The first Telfar x Ugg drop is here

Telfar Clemens’ greatest talent has always been to transform the simply accessible into the extremely desirable. While many brands and products rely on scarcity to create a hype, Clemens goes as far as he can in the opposite direction. He took his “Shopping Bag”, the brand’s jewel, with sales times measured in seconds, and made it so that anyone could buy it, an idea that would have been heretical to almost anyone. what another brand and designer. As a result, the power of the brand does not lie in the rare products but in the large community that surrounds and embraces its products. So there might not be a better branded soul mate for Telfar than Ugg, the maker of the ubiquitous sheepskin-lined boots. And the designer’s long-awaited collaboration is now here, first on Telfar’s website on June 14 before releasing to Ugg the following week on June 21. “We’ve always been obsessed with ubiquity, seeing something all over anyone is what makes it real to us,” Clemens said via email.

The team has been a long time coming. Clemens, wearing a T-shirt with a glitter mix of the two brands’ logos, announced the collaboration in September last year. A fluffy bag, like her famous Shopping Bag and Ugg Boot had a baby, followed in November. (It now demands over $ 500 on resale sites.) Now a full collection, in all its glitter and furry glory, is here. The unisex capsule features two variations of the boot (including an almost mid-thigh version that fuels Clemens’ sexy vision of Ugg), three pairs of underwear, and this remixed glitter T-shirt. This is only the first drop, more will follow in the fall.

Brian O’Doherty

The revisited boot is at the heart of the project. In Telfar’s world, boots are pushed to be even more comfortable. The design borrows fleece from his brand’s sweatpants to “combine the two most comfortable things on earth,” according to a press release. “We wanted to combine the ubiquity of our bag with the ubiquity of UGG boots,” said Clemens. “It’s that simple and it’s all about execution. Our whole MO was to try to be more UGG than UGG! “


While it seems striking in itself, the Ugg collaboration is on the same spirit as Telfar’s partnership with White Castle, as well as his since-abandoned team with the Gap. They provide a unified theory of Telfar: to bring style, fashion and magic to everyday places and people. These are products designed to look great in downtown New York, but also in your local Starbucks.

Brian O’Doherty

Clemens’ obsession with Ugg has grown around this point for decades now. He says he first became interested in the brand when it was “a phenomenon in the early 2000s – everyone wore them before anyone knew what they thought,” he said. he declares. He eventually did his own unauthorized riff on Ugg boots for a 2014 runway show. However, for both Clemens and keen buyers alike, a real collaboration was worth the wait. “Making affordable sheepskin parts would never be possible on our own,” Clemens said. “With UGG, it’s going to be everywhere. We like it.

Brian O’Doherty
Brian O’Doherty

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