The 6 best foot creams for men 2020


It’s easy to keep your feet in good shape, with consistent cuts for a few other movements – a little effort goes a long way. But using the best foot cream for any problems you are having can be the best value of any treatment for your feet.

Below are six of the best foot creams: some are for general maintenance, others more specifically against roughness, odor, sweat, and fungus buildup. That’s why it’s good to have more than one in your closet because you never know what condition might be causing its ugly head. Again, regular application of a general foot cream should prevent most of these problems.

This is doubly important if you are on your feet all day. I talk to athletes, waiters, dog walkers, letter carriers, car vendors, corn farmers, sandwich shop artists, paparazzi and paparazzi. Just for you guys, we went to try all the best foot creams and picked our absolute favorites. Here are the six that stood out.


The best daily foot cream

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Mayron’s Goods Foot Cream

In terms of daily, standard hydration, after showering, before bedtime, this is the crop foot cream. While it’s less focused than the rest of the list, it will help you keep feet soft and fresh day in and day out. It has a soothing and healing formula, carefully combining shea butter, beeswax, chamomile, calendula, vitamin E and two essential oils (avocado and sunflower seeds). It’s scented with clover and cucumber, so your feet are buzzing happily as you put them in bed – and so they smell the soft pillow in the morning.

The best foot cream for calluses and cracked heels

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Advanced Clinicals Lactic Acid Heel Cream

If you need to break down your calluses or rebuild cracked heels (and since your callus remover can only go that far), then Advanced Clinicals is the ticket. It uses lactic acid to dissolve dead skin and keep the healthiest cells on the surface. It also has a nourishing and softening base of shea butter and avocado oil.

The best foot cream for moisture control

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Antiperspirant lotion for carp feet

If you have sweaty feet, you can go ahead with an aluminum-based powdered antiperspirant lotion like Carp. It is also great for athletes to apply if they are prone to blisters or excessive friction as this creates a small barrier that locks in moisture, reduces friction and prevents interior humidity levels (the ones you want to maintain) to escape. And, by reducing moisture build-up, it keeps your feet from receiving bacteria and fungi, so it in turn prevents odor from foot and athlete’s foot while it works.

The best drugstore foot cream

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AmLactin Lactic Acid Restorative Foot Cream

Another lactic acid-filled foot cream, AmLactin helps break down dead skin, polish rough areas, soften the texture of your sole and perhaps just as importantly, it’s the softest in your wallet. . If you need a good daily cream but also suffer from rough patches, cracks or frequent calluses, this is a great cream to have in your arsenal.

The best cream for athlete’s foot

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Lotrimin AF Cream with Clotrimazole 1%

This isn’t so much a full cream as a targeted treatment for itching, redness, and fungus caused by peeling (be it athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, or more. ) It is available over the counter at any drugstore and harnesses the fungus fighting powers of clotrimazole to solve the problem quickly and safely. (If the problems persist after a few days, it is probably time to see the dermatologist or podiatrist.) In general, however, this is one of those products that every man should have on hand in his medicine cabinet, because you never know when you will need it. .

The best foot Peel for a new start

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A foot peel is a great periodic treatment to offer, such as an in-home spa service twice a year. The Baby Foot product, like many others, penetrates your skin for an hour (do this while Netflixing or taking work calls), then it takes a week to slowly remove all the rough, dead skin from your skin. feet, leaving only the softest and smoothest skin in its wake. It’s a gradual process that takes a few days to start working, but it’s the easiest way to reset everything, so it’s not something you need to do more than every six months or so. Plus, honestly, it’s pretty fun (albeit disgusting) to wake up every morning, take off your socks, and see how much dead skin has shed on your feet.


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