Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers. But this is just one example where the brand has seemingly gone through a tear in space-time and brought us something straight from the future, making it the biggest sneaker pioneer and a reliable barometer for what awaits us.

The brand has a long history of world-class performance footwear as well as technological innovation (Flyknit upper and NikeID customization over the past decade). More than that, Nike knows how to create products to live up to their considerable hype. It has more icons in its back catalog than any other brand of sneakers. Air Max, Air Force 1, and Air Jordan are all sneaker dynasties in their own right, and go back one step further and you’ll find even more classic retro sneakers like the Cortez and the Blazer.

Still the most recognizable. Still the most wanted. Still those to beat.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now


The brand that turned sneakers into science

The ongoing technological arms race between the world’s major sportswear players has produced some of the most daring innovations in footwear. Luckily for us, this shows no signs of slacking off.

Ask any sneakerhead on the street who’s on pole, and they’ll tell you it’s Nike. However, with lightweight materials like a feather and mind-blowing sole technology, one could easily argue that good old three-stripe bands maneuver for a pass.

Yes, there are some beloved classics – the Superstar, Stan Smith and Gazelle come to mind – and they don’t go away, but in recent years the brand’s R&D lab has become the Q branch. of the world of sneakers. Forget the Yeezy collaboration, it was the Ultra Boost that changed the game, and more recently the German sports giant experimented with 3D printing as a production method for revolutionary webbed soles. Keep your eyes on them for a second.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now


Centenary design icon

It’s amazing (and a little terrifying) to think of how much the world has changed over the past 100 years. Commercial theft, television, cell phones and the Internet are just a few of the inventions that have revolutionized the way we live.

With that in mind, it’s a true design triumph as something introduced a century ago is still in use around the world today.

Converse’s famous top, the Chuck Taylor All Star, is one of them. Born in 1917, the iconic basketball shoe has remained 99.9% unchanged and is now the best-selling shoe in the US, UK and far beyond. Yes, the brand has other great shoes, but it’s arguably the most iconic sneaker ever made. And besides, it’s for everyone.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now

Joint projects

The luxury pioneer who made minimalism cool

When New York-based luxury sneaker brand Common Projects first presented its model Achilles Low in 2004, the menswear world went crazy. But why? Was it innovative? No. Was the next level comfortable? Barely. Was it offered at rock bottom prices? Rather the opposite.

This shoe was nothing more than a plain leather sneaker. However, the thing that wowed the fashion group about this minimalist trainer was that every little detail was meticulously executed to the nth degree. It was a sneaker created as an Oxford shoe handcrafted in Northamptonshire.

Buttery Italian leather, streamlined elegance and timeless portability that have made each pair the perfect accompaniment to everything from suits to shorts. This arguably kicked off today’s burgeoning luxury sneaker market, and all of it, in a world now dominated by Balenciaga beetle crushers, is not to be taken for granted.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now


Make ugly must-have sneakers

Balenciaga’s production under the direction of Georgian fashion maverick Demna Gvasalia may be the sartorial equivalent of Marmite or Björk, but whatever you think of his work, there’s no denying that he’s changing the face of fashion. , one broken ankle at a time.

The sleek, minimalist speed sock was the brand’s first notable sneaker with Gvasalia at the helm, but it was the now must-have Triple S that really took things in a new direction.

This shoe beast on its own reshaped the fashion footwear landscape and made tall, chunky silhouettes the new gold standard. Minimalism gives way to maximalism, and this Spanish fashion house is at the center of it all.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now

New balance

Always the purist’s choice

Over time, there are fewer and fewer brands ready to take a financial ball in the name of quality know-how and have products manufactured in their own territory. When it comes to sneaker companies, the numbers are even lower.

This is what makes New Balance one of the best in the game. Not only is the Boston-based company responsible for some of the most comfortable and iconic running shoes ever made, it also produces its premium line. half in the United States and half in the Lake District in the United Kingdom, in factories staffed by highly skilled craftsmen.

It is because of this approach to manufacturing that New Balance has a resounding reputation among athletes, sneakerheads, and just everyday people, earning a place for itself in the world. FashionBeans Hall of Fame.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now


The veteran is quietly innovating

It might not make as much noise as some of its contemporaries, but as they all battle to try and find the next big thing, Puma is quietly working in the background, perfecting the classics. And invent some new ones too.

A good example of this is the brand’s take on the chunky sneaker trend. Puma took the look, put their own stamp on it, and made it accessible to those whose wallets might not be able to withstand the strain posed by a pair of Balenciagas that cost up to a month’s rent.

Look to the Thunder Electric model for a chunky but athletic shape and bold ’90s colors, or the coveted Tsugi line for a more striped mix of mesh and neoprene on a chunky cushioned midsole.

The best Puma sneakers


The reliable old shoe

From driving empty pools in the suburbs of LA to jumping on stage on the Warped Tour. Over the years, Vans has built a deserved reputation as the footwear brand of choice for alternative lifestyles.

Much of its appeal is due to the simple styling, timeless appearance, modest prices and, of course, the many color options offered by its designs. The Old Skool, Classic and Authentic models are all instantly recognizable that haven’t changed in decades, mainly because they don’t need them.

What has changed is the way people wear them. Once a shoe just for kids and skateboarders, it’s now just as comfortable on rock stars as it is on hip-hop icons, with jeans or a casual suit. From the mid-1960s to today, Vans has always offered people a way to add a splash of color and charisma to an outfit without breaking the bank. Something that has seen its products remain relevant over the years, regardless of the sneaker trends.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now

Air jordan

The most powerful collaboration game in the industry

Can you confidently call yourself a sneakerhead if your wardrobe isn’t filled with Jordans? Maybe not.

Technically, a Nike creation but also a brand in its own right, the story is one of the most successful examples of sports marketing in history. After designing the first Air Jordans exclusively for the basketball legend himself, it wasn’t long before Nike opened up production and brought their new creation to the masses in 1984. People went crazy for it, which has led to a wave of crime in the United States. people had their sneakers stolen.

One of the main draws of shoes for some is the collectible element, with many special versions and collaborations released in very limited editions. Some recent partnerships have included Supreme, Off-White, Levi’s, and Kaws to name a few, making this an example you should definitely believe the hype in.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now


Bring back the retro

Okay, so that doesn’t exactly shape the future with its shoe offerings, but when you do the classics (and classics) so well, why would you need them?

The British-born company, now a subsidiary of Adidas, is one of the oldest sneaker brands in the UK. Something that is evident when you look at her retro silhouettes.

His best sneakers, like the Club, Classic, and Workout, are simply iconic and all ooze that comeback charm we all love so much. They might not be made of knitted mesh and 3D printed, but they look great, are undeniably comfortable, and will never go out of style.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now


Setting the benchmark for luxury sneakers

Gucci’s sneaker game has taken giant strides in recent years, thanks in large part to a bit of TLC from Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

In fact, one could argue that the Italian house’s offerings have set a new standard for luxury sneakers, with the Ace’s clean lines and eye-catching embroidery making it the new favorite white sneaker for the elite of the fashion.

And it’s not just the classic styles that Gucci has turned to. The brand has also combined two of the most important trends of the moment with its chunky Rhyton sneakers, featuring the oversized Gucci logo on the side.

The best sneaker brands in the world right now

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Women’s Day Special: Top 8 Hollywood Action Heroines of All Time

The genre of action in movies is almost as old as the art form itself. Over the years, moviegoers have enjoyed fighting, rescuing, and chasing their favorite heroes. The glaring absence of women in such roles stems from Hollywood’s persistent tendency to relegate women to “traditional roles”.

They are rarely in charge of their own destiny or play a major role in the story. But there were exceptions. Over the years, a few female heroines on the big screen have been strong and armed with agency.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we have listed 8 action heroines of this type.

1. Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley (Extraterrestrial)

Sigourney Weaver, alien Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in Alien. (20th Century Fox)

Ridley Scott’s landmark in sci-fi horror movie Extraterrestrial (1979) is known as one of the best films of its genre. He’s pushed several boundaries, but his greatest achievement has to be to portray Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley. Unlike most of the main female characters of the 1970s, Ripley was smart, practical and ruthless, who knew what to do to counter the alien threat that was loose on the space tug Nostromo.

2. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

Linda Hamilton, Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. (Photo: TriStar Images)

Linda Hamilton is not the Hollywood idea of ​​a traditionally attractive woman Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). In fact, it is far from delicate. But she fits the role of a mother struggling to save her son from a murderous and nearly indestructible robot from the future.

3. Milla Jovovich as Alice (Resident Evil franchise)

Milla Jovovich, Alice Milla Jovovich, Milla Jovovich as Alice in the Resident Evil movies. (Photo: Sony Pictures release)

While most resident Evil movies can be unsatisfying, few can fault Milla Jovovich. Her work as the main protagonist Alice in the franchise is compelling. A character specially created for the movies (resident Evil the films are based on the video game franchise of the same name), Alice has guts and is relentless in her pursuit of goals.

4. Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider and Salt)

Angelina Jolie and Lara Croft Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Although not active as an actress like she used to be, Jolie is still one of Hollywood’s best 21st century action heroines. His work in the tomb Raider as Lara Croft or a fleeing sleeper agent in Salt speaks volumes about her ability to handle physically demanding roles. She will return to the genre with Marvel’s Eternals, which is slated for release next year.

5. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Wonder woman)

Gal Gadot, wonderful woman Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984 (Photo: Warner Bros)

Long before Marvel Studios felt confident enough to let an actress title an MCU movie, Warner Bros. and DC delivered Wonder woman in 2017. In a dream cast, athletic Israeli actor Gal Gadot was recruited to play the lead role and, by extension, the world’s most popular and influential female superhero.

6. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Scarlett Johansson, black widow Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

The only female among the OG Avengers, and also only one of the non-superpowered two, Scarlett Johansson left a lasting impression on audiences with her performance. And much can be attributed to his hand-to-hand combat and espionage abilities. Her performance was so well received that Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow became a staple of the Avengers.

7. Uma Thurman as The Bride (Kill Bill)

Uma Thurman, the bride Uma Thurman as the bride. (Photo: Miramax Films)

The bride is not only an iconic female character, but also one of the best action characters of all time. She is an incredibly lethal assassin with a whole range of abilities at her disposal. But what makes her such a classic character is her ability to be kind despite it. She is extremely human although she is almost superhuman. Thurman tried this role in both volumes of Kill Bill in 2003 and 2004.

8. Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Charlize Theron, Imperator Furiosa Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. (Photo: Warner Bros)

Charlize Theron’s Furiosa is the very definition of strength with a tough disposition, rebellious streak and a caring heart. As a testament to George Miller’s direction and understated but brilliant writing, Furiosa is one of the few action movie heroines not written for the male gaze. Mad Max: Fury Road released in 2015 with rave reviews.

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The transport power of fashion by Pedro Almodóvar

Growing up in a drab suburb, my main focus has been fantasizing about every bored teen’s favorite subject: becoming an adult and moving to town.

It was pre-streaming and pre-social media, so my ideal form of escape involved going to the public library every week and renting movies. (I never said I was a fresh teenager.) I loved the ritual of spinning the grids and going through each section in alphabetical order, first making intuitive decisions based on covers that appealed to me, and then learning to construct my tastes more deliberately. . If movies were the most reliable way to temporarily transport me, then Pedro Almodóvar’s movies were the most reliable of all.

Often shot in Madrid, where the director thrived during the electrifying years after the fall of Spanish fascism, Almodóvar’s films captured a world I had never seen before. The men were women, the women were dramatic, the nuns got pregnant, the beautiful matadors suddenly fell into a coma, and everyone was obsessed with their mothers. A world so alive needs clothes to match: ridiculously bright colors and umpteenth-degree maximalism. In Women on the verge of nervousness Breakdown, that meant a tomato-red dress and kitschy Moka potted miniature earrings; in Law of desire, a flamingo pink shirt paired with the most perfect bolo tie known to man; and in Bad Education, Gael García Bernal swinging in a tight sequin dress. The clothes reinforced the narrative, but were also sturdy enough to hold onto. Above all, the costumes – miles from the Ugg boots and North Face jackets that surrounded me – represented unfettered adult life.

Law of desire (1987)

Courtesy of Lauren Films

Women on the verge of nervous breakdown (1988).


Eventually I became an adult and moved to town, but I continued to watch Almodóvar. His films have remained lush but have become more sober; the plots were less playful and wacky and more preoccupied with estrangement, aging and death. The looks weren’t quite as outrageous either, but he retained a high-fashion pedigree, bringing in Gaultier to create nude body stockings for The skin i live in and dress Penélope Cruz exclusively at Chanel in Broken hugs. Antonio Banderas-as-Almodóvar-proxy’s burgundy suit and printed silk top in 2019 are memorable. Pain and Glory.

Pain and Glory (2019).

Alamy / Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Then I looked at Almodóvar’s latest (and his first English-speaking business), Human voice, which debuts in the US on March 12 and stars Tilda Swinton as a woman… on the verge of a nervous breakdown. (Old habits die hard.) Her partner has suddenly left her and their dog, and she is adrift and in shock. But the clothes! The film barely lasts thirty minutes, but features no less than six outfit changes. They include Almodóvar’s favorite tomato-red hue, in the form of a Balenciaga domed dress; a masculine, monochrome cobalt Balenciaga suit worn at the hardware store; and a Dries Van Noten set of gold lamé pants and a black leather jacket that Swinton’s character chooses just before the dramatic final scene (no spoilers but, in Almodóvar’s universe, that’s to be expected). It’s Almodóvar’s vintage sensibility, filtered through the present.

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See Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé’s full 2021 Grammys acceptance speech

Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé won the Grammy for Best Rap Song for “Savage” – and the two took to the stage together to accept the award. Megan dedicated most of her speech to Beyoncé, telling her idol about how much she loved him as a child. Beyoncé was moved and repeatedly told Megan how proud she was of her.


63rd Annual Grammy Awards - Broadcast

Kevin winterGetty Images

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Here, Megan’s full speech and Beyoncé’s remarks:

I must continue to thank God because without God none of us would be here today. I also want to congratulate everyone who was nominated because all of these songs were amazing. Music has really helped many of us get through the pandemic. Like I said, well done to everyone who was here today because a lot of these songs really pushed us through. I really want to say thank you to Beyoncé. If you know me you must know that ever since I was little I was like you know what someday I’m gonna grow up and I’m gonna be like Beyoncé rap – that was definitely my goal. And I remember going to the rodeo for the first time and seeing Destiny’s Child play and I was like, “You know what? Yes, I am about to go hard. I love her work ethic, I love who she is, I love the way she is. And my mom would always be like “Megan, what would Beyoncé do?” And I’m always like, you know what, “What would Beyoncé do, but let me do a little click.” Thank you, Beyoncé for your encouraging words all the time.

Beyoncé added:

I just want to quickly give my love to Megan. I have so much respect for you and I am honored that you asked me to be a part of the song. I mean, Houston, we love you! Thanks Grammys!

Megan is nominated for four Grammys: Record of the Year (for “Savage” with Beyoncé), Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance (for “Savage” with Beyoncé) and Best Rap Song (for “Savage” with Beyoncé) .

As the two left the stage, Trevor Noah asked them to stop and pointed out that Beyoncé was now tied for the most awarded female artist at the Grammys with 27 lifetime wins. She shares the place with Alison Krauss.

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News and Strategy Writer
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Every mustache style is okay in 2021 (and a few that aren’t)

Every mustache style is okay in 2021 (and a few that aren't)

The humble mustache is one of the unlikely actors in one of the summer’s movie dramas. Or, to be more precise, the face furniture attached to actor Henry Cavill. This has become a problem because many times for Justice League overlapped with the filming of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, for which Cavill had to grow a mustache (which he was then contractually forbidden to shave). The realities of stunt work meant that Cavill couldn’t wear a fake for MID, so Warner Bros took the plunge and removed the offending stain from its reshoot scenes using CGI (the results didn’t entirely impress fans).

But with such a prestigious role celebrating the elaborate nose warmer, are we going to see a renaissance in upper lip grooming this season? With the hipster beard possibly reaching the end of its lifecycle, this could be the next follicular frontier. But if we are to reclaim the muzzle of 1980s footballers, Latin American dictators and retired Northern Ireland paramilitaries, which mustache style should you go for? Well, in descending order …

The Chevron

Chevron is the closest thing to a naturally developed shape, chevron is a deceptively tricky style to achieve unless your name is Tom Selleck or Ron Swanson. (We just adore Ron Swanson’s mustache. It’s really crisp.) It can balance out the broad facial features and convey some old-school anti-fashion power, but you need a decent thickness of hair and hair. growth to avoid looking like a schoolboy trying to buy a pint.

It works best as part of a generally macho look, so try putting on a bit of the gym before cropping it up, and perhaps pair it with a heavy, unreconstructed scent for maximum alpha-male impact.

The Beardstache

The least spectacular, but the easiest to perform of these styles – a classic worker-type mustache paired with a slightly developing beard. A look that suggests you had a well-maintained Chevron, but a week or two of fighting crime, defending your property, and generally sturdiness let it slip a bit. Less eye-catching than a clean-shaven face as there is reduced contrast in skin and hair tone, but you need a decently even growth for this to work.

This mustache style works best with dark colors, as lighter hair can make you look just scruffy rather than ‘relaxed’. It’s Henry Cavill’s mustache in Impossible mission, so expect to see him appear on your Main Street imminently (albeit on men who don’t seem as heroic as Cavill).

The pencil

The pencil was originally designed as a sleek, minimalist reaction to the dominant facial hair of the Victorians. Popularized by Hollywood idols, he only later became a shortcut for the stealthiest gentleman – and to this day he conjures up images of guys swindling lonely widows out of their savings or selling nylons to women of London during World War II.

That’s not to say it can’t be revived in a modern setting (take a bow, Jamie Foxx), but be aware that it will take an almost daily shave to maintain its clean lines. If you have small features, it can work well. However, if paired with a more tousled look or long hair, there is a real risk of entering “ amateur wizard ” territory (Jack White is a senior offender).

Horse Shoe

An extremely strong personal statement. Associated with Hulk Hogan, Samuel L. Jackson in pulp Fiction, From ’80s leather “ clones” like the guy from Village People and the metal god to bass and amphetamines Lemmy from Motorhead, it’s a mustache style absolutely no half-measure.

Not recommended for people with long and narrow faces because it will give you a certain equine aspect, and it should be considered part of a complete outfit: it will go perfectly with biker leathers from head to toe or double broken denim. Not such a great fit with something you picked up in TK Maxx to wear to football.


A tricky case to call: on its own merits, a fine mustache style that demonstrates a real commitment to growth, grooming and maintenance. But he has undoubtedly suffered from the association with retro-boring that marred him with the smell of “ Keep Calm And Carry On ” posters, irony-laden electro-swing music and club nights. Blitz-revival.

It fits most face shapes, so if you want to try the handlebars, compare it with a simple outfit inspired by workwear, or go for something smart, preppy, and Ivy League ( or, as is the most famous exhibitor, Rollie Fingers, a baseball kit). In short, if your mustache is eye-catching, then your outfit shouldn’t be.


The absolute big daddy of facefuzz, best illustrated by actor Sam Elliott. A big, shaggy, mature beast perfect for the tallest gentleman, anyone with a huge nose or wide face. It can make you look prematurely old, so be sure to commit to this style. Prepare for some soft ribs from your less forward-thinking peers, like, “ Be careful not to get speared, you big bastard. ”

Also make sure your significant other isn’t going to empty you rather than being seen with someone who seems to spend a lot of their free time playing Magic: The Gathering and watching The Discovery Channel.

Anchor beard

Perhaps the worst facial hair style ever – and one that even the patron saint of male grooming, David Beckham, fell victim to – a combination of a pointy beard that lines the jawline and spikes in a sort of patch. soul under the lip, sitting under a disembodied mustache.

A statement that alludes to long hours of discussion on Youtube’s comment threads on Pick-Up Artistry, in-depth reviews of The matrix, and possession of at least one sword (or “blade mastery” as this kind of helmet would undoubtedly call it).

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