The 10 Best Colorful Socks to Spice Up Your Wardrobe in 2022

You know what they say about socks…

No? Pleasant. Makes our job much easier. Alright then, here’s what “they” say about socks, according to “us”.

Socks say more about you than you think. Especially when it comes to colored socks.


Take the novelty too far and you risk falling into difficult territory. Pair solid, bold colors with the wrong outfit and your socks will stand out in all the wrong ways. Here is to help you navigate these murky and colorful waters, our top 10 best colorful socks for men.

Best Colorful Socks for Men

Die-hard Disney fans and kids at heart will love this funky pair of Bombas featuring the OG mouse himself, Mickey. You can slip on this lightweight pair when you’re looking to add a flash to your wedding attire, take them out for Disney marathons on rainy days, or anywhere in between.

The cushioned insole, arch support system and seamless toe box will keep your feet happy. And, as always, Bombas donates a pair of socks to the homeless community for every pair purchased.

Mickey colorful socks

Do you imagine yourself a prankster? Do you like giving gifts that make people smile? Comfortable enough in his skin to wear fancy socks with names like “David Toewie?” Allow us to introduce these Ziggy Stardust inspired socks from Chatty Feet.


While this pair is gloriously specific, the company makes dozens of other colorful socks for men. Fortunately (or perhaps shockingly), “Ernestoe Hemingway” and “Eltoe John” are among them. You might want to tag these guys now for your next stocking stuffer.

Colorful socks with David Bowie on them

Happy hour lovers will appreciate these colorful martini-inspired socks from basic brand MeUndies. They’re subtle enough to fly under the radar under dress pants, but flashy enough to demand a double take.

Aesthetics aside, MeUndies also makes things buzz under the hood. These Supima cotton socks have a reinforced heel and toe and feature a seam in the sole for added stretch and comfort. Cheers.

Lobster Socks

Alright, let’s take it down a notch, alright? The best colored socks for men don’t always have to have a punchline. Sometimes all you need is a nice pair of sturdy socks in a variety of bright colors. Solid colors. Period.

Uniqlo has you covered x 50 with this range of, yes, 50 socks in 50 colours. You work with a rainbow of fine rib foot covers designed to minimize piling and maximize comfort. Bonus: Uniqlo’s level of style and comfort comes at a very reasonable price compared to many other sock brands.


If sneakerheads are a thing and sockheads aren’t, we’re here to put an end to this madness once and for all. True sock lovers (you know who you are) will appreciate the attention to detail that house brand Mr. Porters has put into this tie-dye pair.

Sturdy construction and maximum cottony comfort are the focus here, second only to the stylish and versatile look of these colorful socks. No two pairs are alike thanks to the tie-dye process, so you can walk around knowing your feet are identical.

Mr. P Cotton Tie-Dye Sock

Wu-Tang socks. That’s probably enough for you. Alright, let’s see each other now.

Alright, we’ll continue. These neutral yet anything but neutral pair of socks from Stance Enters the Wu-Tang feature a combed cotton blend, thoughtful arch support and seamless toe closure. The black and yellow honeycomb pattern pairs well with a conservative suit or outfit. That said, it’s also capable of standing out in all the right ways if you plan to show it off while wearing shorts. But above all… Wu-Tang socks.

Stance Wu-Tang Hive Crew Socks

Topo Designs markets these colorful socks for the athlete. It’s all good, thin and totally precise – the breathable poly-blend and reinforced toe and heel help active people stay active in comfort.

But if you’re more of the type who wants to pamper your feet while making a statement, one of the nine color options of these athletic socks is sure to speak to you.

Topo Designs Sports Socks

You: The frequent visitor to the Maine coast, but only in the fall. The guy who could spend the rest of his life next to a hearth with more s’mores accessories than you know what to do with.

These socks: Look at each other from afar.

Yes, these Fair Isle socks are almost mandatory for any self-respecting autumn follower. This two-pack from Madewell is made from mid-weight cotton that promises to keep you warm and cozy through the winter and stylish and breathable the rest of the year.

Madewell American Trench Fair Isle cotton socks

Merino wool is known for many things, primarily for its ability to wick away sweat and reduce odor. This comes in handy if you’re training on a mountain top or running a winter marathon. But it turns out it’s pretty big for wedding season, too.

Enter these merino wool numbers from Lorenzo Uomo, which will withstand anything you and the dance floor can throw at them. They come in six different designs, each of which can add a touch of fun and functionality to your costume.

Colorful striped socks

And you thought we’d have come all this way without mentioning a pair of colorful cashmere socks. However, here we are with these beauties worthy of follies reserved for the most demanding feet.

This pair from Brooks Brothers is, frankly, softer and more luxurious than it should be. The classic rib knit comes in 11 bold solid colors that can be worn as plush dress socks or perched on the couch for the coziest of Netflix sessions. Choose wisely.

Brooks Brothers cashmere socks

Colorful socks on the feet in front of the mountains
@tge000 / Instagram


    • The success of wearing colorful dress socks for men is entirely dependent on how confident you feel when wearing them. Depending on the pattern or color intensity, stick to fun, light-hearted occasions where dress protocol isn’t a factor. But at the end of the day, your style is 100% personal and others will feel it and respect it.

      • Even though their offerings tend to skew gray and black, most sock brands offer colorful options. If our picks for colorful men’s socks aren’t for you, a quick search of most online and brick-and-mortar stores will provide you with options.

        • Colorful socks worn under a suit add the perfect nod of personality to an otherwise expected outfit. They’re hidden when you’re standing but show off a bit of your sparkle when you’re seated.

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