Raghubir Yadav remembers his appendix surgery that went wrong on the set of Lagaan: “The film is printed on my stomach”


The cast and crew of Lagaan might have some happy stories to tell from director Ashutosh Gowariker’s sets, but Raghubir Yadav has a painful one. The actor, who played the character of Bhura, underwent surgery while filming the film.

Before Lagaan turned 20 on June 15, Yadav sat down for an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com and revealed the story. “I had an upset stomach which was probably due to food poisoning due to the extreme summer heat in Bhuj. There was a Dr Rao waiting for our unit. He had bought his new instrument for laparoscopy, and I think he wanted to introduce it on a patient. He said I had an appendix problem and assured me that it would only take him 15 minutes to operate on me and fix the problem, ”Yadav explained.

He added that the doctor was so excited to perform the procedure that he took the actor to the operating room well before the scheduled time. “He even set up a monitor for Lagaan’s team to monitor the procedure, sitting outside the operating room. He basically wanted to flaunt his new instrument and his medical knowledge. Since I was unconscious, he made three holes in my stomach and continued to explain on screen how he was doing it. But he couldn’t remove the appendix, and after 15 minutes he said that I should be taken to Mumbai or he will have to make another cut in my abdomen, ”Yadav explained.


The highlight of Raghubir Yadav’s operation story came when he revealed that in the middle of the process, he regained consciousness and literally watched the operation. Yadav said: “Aamir told him to finish the operation. He made five cuts on my stomach. In the meantime, I woke up and they refused to give me a second dose of anesthesia. They were successful with pain relievers and I was wide awake watching them perform the procedure. They managed to remove my appendix. I was admitted for 4 to 5 days.

Yadav revealed that he was missing from the song “Radha Kaise Na Jale” because he was in the hospital at the time. In fact, he even shot portions of the game in that state. “I kept laying down on the set and every time my grab shot or something happened I would slowly get up, shoot and go back to my cot. I shot a lot of the game that way.

lagaan stills cast raghubir yadav Raghubir Yadav played a farmer named Bhura in Lagaan. (Photo: Screenshot / Aamir Khan Productions)

Raghubir Yadav lived with the pain for a year and it was only later that things were fixed. “Now that I have recovered, I take it as an experience and I laugh while holding my stomach!” I will never be able to forget Lagaan because it’s printed on my stomach!


Yadav played the character of Bhura, a poultry farmer who was a good outfield and stood in the sliding position.

Lagaan was filmed for six months in Bhuj, Bollywood’s longest-running program to date. It also marked the debut of lead actor Aamir Khan as a producer.


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