Skagen watch review: everything you need to know

History of Skagen Watches

Founded by a Danish couple, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, in 1989, Skagen Watches quickly established itself on the watch scene after being presented at a corporate gift show in New York in 1991.

Coming to America to continue life in the beer industry, Henrik and Charlotte also began representing and selling Danish-made watches. The Jorst’s eventually teamed up with Comtech Watches, another Danish watch manufacturer, who produced beautifully designed watches at an affordable price, making them a hit with the American consumer.

Although Henrik and Charlotte managed to sell these Comtech-produced pieces, they soon realized how popular Danish watches would become. Following this show, Skagen began to take off under its new brand in 1992.


As the brand grew in popularity, Skagen Watches moved to Bloomingdale’s in New York in 1995 and began distributing in Europe and Asia soon after. In the early 2000s, Skagen even had dedicated offices in Denmark and Hong Kong to meet their distribution needs. In 2012, the company was sold to the watch giant – Fossil Group.

History of the Skagen watch
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Skagen Watch Review

Now, enough with the details, and on to the fine print; these elegant, minimalistic yet beautiful watches. Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorites below.

Skagen Holst Men’s Automatic Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch

Featuring a see-through body and either a steel mesh or leather strap, this gorgeous piece from Skagen Watches is what we like to call a casual piece. Looking directly into the heart of the beautiful watch, you can see all the elements that make your watch tick.

While it can easily blend into any outfit, anyone who takes an extra second to scan the watch will notice the attention to detail. We recommend throwing on a new one leather jacket to make this piece even more pop.


Tired of battery replacements? No need to worry with the Ancher Automatic. This watch is hand-assembled and runs with the help of hundreds of self-winding gears so you can be sure you’re on time and looking fresh all the time.

Skagen Holst Men's Automatic Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch

Ryle Solar Powered Charcoal Stainless Steel Mesh Watch

True to its eco-friendly and sustainable approaches, Skagen has produced a chic, minimalist solar-powered watch that stands out for its bold shape. The Ryle’s slim body styling is accentuated by its large matte finish and sleek Roman numeral hour markers, with eco-leather or stainless steel mesh straps.

This design makes for a really aesthetic piece that will match almost any dark outfit you wear. We advise you to complete this look with a dark gray cashmere sweater, simple black jeans, and black or white sneakers. The perfect look for any city trip.

Skagen Ryle Solar Powered Charcoal Stainless Steel Watch

HR Hybrid Connected Watch – Jorn 42mm Steel Gray Mesh

Now onto something a little more off-brand but just as eye-catching as all Skagen watches, the Hybrid Smartwatch HR is a smartwatch in disguise. This watch retains its aesthetically sleek design but has all the benefits of a smartwatch.

Using the classic look of an analog watch, Skagen has ingeniously woven its smart technology behind the traditional face. With its ability to become fully customizable, the Hybrid Smartwatch HR can track your activity, tell you the weather, your heart rate, and even connect to your devices to send you social notifications, text messages, and more.

As a unique product, there are only a few flaws in its design. Perhaps the biggest downside to this watch is a lack of clarity when it comes to the initial setup. Reviewers are quick to point out that the watch’s instructions are hard to follow and hard to understand.

Sitting at $137 USD, it’s a fair price compared to other smartwatches on the market, plus you get the added aesthetics of a fine Danish watch produced by Skagen.

If you decide to go the leather strap route with this watch, we recommend accenting this piece with a pair of blue jeans, tan leather Chelsea boots and a simple hoodie.

Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch

Overview of Skagen watches

While Skagen Watches’ backstory is enough for a Netflix documentary on its own, what really sets this brand apart is the attention to detail. If you’re a man looking for a simple yet pleasingly complex watch, you’ve found your one-stop-shop with Skagen.

Skagen watches are minimalist and elegant in design, while making a statement. Embracing “Danish Minimalism,” as the company put it, Skagen Watches seeks to use design and color combinations that embody a coastal lifestyle. They feel that these products represent and honor their Danish heritage by using these soothing colors and minimalist designs.

To play on their slogan “Danish by design”, Skagen are proud to use the country of Denmark to influence all aspects of their business. From manufacturing to collaboration, Skagen draws on Denmark’s distinct lifestyle to ensure beautiful products and a fantastic customer experience.

Presentation of the Skagen watch
@skagendenmark / Instagram


Although currently made in China, these luxury bracelets are made with unmistakable Danish design and movement. While Skagen Watches’ bread-and-butter pieces feature quartz movements and stainless steel cases, there are even a few titanium movement (and smartwatch) options.


In price and style, the Skagen brand truly epitomizes the laid-back, minimalist Danish lifestyle. With style in mind, you can find Skagen watches in many different designs and colors, all at a relatively modest price for such a slim and fashionable watch for the modern man. Pieces ranging from $55 to $300 USD can make a nice wrist accent without breaking the bank.

While these modestly priced parts are stylish and affordable, the warranty Skagen provides certainly reflects those prices. Skagen watches are protected by a 2-year limited international warranty which exclusively covers faults due to faulty material or workmanship. All other defects such as a damaged battery, case, glass, straps or just about any other aspect of these watches including any damage or wear and tear are not covered. So basically, take care of your piece, and it will take care of you.

Final Verdict: Are Skagen Watches Worth It?

Yes, Skagen watches are worth it for their price and aesthetic designs. With prices ranging from US$50 to US$300, Skagen watches are not the most expensive or the most finely produced watches on the market.

Yet they offer an effortless aesthetic that lets you easily mix and match your style and accessories. Do not expect a product that will last you a lifetime, but rather a few years if you take good care of it.

These watches and their constructions certainly reflect their price, although their styling screams something a little more luxurious. If you are looking for a nice watch without breaking the bank, Skagen Watches adapt to the law.

Skagen Watch FAQs:

Where are Skagen watches made?

Although currently made in China, these luxury bracelets are made with unmistakable Danish design and movement. While Skagen Watches’ bread-and-butter pieces feature quartz movements and stainless steel cases, there are even a few titanium movement (and smartwatch) options.

How are Skagen watches made?

Skagen watches are designed with a minimalist Danish aesthetic but are made in China. Many movements (and other watch parts) come from Japan and Switzerland.

How good are Skagen watches?

Skagen watches reflect their price. Although their designs are elegant, minimalist and made of fine materials, these pieces are still not at the very high end of the watch market. If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish watch that matches almost any outfit you can put together, then a Skagen may be the watch for you.

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