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In a demanding world where a man is expected to get by and meet his mortgage payments, crush his squat PB and salary caps, and be as good at listening as he can to fend for yourself, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. To that, we say start with your hair. Or more precisely, start by ringing everything. The buzz cut – a favorite of everyone from top men to army recruits – is the ultimate in classic, low-maintenance male hairstyles. Cropped short and usually of even length, puffy hair doesn’t bend, curl, or fall over your forehead, which means you won’t spend half an hour submitting your locks every morning. Not only that, but it also works everywhere – from the boardroom to a black tie ball. Want to give it a try? Here’s everything you need to know, from what to ask in the chair to what to do around the house.

Is A Buzz Cut Right For You?

As versatile as a buzz cut is, it’s not a one-size-fits-all style. Bumps, bumps, scars, and the curvature of your scalp are all things that play a role in determining your suitability with a trendy cut and trendy cut style that best suits your head. of your coupon. “If your head has a protruding occipital bone [otherwise known as the bone at the lower-back of your skull]it is better to go for a blend on the sides, rather than a uniform length, ”says Adam Gore, founder of UK Barbershop of the Year, Barberology. “It helps create a more masculine and boxy shape.” Before you sit down in the chair, take a good look at yourself in the mirror (you can even try taking selfies from different angles) to get a better idea of ​​your head and face shape. If you are still not sure after that, ask a hairstylist for their professional advice.

What do you need

  1. Quality mowers. These give you nail precision, those subtle adjustments for different versions of the standard buzz cut.
  2. A set of guards. The smallest notes are the most important here, ranging from # 1 to # 4.
  3. A soft bristle brush. Keeping trimmers clean and hairless is crucial for achieving a clean, even finish.

Recommended hair clippers and cleaning brushes


Types of buzz cut


The shortest of all the fashionable cuts, the induction cutter takes its name from its military origins. Achieved using trimmers without a guard, if you are looking for something shorter, you might as well take a razor straight to your scalp.

Induction Buzz Cuts Hairstyles for Men

Crew-neck cut

A buzz you can take home to your mom, the crew cut isn’t as harsh as other shorter variations. The hair is tapered to the sides and back of the head, while the top is either cropped evenly with a longer guard, or tapered back from the top of the head so that the hair is slightly longer. long on the front, ”says Sang.

Choker Hairstyles for Men


Want to polish your look so as not to scare the neighbors? A slightly less skinhead variation on induction, the burr involves cutting hair the same length on the back sides and top with a trimmer attached to a # 1, # 2, or # 3 guard.


Men's Hairstyles Burr Buzz Cuts


A trendy cut is a great hairstyle for getting up and going, but it also means losing the ability to change your look for different occasions. For a cut with more styling potential, go for a ‘Butch’ style, which is longer than a burr, but still short. This is done using clippers attached to a # 4 guard.

Butch Buzz Cuts Hairstyles for Men

Flat top

Sturdy and striking, the flat top is as close to artistic sculpture as men’s hairstyles. “It’s a high fade haircut where the hair on the top is cut in such a way that it produces a flat surface when a product like gel or pomade is added,” Gore explains.

Men's hairstyles and flat cuts

High and tight

Like an undercut, but with less hair on top, a high, tight fit is achieved by trimming the back and sides of the head using a # 1 or # 2 guard and using protection two sizes above to create contrast.

High and tight hairstyles and cuts for men

How to get a buzz cut at home

Start by making sure your hair is both clean and dry. Wet bristles stick to each other, making it not only difficult to track your progress but also clogging the mower. Then try to take some. “If you’re able to grip your hair with your hand, it’s best to reduce the volume first,” says Gore. So if you wear hair that is longer than an inch, start with a # 4 all over, then work your way down to the length you want; hair longer than this must first be cut with scissors. When you’re ready to shave, start at the top of your head and – using straight back and forth strokes. Progressively work your way through your hair, taking care to go over the same area several times until it is even. Once you’re happy with the full length, get one down on your toes and carefully trim the edges of the neck and around the ears (a hand mirror comes in handy here) to help streamline your style.

How to style a buzz cut

The beauty of a buzz cut is that you don’t really need to worry about styling it. Simply rub it with a towel once you’re out of the shower and ready to go. That said, there are some products that can help keep your buzz at its best. “All you need is a little product like a light ointment or even a little coconut oil to keep your scalp healthy and smelling great,” Gore explains.

Buzz Cut styling products for men

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