Stauer watch review: a brand created for performance and precision


There are certain universal truths – let’s call them commandments – that quality timepieces should adhere to…

You will be Swiss made

You’ll cost an arm and a leg


You will have a high barrier to entry

Sometimes, of course. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a well-deserved splurge once in a while.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. Today we’re here to unbox a range of entry-level watches cleverly disguised as luxury timepieces. Enter: Stauer watches.

The brand was founded in 2001 by Michael Bisceglia, who decided he was tired of overpaying for his wife’s jewelry and took matters into his own hands. By creating luxury products without the luxury price tag. The brand has since attracted a large fan base of savvy consumers who prefer their quality engineering and high designs without the inflated prices.

Overview of Stauer watches

Although Stauer watches run the gamut in terms of style, functionality, and general vibe, there are certain elements that apply to most models.



It’s clear that a lot of thought goes into the design of every Stauer watch. There’s a time and place for everyone, and no aesthetic effort has been spared to ensure what’s on your wrist matches the activity or occasion.

Manufacture of watches

Stauer’s price has the potential to put it in a tight spot when it comes to materials and overall durability. But by eliminating wholesalers and not spending on flashy marketing campaigns, for example, the company is able to turn those savings into materials of unexpected quality.


Precise, precise and varied. While many Stauer models use quartz or automatic movements, you’ll also find manual parts and even a smartwatch in their lineup.


Let’s keep the affordability line, shall we? One of the main draws of Stauer’s formidable line is the affordability of the watches. Its designs, movements and construction are respected in the industry and among watch enthusiasts – fortunately, respect and a luxury price tag are not synonymous here.

Stauer watch review

Our pick of the Stauer scope? This way…

Stauer Evergreen Dive Watch

Stauer Evergreen Dive Watch

Shoes have had their day in the sun – nowadays the watch makes the man. And if the man wants to stand out in the crowd in all the right ways, he wears this emerald beauty that’s as structurally badass as it is eye-catching.

The inspiration behind Stauer’s Evergreen diver was born at Baselworld, an annual event in Switzerland where jewelers and watchmakers come together to share new designs. There, an aesthetically similar watch was on display with a price unattainable to many, and the rest is history.

Almost. Stauer brought that inspiration back to America and produced this beautiful piece with a precision movement and a stainless steel case that is water resistant to 660 feet. While its rugged build and ability to take a punch underwater make it ideal for serious divers, it wouldn’t feel out of place at after-work cocktail parties or watching from an armband during wedding season.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Waterproof up to 660 feet
  • Form and function
  • Remarkable design

The inconvenients

  • Lightweight strap feels less than

Stauer 1930 Dashtronic watch

Stauer 1930 Dashtronic watch

This 1930s-inspired watch exudes confidence and personality. Instead of using hands, it uses a “jump mechanism” to display the time through a window on the top third of the watch face. While its vintage style isn’t for everyone, it’s unique enough that you’ll answer questions from intrigued first dates or curious strangers in the product section.

At the band you work with black leather. Although not universal and not everyone’s cup of tea, it is quite easy to change. And while Stauer touts water resistance of up to 99 feet, some reviewers complain of water leaks even in light rain.


  • Versatile and remarkable design
  • 21 jewel automatic movement
  • Robust stainless steel housing

The inconvenients

  • Some negative reviews cite accuracy issues and poor water resistance

StauerSmart Executive

Stauer Smart Executive wristwatch

How dare we put a smartwatch on this list? Fair enough, especially when Stauer is just dipping his toe into a highly niche, highly technical market.

But if you’re looking to track more basic fitness goals like steps, calories burned, or heart rate, consider this a solid entry-level contender. Not to mention that it puts other smartwatches to shame in the beauty department.


  • Great for a smartwatch
  • Reliable and accurate tracking of core metrics
  • Interchangeable strap for different occasions

The inconvenients

  • Expensive for the minimal functions it offers
  • Lack of features suitable for avid athletes

Stauer X-Ray Automatic Men’s Watch

Stauer X Ray automatic wristwatch

The X-Ray Automatic is Stauer’s first skeleton watch, and it doesn’t disappoint. The watch’s see-through dial lets you peek under the hood at its 22-jewel movement, balance wheel, and other parts that keep this beauty going.

This type of watch usually fetches at least four figures, but Stauer has once again managed to control the price.


  • Cheap for a skeleton watch
  • Sun and moon display
  • Striking design
  • Crocodile-embossed leather strap

The inconvenients

  • Steep learning curve for an entry-level watch

Stauer Graves ’33 gold finish wristwatch

Gold Finish Stauer Automatic Wristwatch

7 hands, 27 jewels and a history from 1933. On the contrary, this watch remains interesting. This is a replica of the incredibly complex watch that was created for millionaire Henry Graves in 1933. The original is considered the crown jewel of the wristwatch world and recently sold at auction for over $24 million.

Here, Stauer recreates the original with 210 individual parts and a 27-jewel movement. The result is a beautiful tribute to the OG king of the luxury watch world.


  • Respectable replica of a legendary watch
  • Complicated automatic movement at an entry-level price
  • 7 hands provide multiple functions

The inconvenients

  • Vintage design lacks versatility

Final Verdict: Are Stauer Watches Worth It?

Stauer offers a dizzying selection of timepieces, each with its own style, function and history. If you’re looking for an entry-level watch that looks and feels like anything else, it’ll be worth a look.

That said, watch lovers will probably want to move on. Although they are made with care and precision, Stauer’s price does not allow for the best materials or the best construction compared to true luxury watches.

Stauer Watch FAQs

Where are Stauer watches made?

As you have probably gathered from their low cost, most models are assembled in China with original Swiss parts.

Are Stauer watches any good?

While certainly not aimed at avid collectors, these watches are made from respectable materials and feature intricate movements and features. If you’re looking for entry-level wrist candy without digging anywhere near the bottom of the barrel, Stauer is a solid bet.


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