The Adam Project is a descendant of Real Steel: Shawn Levy

In film, time travel is the most reliable vehicle for looking into the past, realizing mistakes, fixing them, and getting rid of emotional baggage before embarking on the future. The Shawn Levy-directed Adam Project, streaming on Netflix from March 11, taps into that classic formula with an impressive cast including Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Garner. Aside from the familiar sci-fi trope, the 53-year-old director revisits the father-son relationship and the saga of redemption for this Netflix Original.

Levy, a veteran of the sci-fi genre, however, has a good excuse to do another time travel story. “The films kind of explore human fantasy. There’s a collective human desire to control the one thing we can’t, which is the linear, unrecoverable passage of time. So time travel is a fascinating genre. because it allows us to explore the fantasy of controlling time, navigating through time and revisiting our own history,” he said in a video interview. time traveler (Reynolds) teams up with 12-year-old himself (played by Walker Scobell) and his late father (Ruffalo) to come to terms with his past. Overcoming the barrier of time, they connect with each other. others and create several sugary moments on screen. As expected, together they also correct some mistakes of the past while saving the future.

With towering visuals and action sequences, The Adam Project could have been a great show on the big screen. But Levy thinks posting it on the streamer is a “compromise”. His film gained “global ubiquity” in exchange for the “community viewing experience” of a flagship release. “I really hope theatrical experiences continue to strive alongside streaming. By sacrificing that community viewing experience, you make the story accessible to audiences who otherwise won’t be able to watch it in their theater, city, or country,” Levy says of the escape adventure with a set. futuristic. It also makes you understand that life can be unpredictable. So every relationship and every moment should be cherished. “Science fiction films are mostly about emotions,” adds the director.


The Adam Project The Adam Project is led by Shawn Levy.

Incidentally, this film marks the reunion of Levy-Reynolds after the success of Free Guy (2021). This film features Reynolds as a non-player character in a multiplayer online game and teams up with a real gamer to find evidence that the CEO of a game company stole the player’s source code. “In today’s world, neither model – theatrical or steamship – is absolute. I wish everyone would watch The Adam Project on the big screen. However, I am grateful that the story that was built for mass audiences is experienced by viewers around the world. I suspect my career will go back and forth between theatrical releases such as Free Guy and streaming such as The Adam Project,” he says. A sequel to Free Guy is already in development with Reynolds on board for it.

Almost a decade ago, writers TS Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin had the initial idea for The Adam Project. But Jonathan Trooper wrote the screenplay. However, the writing process continued for another six months. “After Jonathan wrote the script, Ryan and I worked with him for six months to rewrite it. The film should be a vehicle for personal themes and stories. For this film, Ryan and I were telling our stories to Jonathan. I talked about my mother. Ryan about his father. We were able to channel reality through the script on the screen,” says Levy.

Previously, Levy’s directorial releases proved to be lucrative in India. Films such as Night at the Museum (2006), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014) are popular in India. Some of his other films well known to Indian audiences are Steve Martin starring in The Pink Panther (2006) and Hugh Jackman starring in Real Steel (2011). Even though Real Steel didn’t receive a warm response when it was released, its popularity has seen a steady increase since then. Levy is currently developing a new television series based on Real Steel. “I like films that have a timeless emotional resonance. Real Steel was about boxing robots, but it was about the redemption of a father and a son. Adam Project is a descendant of Real Steel. This is another redemption story involving a father and son. I wondered if The Adam Project is the generational offspring of Real Steel,” says Levy, who shares a long relationship with the streamer. He is the executive producer of the 2021 Netflix series Shadow and Bone and the hugely popular Stranger Things.


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