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Season 1 spoilers Shadow and bone below.

The Netflix series Shadow and bone, adapted from the eponymous trilogy by fantasy author Leigh Bardugo and his Six of crows duology, follows the story of Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), a cartographer who discovers she has powers of summoning the sun. This makes her a member of a magical community of people called Grisha.

Alina’s powers are extremely valuable, and they have the power to wipe out the Shadow Fold completely, a malevolent force filled with monsters (called volcra) that splits her country in two. General Aleksander Kirigan (Ben Barnes), the leader of the Second Army, is very interested in Alina and what she can do. At first, it seems like he can actually take care of her, but anyone who knows the bad guys knows that this facade never lasts long.


Now the series has enthralled fans on Netflix, and Bardugo is thrilled with the way his books have been adapted for television.

shadow and bone l to r jessie mei li as alina starkov and archie renales as malyen oretsev in shadow and bone cr courtesy of netflix © 2021

Jessie Mei Li as Alina and Archie Renaux as Mal in Shadow and bone.


“It was so emotional,” she told ELLE.com about what it was like to see her work on screen and make an appearance on the show. “I mean, I’m an easy crier. The cameo was chosen based on when I was going to be on set and the schedule. I was so lucky because I got to be in the scene that I remember writing so clearly. I remember sitting there thinking, “Okay, what’s the choreography of that?” How are the Grisha going to get in? Where is everyone in this room? And I wrote these stories at a time in my life that was so dark, where I had no idea I was ever going to finish a single book, let alone write seven books in this world. (Bardugo published a second duology, with King of scars published in January 2019 and Wolf rule released in March of this year.)


All of Bardugo’s worries about seeing his show become part of the Netflix universe seem to have paid off: the show has overwhelmingly positive reviews. Here is the next question: when are we going to see Shadow and bone season 2?

Has the series even been renewed for a second season?

Yes! On Monday, June 7, Netflix renewed Shadow and bone for a season 2 of eight episodes.

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The cast broke the news with a Youtube video invoking the sun, while showrunner Eric Heisserer said in a statement, “I am honored and thrilled to return to the Grishaverse and continue the stories of these endearing characters, especially Milo . “

Li, Barnes, Archie Renaux (Mal), Freddy Carter (Kaz), Amita Suman (Inej), Kit Young (Jesper), Danielle Galligan (Nina) and Calahan Skogman (Matthias) will all return, with additional casting information at come.

“I have been writing in the Grishaverse for almost ten years now, so I am delighted that we can continue this adventure,” Bardugo said in a statement. “There are so many places we barely got to visit and I can’t wait to introduce our audience to other saints, soldiers, thugs, thieves, princes and privateers who make this world so fun to explore. It will be truly magical to see our brilliant and talented cast grow. “

What would the second season focus on?

Warning: Season 1 spoiler coming soon! There are several moving parts that would be involved in a second season, but the only important point is that General Kirigan doesn’t die and his powers seem to be even stronger (and not in a good way). It looks like Kirigan will always be the big bad in season two, so much of season two will be centered around Alina vs. Kirigan.

The description of the second book of the Shadow and bone The series reads in part: “To save her country, Alina will have to choose between her power and the love that she always thought was her refuge. No victory can come without sacrifice – and only it can weather the approaching storm. “

shadow and bone l to r simon sears as ivan, luke pasqualino as david kostyk, ben barnes as general darkling kirigan and sujaya dasgupta as zoya nazyalensky in shadow and bone cr david applebynetflix © 2021

Ben Barnes in Shadow and bone.


Jessie Mei Li Wants To See Alina’s Reaction To merzost.

Li shared their hopes for future seasons of Shadow and bone in a post-air interview with ELLE.com. “Because Kirigan has her shadow soldiers, and then obviously Alina has her own army, I’d like to see how that manifests and how it affects her,” they said. “Alina’s hair is supposed to turn white. I’d be curious how horrible it is. Maybe it will take a much darker tone, that would be pretty cool to explore. In my head, when I read the books, I imagined that Alina’s hair was turning gray, in fact, not in a beautiful and flowing way, like in a bad way.

What about a Six of crows spin off?

If you have completed Season 1 of Shadow and bone and immediately taken to Google to find out more about the Crow Club, you learned that the series’ main subplot serves as a prequel to Bardugo’s book Six of crows– and there are two more full stories to tell about Kaz, Inej, Jesper, Nina and Matthias.

Bardugo is hopeful that we’ll see these books on Netflix soon, possibly as a separate spin-off of Shadow and bone– if the public wants it. “I think we all form a giant prayer circle,” Bardugo said. “It really depends on the public reaction. The fantasy is expensive.

What about that sixth raven, Wylan? “We knew it was not the season for him,” said Bardugo. “He has a very different background than the other Crows, but I would love to see him in later seasons.”

In addition to meeting Wylan, Heisserer told Collider that Season 2 will see the Crows spending more time in Ketterdam than expected: “We kind of had to take our Crows away from that in Season 1 and throw them towards the Fold and beyond for their breakage. And I think at least part of next season should be a home game for our team.

It also seems to imply that future seasons of Shadow and bone will continue to intertwine with Six of crows instead of spinning, as Bardugo tells Collider, “There are currently seven novels in the Grishaverse, not counting the short stories. And I don’t think it takes seven seasons to go through this story, because we created this alternate timeline. But I’m not the showrunner, so we’ll see what Eric has in mind.

Do not exclude a King of scars adaptation.

King of scars and Wolf rule include the second duology – and the sixth and seventh books – of the Grishaverse universe and follows the adventures of a certain Nikolai Lantsov, a “very chaotic privateer prince”, as Bardugo puts it. She also hopes to see the seven books adapted one day.

“I want to see the whole story, and I know it’s crazy. I know it’s unlikely, ”Bardugo told ELLE.com. “And I don’t think it would take seven seasons to get us to go seven pounds. I would love to see the whole story unfold. I think it would be something special.

She also discussed the casting for King of scars. “Nikolai Lantsov is probably one of my favorite characters to write, enough that I gave him his own duology,” Bardugo said. I think he would be hell to throw, but I would absolutely love to see him brought to the screen. He’s kind of a character, and I think he would be a lot of fun.

In fact, Heisserer said Weekly entertainment watch the entirety of Grishaverse – the seven books and various spinoffs, including Bardugo’s multiple anthology collections – as he prepares the series. “I think we’ve gone so far as to secure the rights to a collection of short stories in the Grishaverse, including Demon in the wood, which covers part of Kirigan’s backstory, ”he explained, a reference to a short story that was featured in Episode 7 of Season 1. (Read it here.)

Expect to see a lot more from Zoya.

shadow and bone l to r sujaya dasgupta as zoya nazyalensky inshadow and bone cr david applebynetflix © 2021

Sujaya Dasgupta as Zoya Nazyalensky in Shadow and bone.


Avid Grishaverse readers know that Sujaya Dasgupta’s Zoya Nazyalensky plays a huge role in all seven books – and Bardugo is so excited to see her story unfold in live-action format. “In Shadow and bone, by the time you get to the third book, it starts to reveal more layers and we start to understand it better, ”Bardugo explained to GE.But its truth is something we don’t really experience before King of scars, until we were in its POV So the show had the opportunity to build some of these layers ASAP.

When could we get more Grishaverse?

Because Netflix hasn’t even confirmed the next season, that means the series will likely arrive in 2022 or later. At this point, we pretty much know which seasons have been renewed for 2021, unless they’ve secretly filmed the second season. But as Marie Claire underlined, similar shows such as The witcher, generally publish new seasons 18 months after the previous one.

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