The 16 Best Bathrobes for Men in Every Comfortable Category (2022 Edition)

Nice day at the spa, right? Could be. Or it could be today, tonight, or any other day at home…but only if you’ve mastered the art of relaxing properly.

Step 1: Get a bathrobe.

A good men’s dress should be considered a staple in any gentleman’s wardrobe – and to help you narrow down the dizzying array of options, we’ve compiled a list of the best men’s dresses by type, weight and material. .. you name it.


Gentlemen, stop your engines. These are the best dresses for men in 16 cozy categories.

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The best bathrobes for men

Terry cloth is often considered the most comfortable material when it comes to the best dress for men. Its plush feel promotes next-level calm and relaxation.

Mr. Porter’s offer is no exception. Available in two understated and sophisticated colourways, this luxurious cotton-blend terry fabric absorbs water quickly and comfortably and has a weighty feel in every way. This versatile bathrobe is perfect for long weekend getaways in the mountains or for everyday use. NN07 Men's Bathrobe

Leisure lovers will never want to wear anything other than this bathrobe cloud. Its oversized fit is reminiscent of a spa robe and is essentially an all-over Turkish cotton hug.


The pockets, waist and cuffs are adjustable for a more personalized fit, so take your time dialing in this plush beauty. And did we mention it’s made in Turkey from 100% Turkish cotton? Yes, but it surely bears repeating.

Men's bathrobe

This cotton stunner from Sleepy Jones is for those who take their leisure seriously…and are willing to pay for it. You can’t go wrong making this your next all-day weekend lounger.

The classic design can easily swivel to accompany a good book on the back porch to keep you warm after a after ski hot tub session. French seams, a timeless shawl collar and a slim fit come together to put this 100% cotton robe at the top of our list. Men's bathrobe

Not everyone can pull off a silk bathrobe. The perfect match for this luxurious Paul Stuart loungewear silk twill number is not only ready to splurge on his leisure pursuits, but also exudes the kind of confidence it takes to successfully pull off this material.

Its piped edges and understated colorways add a touch of class to all kinds of gentleman’s suits.

Men's silk bathrobe

Kimono is one of the most common styles of best men’s robes. This is due, in part, to its roomy sleeves down to the wrists, breathability and overall comfort. The stylish homebody will get plenty of softness from this choice.

H by F’s Pique Kimono comes in a crisp, classic white and will have your bathroom feeling like a spa. It’s simple. It’s spacious in every way. It’s pure relaxation.

H by F pique kimono bathrobe

The Scotch Plaid Flannel Bathrobe from LL Bean will work best for the guy who’d rather hide in a cabin for the weekend than spend it at the spa (meaning it’s also the perfect hassle-free Christmas gift). Its rugged and beautiful look exudes a confidence that is hard to find with its silk or waffle counterparts.

And it doesn’t just look sturdy. This dress is built to last – the weaving technique used in its construction is designed to increase strength and overall quality. LL Bean and flannel go together like… well, LL Bean and flannel.

LL Bean plaid flannel robe

Portable leisure, portable luxury. That’s what Bown of London offers with this 100% Egyptian cotton bathrobe. The busy traveler will find that this featherweight body shaper takes up virtually no room in their carry-on. Oh, but the presence it exudes once unboxed…

The striking paisley design is complemented by interior moisture wicking properties, stitched cuffs and two front pockets for the amount of posture required.

Men's bathrobe

While the Loro Pianas on this list may take umbrage, you can’t talk about the best men’s dresses without mentioning Amazon. The budget-conscious bathrobe lover will appreciate the total comfort offered by this hooded fleece from Pavilia.

It’s warm, it’s soft, it’s absorbent and it’s kind to your wallet. Although you may need to replace it more often than a sturdier built robe, it’s the type of lounger that will keep you coming back for more.

men's fleece dress

In a word: luxury. The pinnacle of luxury. This centerpiece of a 100% cashmere robe is for discerning relaxers who enjoy the finer (and softer) things in life.

This Italian dress comes in two understated yet sophisticated block patterns and features classic styling throughout. Its natural habitat is in a cozy reading nook laden with cedars or on the balcony of a rectory facing Lake Como. Yes, your living room should also work fine

Men's bathrobe

No one factor can define the best men’s dress for you. Sometimes you want thick and warm. Other times you want light and air. And then there are those times when you need a bit of everything. This flat-woven Pestemal dressing gown is the go-to for all crafts – it’s absorbent, mid-weight, functional, and comes in multiple colors and styles.

And thanks to these versatile features, it also makes a solid travel companion. Take it from the beach to the bathroom to the spa and beyond.

Bathrobe for men

You’ll feel like the sultan of summer in this super lightweight and super affordable men’s bathrobe from Haseil. This airy blanket and a bathing suit are all you need to reach the pinnacle of leisure.

It features long sleeves and a classic V-neck. And while its puffy satin material will keep you cool, the lining does its part to help wick away sweat. Bonus: Haseil goes beyond muted colorways to offer various piping options and bold dragon prints.

Haseil Mens Satin Bathrobe

As if getting a massage wasn’t relaxing enough, imagine if every spa had weighted bathrobes waiting for you before and after your treatment. Those who invest in this dress appreciate the finer things in life. And full body hugs. Certainly those too.

Gravity added a three-pound weighted wrap inside the collar that can be removed to not only allow for machine washing, but also to customize the weight and feel of your robe. The heavy, plush feel will give you Zen comfort in your makeshift spa.

Men's Bathrobe

Sometimes you need a full range of motion, even when you’re wearing a dressing gown. Say, for example, when you lead your Robe Flag Football team to victory. Or when you need to walk the dog but can’t find the motivation to put on real clothes. Or, more realistically, when you’re doing something other than lying on the couch. Enter this Land’s End calf length number.

It’s made with Turkish terry fabric, so you know it’ll be super comfy while working hard to absorb moisture from whatever the day throws at you. The fit is loose but not too loose, and there are plenty of stylish colors and patterns to choose from.

Men's Bathrobe

If you’ve ever found yourself stepping out of the shower and wishing it never ended, make sure one of them is waiting for you on the other side of the glass. The waffle pattern gently massages your body while wicking away remaining moisture.

Not only is Onsen’s deep waffle design super breathable and absorbent, it simply looks and feels like the ultimate in relaxation. We could unbox this, but do we really need it? Look at the.

Men's Bathrobe

Velor robes aren’t just for holidays evenings and costume parties. Except… they actually are. But if deployed correctly, velvet has a place in your everyday dress life, especially if you have a flair for the dramatic.

Petite Plume’s offering features touches of velvet on the cuffs and collar, leaving just enough room for a subtle peacock without giving you a show. The classic Windsor tartan and houndstooth design also helps keep things grounded.

Petite Plume Windsor tartan velvet bathrobe

This lightweight hooded bathrobe is ideal for those who like to keep their heads toasty after the shower. It’s also great for keeping head-to-toe warm during the strenuous journey from the hot tub to the lodge on a ski trip.

Riley pulls no punches in this dressing gown made in Portugal with superfine twist-free cotton. And the terrycloth lining will help absorb water, keeping you as warm as you are stylish.

Men's Bathrobe

What to look for in a men’s dress


Cotton. Flannel. Velvet. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the materials used in the best dresses for men. Think about when and where you will wear your bathrobe the most and let the qualities of the fabric guide you.


No matter what your dress tells you, weight matters. Robe weight runs the gamut from weighted collars to barely there silk robes. If you mainly wear your bathrobe during the summer, opt for a lighter material such as silk or satin. The colder months deserve flannel, fleece or other heavier materials. When it comes to choosing the perfect dress for your needs, weight is king.

Man wearing a dress with a hat
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Let’s face it, successfully pulling off a dressing gown takes courage and a keen sense of style. Choose your material, weight and pattern carefully.


    • Since most dresses, regardless of weight and material, are designed to be roomy, most one-size-fits-all dresses for men come in a size large. Allow plenty of wiggle room in the length and width depending on your height and weight.

      • In short, men’s dresses have very basic overall length and style considerations. You will probably find more options available in dresses for women.

        • The answer to this question is entirely up to you and what you will be doing in your dress. Research the materials available and pair them with what you will be doing in your dress to find the right option.

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