Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber mark 10th wedding anniversary: ​​’I pray we walk together until our last days’


Actor Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on Friday, and the loving couple took to social media for little things. Sunny shared an adorable photo of herself with Daniel, calling her her “rock and hero”.

Happy 10th birthday to the man I love! I pray that we will go through this life together until our last days. You are my rock and my hero! I love you baby!!she wrote. Hours later Sunny posted a video showing a beautiful diamond necklace she received from Daniel as a gift.

“Thank you so much @ dirrty99 for showering me with diamonds on our anniversary.” Really a dream !! 10 years of marriage and 13 years of living together !! Who would never have imagined that a conversation about the promise of an amazing life together, we would be where we are today! I love you!Sunny wrote alongside the video.


The loving husband also had great things to say about his wife at this important point in their relationship. In a cheeky, partly romantic Instagram post, Daniel thanked Sunny for putting up with his “crazy” shit **. “10 years !!!! Love you @sunnyleone – Love our f ** king Crazy life !!! I’m not sure anyone else ever put up with my crazy shit !!! Thanks !! !! Thanks for being the voice of reason (90% of the time) I love you !!! ”he wrote, captioning a photo of himself with Sunny.

While Daniel was covering Sunny with diamonds, he received a beautiful bracelet from his beloved wife as a birthday present. The bracelet has “10 saal” written on it, which means 10 years in English. Sharing a photo of himself wearing the silver bracelet, Daniel wrote, “Thank you Sunny for that. Love that you remember what it means. Happy 10 !! I love you!!”

daniel webber sunny leone 10th anniversary Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Webber showed off the birthday present he received from his beloved wife. (Photo: Daniel Webber / Instagram)

More photos on Sunny Leone’s Instagram stories suggest the birthday celebration lasted for a day.

sunny leone daniel webber 10th anniversary Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Webber surprised with beautiful flowers on their 10th anniversary. (Photo: Sunny Leone / Instagram)
sunny leone daniel webber 10th anniversary Sunny Leone and Daniel Webber celebrated their 10th anniversary in a “romantic lockdown”. (Photo: Sunny Leone / Instagram)


Almost three years ago, Sunny Leone opened up about herself and Daniel’s love affair and how she realized he was the one she wanted to spend her life with.

The actor had spoken to Humans of Bombay about the difficult phase of his life following the death of his mother and it was during these moments that Daniel and Sunny got closer. “A few months after the meeting, my mother passed away. I would expect a guy to shy away from such emotional responsibility – but he stayed. Not just for me, but for my family. I would wake up crying at night and he would hold me. He didn’t try to fix the situation – he was there and that’s what mattered. I knew then that it was him, but it was his turn to keep me waiting.

Sunny and Daniel have three children: eldest daughter Nisha and twins Asher and Noah.


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