Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana gives a glimpse of her sunny New York home


Shah Rukh Khan’s 20-year-old daughter Suhana Khan shared glimpses of her New York apartment on her Instagram.

Late Tuesday, Suhana, who is finishing her film studies at New York University, shared photos of her sunny New York apartment, clicked by one of her friends. Suhana also shared a portrait of herself, all beautiful in the golden hour of the glamorous city.

Suhana khan Suhana Khan shared a portrait of herself bathed in sunlight. (Photo: Suhana Khan / Instagram)


The child star also gave a glimpse of her day at her home in the United States, where her dining room, wardrobe and living room can be seen against the backdrop of the city skyline. Suhana, with these photos, tried to capture the sunset glow that filled her apartment.

Suhana Khan showed off her OOTD while giving an overview of her apartment in New York City. (Phtos: Suhana Khan / Instagram)

Suhana often shares glimpses of her life in New York City, where she can be seen partying with her friends and dressed in chic outfits as she steps out for lunches and dinners with her friends from college, or casually strolling through the shopping streets of NYC.

As Suhana completes her film studies in New York City, Shah Rukh Khan’s eldest son Aryan Khan completed his studies and was seen attending the Yash Raj Films studio in Mumbai before a foreclosure was announced due to the exponential increase in the number of Covid-19s. case in Maharashtra. At YRF, he would work as an assistant director on a film.



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