Priyanka Chopra looks stunning in white as she celebrates mum Madhu’s birthday at her restaurant Sona, watch


Priyanka Chopra celebrated her mother Madhu Chopra’s birthday on Saturday at her New York restaurant, Sona. The actor’s “famjam” at the restaurant took place a day after she first visited his restaurant after it opened. Priyanka’s husband, singer-actor Nick Jonas was absent from the party as he is busy with his professional commitments.

Madhu Chopra celebrated her birthday on June 16. However, Priyanka’s celebration for her mother was delayed for a few days. The actor, gorgeous in a white gown with open back, was accompanied by friends and family as she toured the restaurant and had a candlelit meal with loved ones.

Wishing her mom her birthday, Priyanka wrote on her Instagram account, “Happy birthday mom. Miss our ritual of celebrating your special day together. I love you very much… see you soon @drmadhuakhurichopra. The actor kept his word.


Shatrughan Sinha’s niece Preeta Sinha was present at the party and shared interior photos and videos from Madhu Chopra’s birthday dinner. In one video, Priyanka can be seen capturing the moment on her phone as the cake is delivered.

Priyanka’s fan pages also shared photos and videos from the reunion. As Priyanka walked out of the restaurant, she could be seen interacting with those present.

View Videos and Photos of Priyanka Chopra’s Feast for Mother Madhu Chopra

madhu chopra pphoto Preeta Sinha with birthday girl Madhu Chopra. (Photo: Preeta Sinha / Instagram)
madhu chopra The placemat for Priyanka Chopra’s mother’s birthday. (Photo: Preeta Sinha / Instagram)
madhu chopra birthday It was a nice setup at Priyanka Chopra’s Sona restaurant. (Photo: Preeta Sinha / Instagram)

Earlier on Saturday, Priyanka Chopra took her fans to tour the restaurant and shared a series of photos from her first visit to the location.


“Can’t believe I’m finally at @sonanewyork and seeing our labor of love after 3 years of planning. My heart is so full to go into the kitchen and meet the team that makes @sonanewyork such a healthy experience.From my namesake private dining room, Mimi’s, to the gorgeous interiors, stunning art by Indian artists (for sale), and delicious food and drink, the Sona experience is so unique and made part of my heart in the heart of New York. ”Priyanka wrote earlier with pictures of Sona.

Indian restaurant Sona, owned by Priyanka Chopra in New York City, opened on March 26 this year.


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