The 17 best plain white t-shirts to buy wholesale


Trying to pick the best plain white t-shirt is like trying to pick the “best” bottle of red wine. What does that even mean, when there is such a dizzying number of variations? Buying a new one means understanding what you think about the fit, shape, and fit, plus all kinds of little details. Do you want bare short sleeves or larger, boxier sleeves? A traditional straight hem or a curved hem for a less basic open look?

There is no “best” plain white unicorn t-shirt that tops them all (although if we hear otherwise, we’ll let you know). And to be honest, that’s a good thing. Wide variety means you can store your drawers with the right solid white tees for all kinds of situations.

That’s why we’ve sifted through an endless array of plain white t-shirts to find our 17 favorites. Fitted white t-shirts, beefy t-shirts, platonic ideal pocket t-shirts, everyday t-shirts and even a white t-shirt ready for training. Whatever your preference for a plain white t-shirt, we’ve got you covered. So let us, the sommeliers of plain white t-shirts, guide you through our list of t-shirts.


Best affordable underwear

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Uniqlo Airism Short Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt

Uniqlo has the extreme seasons on the lock, with its two-piece Heattech for winter and the company’s Airism technology for sweaty days. You can easily put it on like an undershirt – in fact, we recommend it, as this poly-elastane blend crew neck is cool to the touch, wicks moisture and protects against damp odors. But the Airism t-shirt can hang on its own if needed, as it doesn’t have the shiny sheen of other synthetic shirts.

Best Tech-y undershirt

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Mack Weldon AIRKNITx round neck undershirt

Mack Weldon’s basic technology-driven approach makes the AIRKNITx undershirt a top contender for summer fit and general underwear use. It combines a blend of lightweight microfibers, a dollop of stretch, and a ventilated mesh construction to allow your vapors to evaporate. This is how you avoid sweat stains on your pimples. (Although if you need more undershirt options, we’ve got you covered.)

Best buy wholesale

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Men’s Kirkland Signature Crew T-Shirts (Pack of Six)

Kirkland Signature multi-pack t-shirts are the way you get the most bang for your buck t-shirt money. Their thick, soft, peach-like fabric is made from 100% ring-spun cotton. And like some of the more expensive t-shirts on this list, the straight, slightly boxy silhouette comes with no tough side seams.

Better upgrade

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Lady White Co. T-shirt (set of two)

The Mesh Gods of Lady White Co. built their mark on a plain white t-shirt. Mid-weight cotton is sourced from North Carolina and has a solid feel that improves with age. In addition, the seamless body makes it a comfortable garment. They are only sold in sets of two, which is handy for upgrading your tee drawer much faster.

Best deal

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Hanes Beefy-T Short Sleeve Pouch (two-pack)

Hanes has served over a billion Beefy-Ts since its beginnings in the 1980s. The secret to the t-shirt’s popularity is simple: it is a regular fit with a soft yet substantial jersey fabric all over. in cotton, at an affordable price.

Best boxy tee

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To put it simply: this is the perfect boxy t-shirt. Where too many t-shirts are overgrown, floppy or too long, the Entierworld is wide and well cut, so it doesn’t look like a jersey nightgown.

Best slim t-shirt

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Velva Sheen Plain T-Shirt (Set of Two)

We love Velva Sheen t-shirts as an OG brand, but they also win us over for their slim fit. They are super flattering no matter when your last bust day is. And, unlike other t-shirts, you don’t have to cut the size down just to get the slim figure you are looking for.

Best with a suit

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Sunspel Sea Island cotton T-shirt

Rocking a t-shirt under a suit jacket is a more advanced styling move than you might think, with a handful of pitfalls. Perhaps the most important detail is the neck: the crew neck of the Sunspel Sea Island is not too high and does not degrade like a boat neck. Plus, the round neck construction means the collar lies flat and holds its shape, without worrying about the bacon neck after a few washes. In addition, the Sunspel Sea Island Tee can hold its own when the suit jacket comes off, thanks to its luxuriously soft hand, light sheen and classic fit. But

Ideal for training

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Our favorite gym tee can handle the most intense workout you throw at it. It is a real multi-hyphen that resists odors, wicks moisture, protects from the sun and dries quickly. And we’ve got a few other options if you’re looking for the best workout shirts (and you don’t need them to be white).

Best pocket t-shirt

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Lady White Co. ‘Clark’ Pocket T-Shirt

Yes, this is our second Lady White Co. cry, and for good reason. The Clark tee might not be the conventional pocket tee, but that’s why we love it. The vintage-style chest pocket uses the same tied ribbed detail as the neck, so it never stretches.

Best hard working tee

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Carhartt Cotton Force Delmont Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Like all Carhartt products, this tee is tough yet comfortable, with a durable cotton-blend fabric that keeps you cool while you work, whether in Zoom meetings or in the garage. It also won’t restrict your range of motion thanks to the loose fit and raglan sleeves. And the icing on the cake? The fabric is also stain resistant.

Best investment t-shirt

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3sixteen Heavyweight T-Shirt (Set of Two)

Need more beef from your tee? 3sixteen chunky t-shirts are heavyweight boys, made from a custom knit all-cotton jersey that’s both soft and incredibly dense. Although there are heavier t-shirts out there, 3sixteen remains fair this side of the sweatshirt territory – a balance of weight and comfort, like a cozy weighted blanket.

Best super soft t-shirt

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Classic Goodlife Supima Cotton Crew-neck T-shirt

When you combine extra-long cotton and incredibly soft modal, you get the silkiest t-shirt there is. Just note that if you and the gym aren’t on good terms, the modal tends to hug the body.

Best eco-friendly t-shirt

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Everybody.World Scour Classic Trash T-Shirt

It’s a t-shirt that makes you feel good: made from recycled cotton waste and free from harmful chemicals. By leaving cotton in its natural, undyed state, Everybody.World does not need harmful dyes or bleach, resulting in a tee that is both eco-friendly. and gentle on the skin.

Best fit with curved hem

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Buck Mason Curved Slub Hem T-Shirt

All those unfolded t-shirts with the curved hem you see these days? It’s because of Buck Mason. They hit the nail on the head with their quirky curved hem tee, creating a new style that looks well hung or curled up.

Best something more t-shirt

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Everlane Organic Premium Flamed Crew

For a t-shirt with that little extra something, opt for Everlane’s slub t-shirt. The uneven, slubby texture of the fully organic cotton jersey fabric gives it a substance and texture that gives other plain white t-shirts a, well, plain look.

Ideal for screen printing

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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt (Set of Two)

If you’re looking to relaunch your streetwear brand, you’ll need a graphic t-shirt and you’ll need to do it on a Gildan. Gildan has been the backdrop for some of the most iconic graphic t-shirts in history, including numerous Supreme t-shirts (and a Frank Ocean name check). Maybe in a year or two we will verify your label name.

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Four different buttoned short sleeve shirts on a red and blue abstract background


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