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Allen Iverson crossed paths with Michael Jordan as a rookie and never looked back. He paved a deeply individual path in a league that was pushing the consistency of its players back then, which impacted the game still being felt today both on and off the pitch. His accolades are endless: eleven times All Star, Rookie of the Year and three times All-NBA First Team stand out. What this list of accomplishments doesn’t include, however, is arguably the most iconic moment in his legendary career. That can’t include that as there is no All-NBA team for Pulling Nasty Shit, no Kia sponsored trophy to stomp on a man in the woods reputation under your Reeboks’ heels. Yet when the statue of Iverson is erected in her home state of Virginia, which will be the case one of these days, there is only one moment in Iverson’s career that she can represent: the Step Over. And now the shoe he wore for perhaps the most iconic moment of his career returns.

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AI was a junkyard and a gifted man, but no one expected his injury-stricken Sixers to fight the world-beating Lakers when the teams met in the 2001 Finals. , they didn’t, winning only that first game before the Lakers won the next four. Still, Iverson’s Game 1 remains a legendary night of basketball heroism that the Sixers icon capped off with the most disrespectful moment in modern hoop history: the moment he sent the keeper of the Lakers Tyronn Lue to the ground with a crossover, then straddled him on his way down the court. It was Iverson distilled at one point; an underdog stealing a game just because he wanted to make the basketball world regret for a moment that he couldn’t.

“It was AI at its crudest. He was the most relentless ball player, ”Dallas Mavericks forward (and fellow Reebok athlete) Josh Richardson told GQ. “If he wanted to get away from you, he was fine. Before, during, or after the play, if you were on the hardwood and not wearing black and gold, you were next. It didn’t matter if it was around you, through you or above you. And if you looked stupid, this was it. He has always been a competitor first and foremost.


Iverson’s first signature shoe, the Reebok Question, is perhaps the most beloved of its signature line. But it was the Answer IV he wore throughout his 2000-01 season, a career year that culminated with a trip to the final and the Step Over. This season has seen the net AI MVP, All-Star MVP, and league titles in scoring and interceptions. It’s the kind of running that immortalizes a player and the kicks they’ve landed along the way.

Barely a timeless silhouette, the Answer IV is a shoe that screams 2001, from the crumpled leather to the voluminous mold to the zipper concealing the instantly recognizable lace that runs up the middle of the shoe. But a shoe doesn’t have to be this timeless to be a classic. Reebok recently brought the shoe back in a red and white colourway that sold out quickly, proving that there are still plenty of heads out there looking for vintage hoop vibes.


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