Tarun Tahiliani Issues Statement on Influencer Dr Cuterus’ Body Shame Allegations;  she answers


Social media influencer Dr Tanaya Narendra aka Dr Cuterus recently alleged that she was humiliated at a Tarun Tahiliani store as she searched for a wedding dress. Responding to the allegations, the celebrity creator shared a statement on social media.

Tahiliani wrote that “shame has never been a word in our vocabulary”. He explained how, as a “responsible” design house, it caters to clients “of all ages, ethnicities, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations”.

Earlier, Dr Cuterus wrote in an Instagram post: “Bridal shops would be ashamed of the body (looking at you, Ambawatta @taruntahiliani {yeah that was a real shame, because I wanted to wear a Tarun T to my marriage since the age of 12. I will never go back.


Speaking about the incident, Tahiliani wrote: “The pandemic has put us in a situation where our stores do not offer size 16 (due to limited stock). We also cannot reproduce a sewing piece in three weeks due to the exceptional quality standards we set for ourselves. “

Tarun tahiliani Tarun Tahiliani responds to Dr. Cuterus’ claims of bodily shame. (Source: taruntahiliani / Instagram)

“Instead of misleading a customer about how long it would take to customize a product, we choose to tell them it wouldn’t happen within the required timeframe; it can’t be called body fat / shame, ”he added.

He further wrote: “Having said that, if our communication on stock availability, lead times for production and customization made customers not even feel welcome and recognized, then we are so sorry because it is not and never will be the intention.

Tarun tahiliani “Every year, women of different body types and ages have had the pleasure of wearing the TT,” the designer wrote. (Source: taruntahiliani / Instagram)


Tahiliani also shared that her design house “contacted the relevant person directly yesterday afternoon via an Instagram direct message … to understand their experience in detail and we have had no response.”

Following the designer’s statement, Dr Cuterus took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the chain mail between the two parties. “So I had contacted TT before going to their store (via email {note this, as it’s very important that they have my direct email line}),” she wrote.

dr cuterus, tarun tahiliani Dr Cuterus responds to Tarun Tahiliani’s statement. (Source: dr_cuterus / Instagram)

dr cuterus, tarun tahiliani Dr Curetus shared this in an Instagram story. (Source: dr_cuterus / Instagram)

She added: “I had specifically mentioned my size, so ‘fit would be a problem.” Note that they did not notify me of any size stock issues here ”.

dr cuterus, tarun tahiliani The influencer said she was humiliated by the store salesperson. (Source: dr_cuterus / Instagram)

Responding to the question of “stock availability”, she further wrote: “I was never informed. It was the way their salesperson would look me up and down and ask, “Oh, * you * are getting married? As if I wasn’t married by nature. It was the way they kept saying ‘we don’t have this in * your size *’…… fit ‘. “


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