The Best Luxury Bath Products for a Spa-Like Bath

When we’re kids, we take baths for obvious reasons: The whole “learning to bathe” thing, for starters. Mom and Dad can control the temperature (and don’t have to get wet themselves). Nothing is beyond the reach of these short arms. Rubber duck time.

However, as soon as we step into the shower, baths are a thing of the past, at least for most of us. Why would you want to soak in your own filth after waiting 10 minutes for the tub to fill, when you could be showered and done by the time it’s done?

Well, that bathtub in your house could accommodate your new favorite hobby. There’s a lot of untapped potential in this tub, and we would like would like to convince you to reconsider this. Maybe once a week, or even once a month! But you also need to approach it with this hobby in mind.


thermal baths are kind of gross. For example, you are soaking in water with your sweaty feet and dirty back. So we say start with a quick shower to do the washing, shampoo, etc. Clean yourself up before you jump in the tub. That’s when the fun begins – it’s not about washing to wash, but washing to feel amazing, both superficially and spiritually.

Below are the products we recommend you choose to enhance the experience and turn your bathroom into a real spa. No, we don’t expect you to buy hundreds of dollars worth of products just to take a bath. But if you’re in the market, buying one or two will absolutely increase your enjoyment.

bath oil

Hot water alone can dehydrate your skin by drawing out your skin’s natural oils. A touch of bath oil will have the opposite results: these nourishing oils, which often include jojoba, moringa, and rosehip, instead leave skin feeling soft, supple, and glowing. (I find it helpful to wipe the tub with a paper towel after bathing, when using oils – it’s a super easy cleanup.)

The best bath oil

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Tom Dixon bath oil

Rosehip, moringa and carrot oil make for a luxurious bath. This product can be pumped into the bath (and produces a light lather), and can also be used as a body oil, massaged directly into the skin.

Bath salts

Mineral-rich bath salts can soothe and nourish the skin — it’s like a whole-body version of a relaxing foot bath. There’s a reason salt-rich bodies of water like the Dead Sea are also sought after for their healing powers; although you won’t reach 34% salt content or anything, you can get the same soothing benefits with a pinch of bath salts. Watch your agonies float to the surface as you soak up satisfaction.

The best bath salt

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Bathing Culture Mineral Bath Salts

A blend that combines mineral sea salt with purifying green clay and skin-nourishing jojoba oil.

bath bomb

Bath bombs are typically a fragrant, soothing blend of bath salts, essential oils, carrier oils, and natural extracts that help calm and hydrate the skin. Drop them into the drink, and they will dissolve and do their job.

The best bath bomb

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Prima CBD Bath Gem

Come for the skin-soothing CBD, stay for the relaxing Epsom salt and nourishing meadowfoam oil.

Terry cloth towel and bathrobe

Every man needs a really good bathrobe (which inevitably turns into a bathrobe, for all occasions). The same goes for a set of bath towels, and not just because you want your guests to know you’re taking good care of yourself, but because you do take good care of yourself. Either way, terry cloth ticks all the boxes: it’s so soft, dries quickly, is easy to care for, and it’s looks much more expensive than it is. (A minor investment for major longevity and quality.)

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