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Although Reebok is no longer the official sponsor of the CrossFit Games (NoBull took over that role in 2021), its Nano series has remained a popular choice for CrossFit athletes for nearly a decade. And the brand’s latest installment in the series, the Reebok Nano X2, lives up to its reputation.


Released in April and dubbed by Reebok the “official shoe of you” and “the most wearable Nano training shoe ever”, the Reebok Nano X2 has a new design upgrades which not only keep it at competition level but make it more durable and stylish than its predecessors.

When I had the chance to test and review the Reebok Nano X2 shoes as part of my daily training routine, I was curious if they would hold up on the platform and during quick transitions to fast cardio sessions and moving heavy objects on the turf – or if I might need to change shoes for different activities. After several weeks of lifting, straining and sweating, I found the X2s got the job done every time and held up against competing models like Nike’s Metcon 7, NoBull’s Trainer and Trainer+ and the F- Lite G-300 from Inov-8.

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They fit my feet like a good shoe should

When it comes to performance, the first marker is feel, and the X2s are both firm and plush.

Paul Litchfield, former Reebok designer and current product manager at sports equipment company GoRuck, previously told FN that the best cross-training shoes should never hurt your feet, but rather be an extension of them. I often struggle to find comfortable shoes for my flat feet and softball-sized bunions, but the Nano X2s have never let me down. I even manipulated my testing method to make them fail – from tightening the laces to wearing extra pairs of socks with them, but nothing could sabotage the comfort these shoes provide.


That’s partly thanks to Reebok’s moldable Flexweave mesh design. The shoes also provide just enough arch support to keep my feet from rolling inward while I’m performing squats, pushing or dragging, running or just walking to and from the sports Hall. I wouldn’t call my feet, or the X2’s toe box, exceptionally wide, so they suited me well. My toes had room to spread out comfortably.

They made me skip the workouts

Granted, I don’t do much CrossFit or WOD, as I stick to weight training, running, and a variety of conditioning exercises. I also recently added jiujitsu to my routine, although now I’d like to climb the rope just once to see what the brand’s Ropepro outsole was like. My numbers are far from world class, nevertheless, I think my testimonial can speak to the majority of gym goers looking for a shoe that can get them going and not sabotage gains.

I’ve worn the Nano X2s during the core exercises in my workouts – including squats, treadmill runs, and functional movements like sled pushes and kettlebell movements – in which the right shoes do a huge difference, and I found the X2s to excel.

For squats, some muscle micromanagers may call the shoe’s X2s Floatrde energy foam too soft and unstable for leg day. And while many athletes in this case would opt for a weightlifting or squat shoe that might be better equipped to handle a 1RM, I felt the cushioning was comfortable but not too plush. The X2’s cleated outsole connected me securely to the ground so I could perform five sets of 10 reps or heavier sets of six reps.

While I’ve long struggled to find a shoe that can handle my heavy sled pushes – that is, not slipping my heel as I dig and go a few extra yards – the Reebok X2 is an exception. (Gone are the days of having to stop because of a “burst” shoe or sneaker flying off my feet no matter how laced it was). The shoe’s heel clip keeps my feet locked in so I can focus on pushing and pulling. The same was true while I was performing moves like side lunges and cleans or kettlebell snatches.

For long Sunday runs (think 5-10 miles) along the waterfront, the X2s would be far from my first choice, and I think Reebok would even steer you towards a more run-centric style like its new Floatride Energy 4. But when it comes to fast two- to three-mile treadmill finishers to wrap up a workout, the X2s lug outsoles transitioned smoothly from platform to treadmill. During slow warm-ups to what I would describe as “sprint-like” intervals, not once did I feel my feet slipping, rolling, or gripping the tread surface while wearing these shoes. The comfort factor was also superb in this case – kudos again to Reebok’s Flexweave upper and Floatride foam.

They are stylish

Of course, a shoe should also look good, and the black, white and gray model I discovered is definitely one I can wear with virtually any outfit. The X2s are currently available in seven men’s colors, including a Hint Mint color combination for those who prefer something brighter.

The final verdict

While it wouldn’t rank among the top picks for a specific training category, the Reebok X2 is a great training shoe that performs exceptionally well in almost any fitness category.

The X2s ticked all my boxes: they work for squats, short runs, heavy pushes and lateral moves and have the specificity and durability you’d normally find in a cross-training shoe – and let’s not forget that ‘they also look great.

Keep in mind that reviews are always a helpful resource, but ultimately finding the best cross training shoe for you comes down to testing the style for yourself. I recommend the Reebok X2 as a great choice to start (and most likely) end your search.

The style is currently available for $135 at Reebok.com as well as retailers including Rogue, Dick’s Sporting Goods, RoadRunner Sports and Amazon.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon


  • Comfortable and robust
  • Outsoles are exceptional for gripping platforms
  • Elegant
  • Solid for short distance runs
  • Come in a variety of colors for men and women
  • Wider toe
  • Heel clip keeps feet secure

The inconvenients

  • Floatride Energy Foam May Turn Off Serious CrossFit Lifters
  • Toe box may be too wide for some
  • Not designed for long distance races

Meet the author

Jeff Tomko is a journalist and fitness enthusiast. He is currently the editor of Muscle & Fitness magazine whose work has also appeared in Men’s Health, Esquire, Runner’s World, GQ and Metro, among other publications. When he’s not writing, he loves hitting the gym while wearing the best cross training shoes for men.

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