The best men’s t-shirts in 2021

The term ‘wardrobe staple’ is used more often than a steak at a vegan party, but the best t-shirts for men are one item it can really be applied to.

A garment that started out as strictly underwear, has evolved into work wear and is now a definitive style essential, you’d be hard pressed to find a man who has never owned this basic for over 100 years.

The versatility of the T-shirt has a lot to do with its ability to outlast trends; it is the only garment that can be worn on any occasion, under a shirt, with a suit, at the gym, at the beach and in bed.


These are real conveniences: we buy them in bulk, often from the same brand, and we don’t stop thinking about them until they need to be replaced. But are we really getting the most out of our basic t-shirts? To provide a shortcut around the hours, if not days, it can take to find the perfect color, fit and style, here is the ultimate guide to the best t shirts for men.

The best t-shirts for men: fit

The fit of a t-shirt says a lot about its wearer. Unintentionally loose, with sleeves dropping sadly off the shoulder and excess fabric tenting around your torso, it feels like a man who has given up. On the flip side, exploding seams and a padded sausage-skin fit sends the opposite message, that of a man who can’t get his own reflection out of his head.

The perfect fit example emphasizes the parts of the body that you are most proud of, without drawing attention to the areas that you are aware of. Confused? Before trying one, take a look at your bare torso in the mirror and ask yourself what your best attribute is.


Whether rolled up or regular, the sleeves should come halfway up your upper arm to show your biceps and triceps.

Pecs / Shoulders

Aim for a fitted style that skims that part of the body, leaving enough room for air to circulate.


Abs / Tight Waist

Men with larger breasts and / or narrow waists should look for tapered cuts that don’t drape around your mid section.

If you don’t have complete confidence in your body – a sensation that affects many of us – or if nothing stands out, go for a regular fit. Don’t oversize to try to hide the lumps or buy smaller to overdo other features no matter how hard you want to show the results of this arm workout. Likewise, if you think anything about your upper half is worth showing off, well, first control the urge to go shirtless, then follow some of these tips that apply to everyone. body types.

  • A classic t-shirt should end around the top of your hips. This will allow you to raise your hands without turning your t-shirt into a crop top.
  • A short-sleeved t-shirt should not cover more than half of your upper arm and should be placed as close to the skin as possible without stretching.
  • A perfectly fitted t-shirt is not restrictive, allows you to move comfortably, and should never feel tight (with the exception of performance clothing).
  • Even in oversized or long styles, the shoulder seams should ideally line up with the point where your shoulder curve ends.

The best t-shirts for men: colors

When it comes to the best t shirts for men, cover all of your bases with these fundamental colors. Rather than sticking to just one shade, branch out and try filling your t-shirt drawers in a range of colors to match any outfit or occasion.

Neutral t-shirts

Black, white, gray and navy; these timeless hues lay the foundation for any successful capsule wardrobe. These t-shirts are often categorized as “base colors,” but their ability to either bolster an existing look or make it into a single one is anything but.

White Tshirt

The quintessential white t-shirt. For underwear, there is no better choice, and this is the best color (or lack thereof) to combine with indigo jeans – see James Dean and Paul Newman for confirmation. There is nothing more classic than a white t-shirt.

Gray t-shirt

Jersey or heather gray are a mix of different shades, and the final textured effect is extremely flattering, especially if you are looking for a t-shirt to visually enhance your body shape. That said, men who sweat a lot naturally should exercise caution as gray will make it much more noticeable.

Black t-shirt

While black remains a popular t-shirt shade, it does come with some pros and cons. On a positive note, a black t-shirt offers a rebellious alternative to the classic white option. However, the color is known to fade quickly and feel warmer in warm conditions.

Navy T-shirt

Not always available in the standard three-for-two or multi-pack offerings, navy is a refined choice that does almost the same job as black but still daytime-friendly due to the deeper color. It is ideal for creating tone-on-tone looks when paired with a denim or blue suit.

How to wear neutral basic t-shirts for men in white, black, gray or navy

zara 2017 mango man ss17 reiss Peek & Cloppenburg 2017

Colorful t-shirts

The rise (and rise, and rise) of trends such as athleisure and relaxed office dress codes mean that t-shirts are now more popular than ever. However, neutral hues can get a bit similar. Keep things fresh and inject energy into your everyday looks by trying on colors.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules here – which makes it an easy, affordable, and effective way to experiment with different hues – but, as a rule, certain colors work well with certain skin tones.

Colorful t-shirts for men with fair skin

Men with pale skin and lighter features such as red, blonde, or light brown hair and blue eyes are best suited for colors that clearly contrast with skin tone. This means that darker hues like camel, bottle green, and bold primary colors work best, while soft, pastel hues should be avoided.

Colorful T-shirts for Men with Olive / Medium Skin

Anyone with olive or medium skin tone (or the lucky ones returning from two weeks in the Mediterranean) will find them suitable for a wide range of colors. For best results, avoid shades that are too close to skin tone, such as undertones of brown and orange – always lean a little lighter or darker than midfield.

Colored t-shirts for men with darker skin

When it comes to colors, guys with dark skin have their choice. Make the most of this and go bright and bold with primary undertones and jewelry tones. Just avoid brown, which can bleed through your skin and make you look ashy, or worse, naked.

How to wear colorful solid t-shirts for men

zara 2017 zara 2017 windsor ss17 mango man ss16 next 2017 pull and bear 2015

Neck type

Anyone with a more than fleeting interest in style will know that there are several necklines to choose from when shopping for t-shirts. Still, rather than complicating a look with everything from deep Vs (thrill) and boat necks to rounded, raw hems, you’re better off sticking with the classic crew-neck tee.

V-neck tees naturally lengthen the neck, making them perfect for shorter men looking to create the illusion of height, or taller men after a slimming effect. They also provide balance to rounder or wider face shapes.

Choice of fabric

Most men tend to favor heavier fabrics rather than light ones; as if the quality was directly related to the weight of the garment. Well the opposite is actually true for t-shirt materials. Whether worn as an underwear or solo, a t-shirt should feel like a second skin.

Almost all simple t-shirts will be cut from cotton or some cotton blend. The gold standard is Pima or Egyptian cotton, which is made from long fibers that last longer, look thinner, and feel lighter in a premium t-shirt.

Cotton blends are also good options. A moderate amount of spandex (stretchable fibers) helps maintain the shape of the t-shirt, while cotton-polyester blends are less expensive and often wrinkle less. Other brands are looking further towards fabrics like Tencel, which tends to be even cooler than linen, or viscose, which is more absorbent.

Where to buy the best men’s t-shirts

A high quality men’s t-shirt in a perfect fit will fit perfectly into your existing wardrobe and you will put it to good use for years to come.

Whether yours comes in a Main Street threesome or you’ve splurged on a designer take, it’s important to remember that a high price doesn’t always guarantee high quality. Hence, it helps to know the best t shirts for men in each price bracket.


If t-shirts and sneakers are part of your everyday wardrobe, the affordable options found on Main Street are a perfect way to stock up in bulk and are easily replaced. While some inexpensive t-shirts can often twist and lose their shape with a few washes, there are a handful of brands that have managed to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

Key brands: Uniqlo, H&M, J.Crew, Mango

h&m Cotton T-shirt - click to buy uniqlo DRY CREW NECK SHORT SLEEVED T-SHIRT - click to buy J.CREW Slim-Fit Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt - click to buy mango Essential cotton-blend t-shirt - click to buy


In the middle range are most of the specialists in underwear and loungewear. These are a big step up from Main Street, but they will do your money justice. It will seem lavish or overkill at first, but the long-term benefits – better fit, shape retention, longevity – pay off, and you’ll definitely get your cost per wear out of it.

Key brands: James Perse, Sunspel, Club Monaco, NN07

JAMES PERSE Slim-Fit Combed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt - click to buy sunspel Classic Cotton T-Shirt - click to buy CLUB MONACO Williams Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt - click to buy NN07 PIMA TEE - click to buy


Unless you have a double barrel last name, the trust fund to back it up and work in town, most guys should skip a few meals to afford some really premium or branded t-shirts. . This is when understanding fabrics and quality is most important. While there are plenty of brands out there that create decent t-shirts from premium materials, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overpaying for a simple branding.

Key brands: Acne Studios, Aspesi, Camoshita, APC

ACNE STUDIOS NIAGARA TEE - click to buy ASPESI GARMENT DYED TEE - click to buy CAMOSHITA Brushed-Cotton T-Shirt - click to buy A.P.C. Jimmy Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt - click to buy

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