Stanley Tucci’s Excellent TV Travel Uniform Praise


If the new Stanley Tucci show In search of Italy, which concluded its first season on CNN in March, is a love letter to the country’s cuisine, her clothes throughout the season are a love letter to Italian style.

All season long, Tucci’s wardrobe adapts to the landscape it traverses. He has spent much of his time in Italy marveling at how a few unassuming ingredients can come together to make something divine, and so it’s fitting that he also explores Italy dressed in a both simple and – sorry, I have to do that. say it – a feast for the eyes.

Stanley Tucci: in search of ItalyCourtesy of CNN

Throughout the season, Tucci explores Italy from tip to toe, weaving its way through the country and soaking up Italian culture through the eyes of the people who know and love it. most. And it does it all in enviable style. In her wardrobe of luxurious staples in rich cool tones, Tucci doesn’t look like an American tourist; instead, he looked like a sharp Italian local, with a classic continental uniform.


All of Tucci’s outfits have one guideline: impeccable cuts and fabrics. As she strolls through the cobblestone streets or lifting a chair in the kitchen of a family home, her clothes appear to be molded to its frame. Granted, Tucci isn’t exactly a picky man to dress – some Google searches indicate he’s around 5’8 “, and the man is not unnoticed in his workout. And he’s probably benefited from some training. ‘a client and a tailor to work with. Yet his style on the show is definitely Tucci; if you follow him on Instagram, you know the man can dress.

Perhaps more importantly, he nails the details. His pants are mid-high, faithful to a more traditional cut; they flatter both its size and its frame. They are usually navy blue or beige in color and are never worn without a belt. Her shirts came in, almost without exception. And that’s the key, because it’s this combination of mid-top pants with a perfectly fitted, folded-up shirt that creates a delicate balance between proportions and line. These shirts themselves are simple, solid button-down stockings or fancy knits; some of my favorite looks include white linen shirts tucked into simple blue pants, or a fitted navy polo shirt worn over light beige pants. In cooler temperatures, he layers luxurious knits with soft athletic coats; he’ll pair turtlenecks and half-zip sweaters with a classic oiled canvas jacket or a simple navy pea coat. The effect is less of a TV host than a dapper, relaxed vineyard owner.


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