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The influencer and Amazon’s marriage of The Drop – limited edition collections co-designed by a content creator with IG chops – essentially creates a global fashion power couple every time a new collaboration is coming. And when they are really well, collections may sell out even before the 30 hour drop is over.

After seeing this happen with @signedblake earlier this summer, Amazon decided to try their hand at a first: a reissue, giving style fans a second chance to buy what initially sold out within hours. There’s a good chance history will repeat itself too, so if you like something, hold on tight. Some of the pieces that disappeared almost instantly included the paper pants and the bodycon midi dress, both of which are included in this 30 hour release.

Check out the hero pieces that are returning, along with the creator’s commentary, then make moves.

Citronelle Sculpted Pleat Pull-On Pants by @signedblake



$ 54.90

“If you missed the pants from my last collection, this is your chance! They are a crowd favorite and total showstoppers. The pleating and volume flatter any figure and add curves in the right places.

White Ribbed Strappy Midi Dress Whisper by @signedblake


$ 49.90

“The only thing I can say about this dress is WOW! It’s absolutely stunning in person, and it’s impossible not to feel like a million bucks when you wear it.

Citronella strappy ribbed midi dress by @signedblake


$ 49.90

“The strong ribbed material makes it hug in all the right ways while still being comfortable and breathable.”

Citronella ribbed bustier crop top by @signedblake


$ 39.90

“This top is the perfect complement to the pleated pants in this collection. Whether you get creative with the way you tie it or layer it over a button down, this is the perfect top to accompany you from spring to summer.

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