Spike Lee: It was a big week for the pink costumes

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Spike lee

Spike Lee always dresses with a deep sense of personal style, whether it’s sitting on the court at a Knicks game or attending a premiere. So it was not difficult to predict that something daring and beautiful would come out for his concert at the head of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. (There is also a nice symmetry here: over 30 years later Do the right thing was snubbed at Cannes, Spike becomes the first black to lead the jury of the film festival.) That’s exactly the role played by this pink Louis Vuitton double-breasted suit (in matching shades). The tone of the day appeared on the opening night red carpet – just the right amount of eye-catching while (technically) a costume. And Spike wasn’t the only one present at Cannes to think pinkā€¦

Daniele Venturelli

Josh o’connor

O’Connor joined Spike Lee on the pink suit train, though his leaned a bit more toward, say, blush, or pink, than Spike’s neon vibes.

Neil mockford

David Beckham

A loaded stretch for Becks, who would eventually make his way to the Euro 2020 final, but not before dressing up at Wimbledon.

Raymond Room

Travis Scott

Repeat after us: there is never a bad time to wear a knit polo shirt.

Daniele Venturelli

Adrien brody

You would smile too if your tuxedo was so beautiful.

Mike marsland

Matt damon

A very soft, vibe-y fit, perfectly from the south of France.

Karwai Tang

Eddie redmayne

He’ll see David Beckham’s white tennis blazer and wear him the whole suit.

David Dow

Devin Booker

Long shorts, knee high socks, and dress shoes: expect to see a lot more of this combo soon.

Bryan Steffy

Justin bieber

A good reminder that fit is a deeply personal concept.

David M. Benett

James norton

Literally a huge adjustment.

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