See Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kiss at Restaurant Italy


Bennifer’s big European summer vacation included more than yachting and sightseeing in Italy this week. The paparazzi also caught Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting fucked during a dinner party in Nerano, Italy. They didn’t seem to be concerned that they were in a public place or that photographers could document their PDAs. Lopez wore a red striped bikini top, while Affleck wore a tie-dye top.

Ben affleck and jennifer lopez kiss in italy



Their sesh kiss comes in the middle People reporting that Lopez and Affleck are all in love now. Lopez has “found someone who really loves her for her,” a Hollywood insider told the outlet. “Ben wants to protect what they have.”

The feeling is mutual, the source said: The two “are madly in love” less than three months after being together again. Lopez and Affleck dated in the early 2000s and got engaged. They called off their September 2003 marriage and finally broke up in early 2004.

Entertainment tonight was said earlier this week that Lopez and Affleck are now a “serious” couple. “They have crazy chemistry, on another level. They are both super passionate and crazy for each other like they once were, “the source said.” This time around, however, they both really feel like it ‘is that.”

Things are easy between them because they are so in sync, the source added: “They couldn’t agree more. They feel that at this point in their life, they are definitely made for each other. Things between Ben and Jen have been easy and that’s what makes their relationship work so well. They work together in a transparent way and it is as if their relationship is virtually effortless.


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