Sanjay Dutt turns 62: from Kancha Cheena to Adheera, when the Khalnayak has gone wrong


In the race of Badshahs and Shehenshahs, Sanjay Dutt has comfortably been the Khalnayak. But that doesn’t mean he plays the quintessential Bollywood villain every now and then. When he first received the tag in the 1993 hit film Subhash Ghai, he found himself more of an anti-hero, a kind-hearted bad boy Ballu, and received several nominations for best actor. . So can we agree with the title?

Sanjay Dutt has, over the course of his five-decade long film career, played roles with shades of gray. From Ajju de Kaante to Raghu Bhai de Vaastav and Baldev Pratap Singh from Prassthanam, Dutt was the hero and the antagonist, both in the same story. And all this, while also giving the fans another side of his job, almost like an alter-ego – Munna Bhai.

Putting Dutt as Khalnayak would have been impossible if he hadn’t transformed the ruthless drug lord Kancha Cheena in Agneepath (2012), sending chills down your spine with his wicked grin and dark eyes. It was Dutt’s first time playing an uncommon villain role, which was much more powerful than hero Hrithik Roshan.


sanjay dutt kancha cheena agneepath Sanjay Dutt’s Kancha Cheena was designed to be more powerful than the main leader, Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath.

Dutt put himself in Danny Denzongpa’s shoes from the 1990 original. But he was much more menacing with a bald head, shaved eyebrows and pierced ears. Dutt actually ditched prosthetics and went bald to get into character.

Kancha Cheena was a psychopath, who took the nation by storm in no time. He portrayed all the evil in the world and his dark suit, heavily tattooed body and larger than life character only added to the fear. Agneepath gave Bollywood their long-awaited villain who is Darker Than Night.

In a previous interview, Sanjay Dutt said: “There is a big difference between my roles in Khalnayak and Agneepath. In Khalnayak, I was more of an anti-hero turned bad due to certain circumstances while Kancha is a completely dark character. It has been a challenge to play this role.

Stating that director Karan Malhotra wanted the action in Agneepath to be raw and gritty, Dutt added, “He wanted Kancha Cheena to be larger than life and stronger than the hero so that ultimately when the hero towers over him, l heroism is at its best. . “


film by sanjay dutt panipat Sanjay Dutt in a photo by Panipat where he played Ahmad Shah Abdali.

Sanjay Dutt to some extent repeated the same havoc in Panipat (2019) where he played Ahmad Shah Abdali. From the sporty Royal Afghani look to his balance with a majestic aura, the makers have tried to bring out the best of Dutt in this strong character. But many also remembered Ranveer Singh’s Alauddin Khilji in Padmaavat (2018) who set a benchmark for playing cruel rulers in historic Bollywood dramas.

As fans demand more from Dutt’s villainous act, the actor is already setting rising expectations in the KGF: Chapter 2, where he plays the highly anticipated Adheera. The character was mentioned several times in the first film, and audiences were only wondering who would fit into the highly anticipated mold, when it was announced that Dutt had been cast.

Adheera’s new poster, shared Thursday for Sanjay’s birthday, reveals the full outfit of Adheera, a modern villain with the fashion sense of an ancient warrior. The sunglasses, however, look a bit odd overall designed to give the impression of an 11th century warrior. According to the makers, Adheera has the style of a warrior character holding a sword from the Vikings series. And Dutt’s imposing physique only adds to his mystery.

adheera sanjay dutt kgf 2 look poster Sanjay Dutt plays the main antagonist in KGF: Chapter 2, along with Yash.

Hoping to be more formidable than Kancha Cheena. the actor said in a statement, “The character of Adheera in KGF is very powerful. If you’ve seen Avengers, you know how powerful Thanos is. Adheera is as powerful as him. In the first chapter of KGF, Adheera doesn’t come until the end, but in the second chapter he has a very strong presence and attitude. He’s the character I was looking for, and he came to me. “

In KGF’s history so far, Garuda has been the obstacle in Adheera’s quest to conquer the gold mines. This, because Adheera had promised his older brother that he would not claim the mines as long as his nephew Garuda was alive. But at the end of the film, Rocky paved the way for Adheera to be conquered by killing Garuda.

Fans can’t wait to learn more about how Sanjay Dutt will breathe life after becoming the face of the long-awaited character who can do anything to retain power.

Knowing the kind of chaos Dutt creates on screen, every time he plays the main villain, we’re not wrong if we say our expectations are skyrocketing with KGF: Chapter 2.

Happy birthday, Sanjay Dutt!


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