The best room sprays will cover the stench in your home

The best room sprays are the easiest way to improve your home. You might not think your house has an odor. Maybe you even love the natural musk of your own human existence. But here’s a secret: When your house (or apartment or office or dorm) smells good, guests will apologize for a lot of other things. Did you miss that tuft of dog hair in the corner when you were a Swiffer? Have you never dusted your shelves… ever? Your guests won’t even notice if your house smells of peony. Or eucalyptus. Or a heady mix of the two.

Maybe you are not a candle guy. That’s great. Large scent wax clumps are not for everyone. You always need something more sophisticated than a feverish Febreze shoot before your next guest arrives. The solution for a quick aromatic development is a good room spray. Think of it as a cologne for your home, where different notes work together to create a multi-layered scent. Here are the best room sprays to take up your “what’s that smell?” Space. (poop face emoji) “to” what is that smell? (heart eyes face emoji). “

For the promotion major

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Room spray Byredo Library

Have you ever dreamed of being able to live in a library? This now classic scent from niche perfume brand Byredo comes pretty close. The floral top notes create an invigorating wake-up call on the first breath, but the strength of this scent lies in its base notes (the layer that sticks the longest) of wood, patchouli and leather. A few spritzes and your space will instantly become more intellectual, and even a little secretive, even if you only have one book.

For the researcher

Indoor aromatic spray Sandoval Peace

This combination of palo santo, sandalwood, and incense creates a powerful sense of calm, perfect for hosting a meditation circle, tarot reading, or just relaxing after a white-handed commute. Bonus: Each bottle contains an energetically charged crystal to help promote positivity. It worked for us!


For the guy who needs to clean his apartment

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Caldrea Basil, Blue Sage and Room Spray

Love the fresh, clean smell of a crisp home, but haven’t been able to do your laundry for weeks? This bright herbal scent is like opening a window on the first day of spring. With basil, rosemary, sage oils, and a hint of citrus, this is essentially the Febreze of adult humans. It’s also formulated to work on fabrics, so don’t be shy when it comes to sofa cushions and linens.

Love the fresh, clean smell of a crisp home, but haven’t been able to do your laundry for weeks? This bright herbal scent is like opening a window on the first day of spring. With basil, rosemary, sage oils, and a hint of citrus, this is essentially the Febreze of adult humans.

For the Lothaire

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Think of this as the room spray equivalent of your “lucky date shirt”. Aesop, a brand synonymous with natural products, uses ingredients like geranium and neroli with a healthy touch of incense and patchouli to create a woody, dark scent, perfect for “setting the mood”, so to speak. Spray a good dose just before you leave the house if you plan to come back with one plus one.

For the perfume snob

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Frédéric Malle coffee company perfume gun

Legendary perfumer Frédéric Malle has been perfecting his craft for decades. The nose behind some of the most iconic fragrances on the market brings the same level of expertise to its home fragrances, each formulated with specific touch points in mind. This incorporates patchouli, amber and a few well-placed touches of lavender to transform your living room into a subdued, velvet-lined living room nestled in the alleys of the ninth arrondissement. Looking for an ultra-luxurious room freshener that could be sprayed to spray with the best colognes on your nightstand? That’s it.

For the pumpkin spice lover

Santa Maria Novella autumn room spray

Have you ever wished you could bottle the telltale scents of early fall? You’re in luck: Santa Maria Novella did it for you. The brand’s aptly named fall mood spray evokes scents associated with the season at its most poetic, including woody notes of lichen and moss, accented by softer florals like cyclamen and lily of the valley. Taken as a whole, it’s a scent that will make you feel like coming home like a leisurely stroll through colorful foliage drenched in the perfect amount of sinking sun.

Plus, 7 other room sprays we love

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Coqui Coqui lavman room & linen spray

A perennial fan favorite that’s as calming as a hot cup of chamomile tea and, thanks to the subtle hints of lavender, much more fragrant.

Room spray L’Objet rose black

You are probably familiar with the meticulously crafted housewares of L’Objet. The brand’s Rose Noir room spray, formulated with notes of chilli berry, rose and white pepper, is a fitting addition to any of its world-class furnishings and is thoughtfully packaged in a plastic bottle. Sleek glass that looks like a killer as a standalone design. in its right.

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The functional room fragrance Nue Co.

Stressing you in the life of the WFH? Nue Co.’s Signature Functional Fragrance Spray is specially formulated to reduce stress levels via an intoxicating blend of soothing notes like cardamom, palo santo and cedarwood.

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RetaW “Evelyn” Room Spray

RetaW’s champagne infused room spray is as satisfying as opening a bottle of champagne, without the cleanup. Founded in Tokyo by streetwear legend Hiroshi Fujiwara, the brand’s Evelyn fragrance will give your home an eternal festive scent with hints of bergamot and hints of citrus and jasmine.

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Diptyque berry / berry room spray

Diptyque’s best-selling room spray is as potent as a bouquet of fresh roses from the garden, without the short shelf life and inevitable wilting.

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Nest bamboo room and linen spray

A paraben, sulfate and phthalate free flowery scent that will convince your guests that you have a natural green thumb or taste ridiculously good in fragrances.

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PF Candle Co.

A heady, muscular scent with hints of teak, leather and tobacco, but not the kind that makes you feel like the front desk accidentally booked you into a smoking suite.

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