Pinterest is about to make life easier for anyone with curls or coils


Like most people I know, I turn to Pinterest for the big decisions in my life. About to have bangs? First of all, you need to compile your sources and put your references in order. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched for something like a “shaggy bob” – the next step in my hair journey, probably – and had to sort through beautiful pictures of hairstyles on a woman whose the texture looks nothing like mine. So I do the thing where I add identifying factors: “shaggy bob curly”; “shaggy bob sorta wavy”; “shaggy bob for thick, yet fine hair that can be super curly but also works with wavy hair if I want it.”



But now Pinterest is launching a new feature that will make finding hairstyles so much easier. If you are looking for a style, say “summer styles” six options for hair texture and pattern will appear: Protective, Straight, Wavy, Curly, Curly, and Shaved / Bald. When you click on the button that best describes your texture, you will only see the results for that texture.

The goal is to empower BIPOC and create a more inclusive site that allows everyone to find inspiration that matches their hair type and texture. Naeemah LaFond, Editorial Hairstylist, Global Art Director of Amika and Creator of Pinterest, believes this new tool will help everyone feel represented. “When I’m working on a photoshoot with straight-haired white models, I can type editorial hair, and the references for her will be there. She’s the default. If I’m working on curly hair, I have to work two. times harder to find references, ”she told “It’s important that everyone feels represented in all beauty spaces, whether it’s technology or experiences.”

Hopefully this new technology will allow people to find inspiration online and feel represented. “I hope this tool will help BIPOC to feel more visible and included. Our beauty is rarely centered, but this tool takes a step towards leveling the playing field, ”says LaFond. “I hate that I feel my hair is outside beauty standards when I search online for reference images of women who look like me or look like the woman in my chair.” This new tool follows a launch in 2018 that allows users to choose which skin tones they want to see in search results when searching for beauty content, like “dewy skin”.

“Pinterest is my go-to when I go online to create a reference board for shoots and shows, and for all of them that would have made my life so much easier,” LaFond adds. Every time, when it comes to hair, it will make your life easier. It’s a big step forward. “


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