The best linen pants for men in 2021


With record summer temperatures now a frightening norm, drastic measures are needed to stay cool, especially in the pants department. Once considered the go-to pant style for ’90s singer-songwriters and stuffy Britons abroad, the linen pant is now enjoying a style revival, thanks to modern fits, accessible color palettes and neat finishes.

If you don’t mind looking like Simon Cowell on vacation, you’re probably concerned about the creases. Don’t be. Designers and retailers are developing more and more innovations to ensure that while laundry won’t be completely wrinkle-free (it isn’t meant to be), it will look less like a tea towel and more elegantly disheveled.

With brands like Cos, Uniqlo and Theory now using the right material for summer, you can expect more thoughtful cuts too; the drape of the linen remains, but a tapered leg or cropped hem here and there helps create some definition. And you can wear them in a number of ways, dressing them from top to bottom as needed – linen pants won’t fool you.


Hurry? Here are the best linen pants for men this summer season:

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L'Estrange London 24 Linen Trousers

How to wear linen pants

There are two directions you can take when styling linen pants, whether it is fitted or relaxed. The first is the look you already know. Think pleated fronts, tucked-in Cuban collared shirts, a tone-on-tone blazer on top if the temperatures demand it, all very Italian. Avoid linen shirts and opt for a cotton or Tencel shirt for a textural contrast. Sandals or moccasins will finish the look.


For a more modern take, wear linen pants as you would a chic pair of jogging bottoms (you’ll find many with drawstrings at the waist). Pair them with a neutral solid color tee and easy-to-wear or minimalist high-top sneakers to easily keep cool in the city during the warmer months.

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What to look for in men’s linen pants


One of the advantages of linen during the summer months is the unique structure of the fabric. Its low thread count and moisture absorption capacity keep you cool and allow better air circulation around the body. However, one hundred percent flax can be difficult to care for. You will need a red steam iron while the pants are still damp to remove wrinkles. One solution is to invest in linen blend pants. Linen will provide a flattering drape to the pants, while the addition of cotton or polyester creates an easy-care element such as quick drying.


In shape

Linen is not naturally stretchy, so it is a good idea to go for a looser pair with a good drape. It’s easy to feel cautious, however, as a cut that’s too loose will invite unfavorable comparisons, and no one wants to look like the man from Del Monte. Linen pants are now available in a wider range of fits than in the past. Counter the relaxed fit with tapered legs, rolled hems and drawstrings at the waist, giving the linen pants an instant style update.


Since linen is a natural fiber, the best color options are earthy tones, such as dark neutrals, stone, khaki, and brown, especially if the desired look is more casual. Faded navy blue and denim-style indigo are a great way to help linen pants look more stylish. Leave brighter colors for owners of demonstration yachts.


The final touch

Like many dress pants, the classic linen pants for men have undergone some improvements in recent years. Drawstrings at the waist and unfinished hems help create a more relaxed beach look, while classic side adjusters and welt pockets on pairs with pronounced pleats help create a summery look more appropriate for the office. Going for linen pants with a cuffed hem is probably the best way to get your money’s worth. Tried and tested with dress pants, the cuff looks smart in the office, while also being perfect for curling up more on the beach.

The best brands of linen pants


The classic Zaine pants from the American brand Theory have been revisited for the summer. Cut in the same way as their best-selling pants, the linen variant offers a touch of stretch for added comfort, and. The pants are cropped down to the ankle, making it easy to roll up for a more contemporary seaside look.

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linen pants theory


Ready to ditch chinos in favor of linen pants? Head over to NN07, who developed the perfect linen pants with a drawstring waist to satisfy the laid-back summer man. A great lightweight option, especially paired with a classic Oxford shirt or simple t-shirt. For those who are ready to go beyond the trend, the Scandi brand has given laid back Fridays a whole new meaning.

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The strange London

The Strange London is determined to change when and where you wear linen – and linen construction as a whole. With their 24 pants, they took this summer fabric and gave it a makeover, with the intention of wearing their creation all year round. Using a blend of soft cotton, airy linen and extra stretch, this fabric will accompany you from summer months to cooler seasons (especially if you go for a black pair).

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Strange London Linen Trousers

Mark & ​​Spencer

Dressing for the office in the summer is difficult, in fact. Street mainstay M&S has come to the rescue with a range of linen pants that won’t look too casual for work but will graft into the wardrobe, also serving as a weekend option. end. Its slim-fit linen pants are perfectly cut to be rolled up for a weekend paddle, and the blend of linen and viscose gives it a perfect drape with instant pleats.

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by Drake

With its 100% linen pants, the Italian brand Drake’s knows how to keep it both cool and stylish. Simple pleated with side adjustments, they offer their pants in a range of earthy and understated colors: olive, navy, sand and brown. Straight pants go well with a pair of moccasins and a linen jacket of the same color or a button-down shirt.

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Brunello Cucinelli

With thoughts of linen come thoughts of Italy, and Italian brand Brunello Cucinelli certainly knows its way around luxury linen pants. Linen is a classic fabric, generally known for its rough feel, but the Cucinelli range is almost unbelievably soft. We’re talking CEO pricing, but this is sprezzatura at its best, with contemporary shapes and a mix of solids, Prince of Wales check and pinstripe distressed in blues and neutrals.

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Brunello cucinelli linen pants

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Navy blue linen and cotton blend tapered pants

Mr. P

In just a few short years, Mr. Porter’s house brand has come up with thoughtful versions of durable and wearable trends. So it’s no surprise to see her offering some linen pants for the summer. Whether loose or tapered and tailored, the palette is understated and easy to style, depending on what you’re running outside for. And expect extra touches like drawstrings at the waist, deep pleats or chambray finishes.

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linen pants mr p

MR P. Black linen and cotton-blend drawstring tapered pants


Mango offers a sleek European look at better prices than most, and his linen pants are the cornerstone of that look. The options are mostly designed with cuffs and pleats, but you’ll also find the odd, sweatpant-inspired fit. It’s also a great place to look for more interesting versions of basic colors, with versatile off-whites and tobacco browns among our favorites.

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J Crew

J Crew screams classic and effortlessly cool cuts when it comes to their linen pants. Featuring a cotton-linen blend and sleek chinos, these linen pants are designed for lounging in a seaside house, taking a summer road trip, or sipping a drink in a bar in the open. air.

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Linen can be a difficult fabric to mold to the body; it is designed to sit down to create a feeling of freshness. The COS range plays with proportions by creating elegant suit pants that are worn close to the body for a more polished look. Then his linen pants offer a more fitted silhouette with breathable fabric to take you from barbecue weekends to smart corporate events.

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Whether you have business trips every week this summer or a few summer weddings you have to attend, there is no better way to go than with linen dress pants (preferably the whole suit). for more dressy occasions). SuitSupply is known for their suits, so their linen dress pants are definitely unbeatable. These pants are both breathable and comfortable in pure linen.

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H&M may be aimed at a faster fashion clientele, but its linen-blend pants are designed with comfort and movement in mind. They even have linen blend jogging pants with sewn folded cuffs – the ultimate comfort pants for summer.

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h & m linen pants


Leading the upscale Main Street segment, Reiss makes clothes that often look designer, but without the same jaw-dropping price tags. Linen pants are a good example: well-tailored and interesting colors, and with lots of extra touches like side adjustments and subtle patterns.

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reiss linen pants


British brand Far Afield offers a range of linen pants with an easy-to-work palette. They range from linen dress pants to looser, relaxed options, all of which will work with crisp shirts as well as an easy Breton top.

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Far Afield Pleated Trousers

Banana republic

It’s easy to sweat, especially if you’re paying a hefty price for a pair of easy, breezy linen pants. But for those prices and that look, you can stay cool no matter what. Crafted from soft, breathable linen, and featuring off-seam front pockets and a contoured waistband, these pants will be your go-to for those summer weddings that line your agenda.

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republic banana linen pants

Stay cool when it’s hot with a linen moment.


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