The best floor and full length mirrors are the ones you can trust


A quality floor mirror or a full length mirror will be crucial for all of us over the next three to six months, and I’ll tell you why. As we enter the world with cautious confidence and relearn how to be among friends, family, dates, coworkers and strangers who are judgmental, one thing that will help you is knowing that you are good. mine. A year of Zoom Casual dress codes and loose pants has left everyone a little rusty when putting outfits together. And an insightful look in an honest mirror for good fit control means you can walk out with one less worry in mind (and, if you’re a wit, a good shot for the gram). But even the deepest gaze into your own reflection won’t do much good if you look in a distorted mirror – or no mirror at all.

But what makes the best full-length mirror possible? One that adequately – and literally – reflects your real self? The one who doesn’t turn you into a funhouse caricature, but falsely flatters your ego?

Gio Jimenez, founder of custom mirror brand Puddle Pieces, advises you to stick with real glass mirrors, as “distortions tend to occur more with acrylic and plexiglass.” If you’re not sure, check the reflection in the corners of a mirror and pay attention to anything that needs to be perfectly straight in the background. If not, you are dealing with something other than cheap glass or glass.


Because the best floor mirrors and full length mirrors don’t just have glass, but thick glass. “Nothing less than an eighth of an inch,” Jimenez says. “Anything less than an eighth will definitely break.” In addition to being fragile, thin mirrors tend to bend and warp. If you like the aesthetics of a floor or standing mirror – one that sits on the floor and leans against a wall – a thicker mirror is even more important. (This is why Puddle Pieces’ tilted mirrors have wooden stands.)

It’s worth noting: you don’t necessarily need a massive freestanding mirror as large as you to take a head-to-toe photo. Jimenez recommends mirrors that are at least 36 inches tall, although larger ones have their merits. “The bigger the mirror, the closer you can stand to the mirror,” he says. The smaller the mirror, the more space you will need between your body and the glass to see yourself completely.

With all of that in mind, we’ve come up with 15 full-length mirrors. Somewhere here should be the one you can see yourself in.

Image may contain: electronics, hardware, computer and mouse

Crate & Barrel Peyton asymmetric floor mirror

Image may contain: Furniture
Image may contain: Mirror


Glass Warehouse Modern and Contemporary Full Length Mirror

Image may contain: Wood, Floor, Floor and Hardwood

Upland Oaks Large Full Length Body Mirror

Mercury Row “Martinsen” Full Length Mirror

Rose Home Full Length Mosaic Mirror

Image may contain: Furniture, table top, table, desk, chair and dining table

NeuType Full Length Floor Mirror

Image may contain: Carpet, Furniture and Mirror

Extra large floor mirror Selene

TinyTimes Full Length Wood Mirror

Image may contain: Mirror

Orezi Geometric Floor Mirror Crate & Barrel

Image may contain: electronics, hardware, computer, mouse and mirror

Suva CB2 raw molded mirror

Image may contain: Mirror
Image may contain: Mirror

Williston Forge Bellbrook Industrial Beveled Mirror

Image may contain: Furniture, chair and lamp

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