Rebag’s New Program Brings Instant Reward to the Resale Market

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Here’s a niche scenario: you want to sell your beloved Chanel bag to an online resale store and use the credit to buy, well, another Chanel bag. (Or a Prada. Or Balenciaga. Or Louis Vuitton. We let you dictate the fantasy). The problem is, the timeline of the retailer receiving, verifying, and sending your money means a delay of at least a week before you have your repurchase money on hand. There is a good chance that the new purchase you are considering will sell before your credit arrives.

As anyone who buys the vast second-hand world knows, it’s a fierce market where Old Celine and limited edition Speedys are disappearing from the shelves as quickly as they hit them. (Raise your hand if you’ve personally been ticked off by websites reporting your cart expiration.) By default, participating in a spinning second-hand closet rarely inspires instant gratification. So far. Rebag, one of our favorite sites for luxury resale, saw this tension that some customers were experiencing and responded to it. Today’s launch of Clair Trade, a new service that allows you to buy and sell your items in one combined transaction. Better yet, there are some serious benefits involved.

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Using the Rebag AI recognition and pricing technology launched with Clair in 2019 (think of it like a Kelly Blue Book for designer handbags), Clair Trade not only gives you a quote in seconds, but allows you to use your credit for a new purchase immediately. “Our whole business is built on transparency, which is pretty much the opposite of how the resale industry works,” Charles Gorra, founder and CEO of Rebag, tells me on Zoom. “We will trust you.”

Don’t violate that trust, however, because if you think you can play with the system by dumping the item you’re selling to buy something under false pretenses, think again. You will need to send your item to Rebag for verification, and if there are any changes to your original offer, they will let you know. It is only after confirmation – and a potential change in your sale – that Rebag sends you your new products.

Now back to the additional benefits. The joy of luxury resale shopping is a universal truth. You can find an archival Fendi baguette that no one else owns or mark a Cartier Love bracelet for less than the market value. But Rebag’s Clair Trade is increasing designer discounts. For a limited time, Rebag is offering a huge 25 percent trade incentive, which means you’ll earn 25 percent more in store credit over the cash value of the sale. And for those who like to evade taxes (morally, of course), trade-in values ​​are free in some states like New York and Florida, meaning you won’t have to pay sales tax on transactions. done with Clair Trade as you would with an outright purchase. This benefit in kind varies by state and will be automatically applied to your payment.

You can personally test Clair Trade online today or visit one of their seven locations nationwide. The program isn’t limited to handbags either, but extends to the site’s 15,000 accessories, watches and more. “With Clair Trade, Rebag is essentially a negative payment pioneer,” Gorra said in a statement. It’s the best and fastest guilt-free shopping.

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