Suniel Shetty turns 60: when actor was called bad news, he vowed to leave Bollywood in his prime


The early 90s was the time when Bollywood welcomed new action heroes. Akshay Kumar made his debut with Saugandh, and a year later Suniel Shetty marked his debut with Balwaan. We also saw Ajay Devgn winning hearts with Phool Aur Kaante, released in 1991. They might have been competing, but often shared screen space. Suniel starred with Akshay in popular films like Waqt Humara Hai and Mohra as he continued to do Dilwale with Ajay.

As Suniel turns 60, we revisit his old interview where he talked about his career, co-stars, rumors and more.

Suniel Shetty Birthday A photo of Suniel Shetty’s Dilwale. (Photo: Express Archives)


Suniel Shetty identified himself, Akshay and Ajay as the “Friday to Friday artists”. Calling Akshay “the best of the Indian film industry” who “changed the face of the action”, Suniel said that they were both good friends and that he “liked her”. “Ajay is also very good in action. He knows Hindi cinema well. We all survive because of our image of action. I like their style. There is no number one today. We’re not trying because there isn’t a number one slot today. We are artists from Friday to Friday. One Friday Suniel Shetty gets a grand opening, the second Friday not even a single guy goes to the movies, ”he said in an interview, which was taken around 1995.

Looking back on her initial journey in Bollywood, Suniel spoke about how often people’s comments are hurtful. He also shared his plan to leave Garland City at the height of his career.

Suniel Shetty Suniel Shetty with Akshay Kumar in Mohra. (Photo: Express Archives)

Calling himself an ‘entrepreneur at heart,’ Suniel recalls, ‘When I first arrived I thought I was going to get there because I had the physique. Everyone thinks they are. God before you walk in. They say “I think I’m going to be the next Badshah. But once you walk in you realize it’s not like that. There were a lot of things I was for. bad, ”Suniel said on Date With Simi Garewal, expressing how hard he had to work to improve in his dancing and acting skills.


Speaking about his first movie, he continued, “Luckily or unfortunately the movie went well but I wasn’t liked. People said it was bad news. It made me wince. I said to myself: ‘No way I will stay there.’ At first I was hurt. People kept commenting on me, not knowing me as a person. They kept saying things about me and it hurt. But I had a family. solid, a very loving woman, who made all the difference ”, adding:“ Once I’m on a good shot, I’m out. industry will not be missed ”.

suniel shetty age Suniel Shetty has spent over three decades in the film industry. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)

Suniel’s career spans three decades. Over the years, the actor has worked across genres. Beyond the movies, he continues to raise awareness of the importance of health and certainly redefines the meaning of fitness even at 60.

I wish the actor a very happy birthday!


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