The 22 Best Flannel Shirts for Men in 2022 Will Make the Season Even Better

Softer than your duvet, more forgiving than your cashmere, with just enough structure to make you look respectable: There’s a reason “best flannel shirts for men” never leave the fashion conversation or your laundry cycle from fall to spring. . For two centuries now, heavyweight flannel shirts have been embraced and reinterpreted by just about every demographic and subculture imaginable: frontier loggers, WWII sailors, greasers, surfers, punks, skaters, WWII rappers. west coast, grunge kids, rock climbers, entrepreneurs, mustachioed Williamsburg hipsters, hypebeasts, yoga moms, tech bros, current NBA tunnel style kings. This universality speaks to the fabric itself: tough enough to be beaten on a job site, comfortable enough to swaddle on the weekend, respectable enough to be worn on a date or for brunch with your friends or during a Zoom call with your boss.

The best flannel shirts are endlessly adaptable – you can wear them on their own or over clothes like a jacket, with jeans or a sweatshirt or dress pants or cargo or gym shorts – and they won’t never quite up to it. They’re comforting and time-tested, and you’ll need as many of them as possible to get through the winter in style. Here are the 22 best flannel shirts for men to buy right now, in chunky checks and chunky stripes and foliage-inspired tones that will fit right in, no matter your taste or wardrobe.

Heritage flannel


Pendleton Regular Fit Long Sleeve Board Shirt

Pendleton has been in the business of keeping people warm for over 150 years – known for weaving some of the best blankets and flannels around and their Board Shirt is iconic. The warm woolen fabric comes in a range of great checks and is just the right weight for an overshirt. The fit is super flattering, and the camp collar and flat hem design is perfect for everyone. It’s so good the Beach Boys used it as a schtick when they were originally called the Pendletones. You may not be able to belt a Animal Sounds 2but you can easily watch super fly.

The Budget Flannel

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Wrangler Authentics Heavyweight Long Sleeve Fleece Shirt

Still not convinced that a flannel shirt is exactly your style? Take this $20 banger for a test drive. Along with its classically good-looking exterior and entry-level price, it’s also just as soft and warm as that Snuggie you definitely aren’t wearing on the couch all weekend. Even if you don’t end up introducing it into your current wardrobe (you will), it’ll be a great addition to your growing at-home cozy rotation.


Best bang for your buck Flannel

LL Bean plaid flannel shirt

Are their flannels cheaper? Yes. Are there more luxurious flannels? Yes. Are there better flannels for the price? No. LL Bean’s Scottish flannels are probably what your parents and their parents used to wear (and probably still wear). They’re brushed to a peachy softness, come in a range of historically-accurate Scottish tartans, and are just a step away from the cheapest options on this list.

safety flannel

While Pendleton, a true blanket maker, makes his own flannel shirt, Outerknown’s Blanket Shirt is a little heavier and even softer, like a really cozy blanket. It’s the result of the chunky yarn organic cotton fabric that has earned the Blanket Shirt much praise and adoration. The fit is roomy enough to layer over a shirt or even a sweatshirt, but don’t dive into the realm of boxer fashion more than you do.

non-cotton flannel

The Row Zachary Flannel Shirt

Not all flannel shirts have to make you feel like you’re about to chop down a tree. Some flannels make you feel like an opulent West Village resident. This shirt from god-level brand The Row oozes luxury, and while it’s devoid of the usual plaid pattern, it’s far from plain. The flannel is buttery soft and comes in a decadent dark chocolate hue. The tailoring is impeccable and the drape is absolutely elegant. No, you are definitely not doing anything close to manual labor in this shirt. It’s the flannel shirt you wear to walk into the fancy restaurant, the one you wear to feel totally opulent.

15 More Flannel Shirts We Love

Needles Rebuild 7 Cuts Plaid Flannel Shirt

Why have just one flannel shirt when you have them all at once?

Uniqlo Plaid Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt

You probably won’t get your flannel tailored to the right length, so Uniqlo made one that looks good untucked.

Image may contain: clothing, garment, shirt, sleeve, longsleeve and dress shirt

Pendleton Canyon Wool Snap-Front Shirt

A little yeehaw, a little lumberjack.

Image may contain: clothing, garment, sleeve, longsleeve, shirt and pants

LL Bean chamois shirt

A true legend of outdoor clothing that deserves all the love and praise it receives.

Image may contain: clothing, garment, shirt, sleeve, longsleeve and dress shirt

Rothco Chunky Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt

Another rugged old-school option, built to survive in the woods in the dead of winter.

Taylor Stitch Ledge shirt

The solution to fickle weather is a shirt that has just the right amount of beef to wear as a mid-layer and overshirt.

LL Bean x Todd Snyder Printed Chamois Shirt

If the purpose of camouflage was to go unnoticed, then this gorgeous camo shirt failed miserably.

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, coat, human, person, overcoat and sleeve

Quarter Gradient C Shirt

A soothing shaded effect to make the season easier.

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, sleeve, long sleeve and pattern

Portuguese Flannel patchwork printed cotton flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are synonymous with plaid. But this kaleidoscopic masterpiece tells us the plaid could be played up a bit.

We11done checked wool flannel shirt

They call it hot pink because it makes you look hot.

Image may contain: clothes, jacket, coat, blazer, plant and tree

London wax whiting shirt

Don’t be afraid to play with the proportions. This also goes for the scale of your plaids. The chunky yarns in this flannel make it a puffy throw that turns heads.

Image may contain: clothing, garment, sleeve, shirt and longsleeve

Reese Cooper checked cotton-flannel shirt

More pockets = more snack compartments.

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, shirt and dress shirt

Noah lightweight flannel

Proof that flannel shirts don’t have to be exclusively fall.

Image may contain: clothing, garment, shirt, sleeve and longsleeve

Iron Heart 9oz Cord Dyed Indigo Work Shirt

Hand dyed and designed to fade beautifully, just like your favorite pair of jeans.

J.Crew lightweight flannel shirt

Tip: Fall colors look great all year round.

Adsum flapless flannel shirt

As warm and delicious as blueberry pie.

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, shirt and dress shirt

Seuvas Heavy Winter Flannel Shirt

Chunky yarns and old-school workwear details will have vintage fans drooling.

Darryl Brown DB Flannel Shirt

A brand new shirt that has the cropped, boxy fit you’d normally only get from vintage hunting.

Image may contain: clothing, garment, shirt, sleeve, longsleeve and dress shirt

Carhartt WIP Sleeper Shirt

Carhartt’s style-focused Work in Progress collection features a farm-inspired flannel shirt with a bit of skate attitude

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