Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala opens up on longest relationship: ‘He was ready for a life I wasn’t’


Sanjay Dutt’s daughter, Psychotherapist Trishala Dutt, often engages with social media followers on matters of the mind and heart. In one of those interactions on Saturday, Trishala – through a series of Instagram stories – tried to educate people about infidelity and also answered questions about her own relationship history.

When asked if she had been cheated on in a relationship, the youngster replied in the affirmative. She was asked by another disciple about her longest relationship and why it ended. Without going into the details of her breakup, Trishala revealed: “7 years old. I won’t go into major details as to why this ended. Let’s just say we parted ways. He was ready for a life that I was not and we had so many differences that have built up over the years.

trishala dutt Trishala Dutt answers some personal questions on Instagram. (Photo: Trishala Dutt / Instagram)
trishala dutt Trishala Dutt talks about her longest relationship. (Photo: Trishala Dutt / Instagram)


Trishala further stated that she is happy for her former partner as he has happily moved on in her life. “In a nutshell, we both broke up. It happens. Today he is married and has children and I wish him good luck. Trishala Dutt has been quite open about her personal life, including her relationship with Sanjay Dutt and the passing of her lover.

Recently, during an Ask Me Anything session, a follower asked her why she never “revealed” how her boyfriend died. Trishala first wrote: “I apologize in advance if my answer is cold. I’m not angry or offended by your question, but I want to educate people on Basic Social Skills 101.

Then, in a long note, she wrote, “It’s natural to want to know how someone died, even if it doesn’t concern you, right? However, if you’re curious about how someone died, but aren’t close enough to find out already, then asking is intrusive. The most inappropriate reaction is to inquire about the cause of death. I want you to ask yourself this question – What is the purpose of me doing / asking this? Will knowing the answer allow me to help this person? or is it just a morbid curiosity?



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