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Spoilers for Hulu’s Great, below.

Our lovely Hulu frenzy Great was immediately followed by the sinking feeling that a second season could be years away. The series, which stars Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great and Nicholas Hoult as Peter III, is the chaotic, violent, sensual and deranged parent of Sofia Coppola. Marie Antoinette and Yorgos Lanthimos’s The favourite. Tony McNamara, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind the latter, had previously not confirmed that his latest show will extend beyond its 10 delicious episodes.

But, huzzah, Hulu has confirmed that a second season of Great is on its way unexpectedly. Ahead, everything we know about the status of season 2.


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A second season has been confirmed.

The show tells a revisionist story of the rocky marriage of Russian rulers in the 18th century, and it was originally reported as a limited series. But by the end of the finale, the Empress only tasted her first taste of power. “This season doesn’t end like you think it’s going to end,” Fanning admitted. Entertainment tonight. “[Tony]definitely think about [season 2]. He has an idea. Fortunately, Hulu has confirmed that Catherine et al. will return for a second installment of 10 episodes.

The two main cast of the show have already teased their involvement with another season. Without disclosing any details, Fanning confirmed to AND: “If they wanted to do it, I would do it right away.” It also appeared that Hoult was already involved. Variety reported that the actor left the next seventh Impossible mission film because the filming “overlapped with the production of season 2 of Great. “

Hulu released the first photo of the new season – a photo of Catherine pregnant with Paul.

“Our Empress is pregnant!” the show’s Instagram account has been announced.

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All of the major players will likely return – with one exception.

For a show full of bloodshed, it’s surprising that even the central characters remain alive at the end of Season 1. Those likely to return include Fanning as Catherine, Hoult as Peter, Phoebe Fox. in Catherine Marial’s maid, Sacha Dhawan in the Orlov bureaucrat, Adam Godley as religious advisor Archie, Gwilym Lee as Peter Grigor Dymov’s right-hand man, Charity Wakefield as Peter Georgina’s frequent mistress, Belinda Bromilow as a colorful aunt Elizabeth and Douglas Hodge as General Velementov. However, Catherine’s lover Leo (Sebastian De Souza) may have met her death. (While we don’t see her disappearance onscreen, anything is possible.)

the great and you sir, are not peter the great episode 103 catherine, orlo and marial continue their coup plan they try to recruit an unfortunate military general, velementov, for their cause during the celebrations of the palace in honor of peter's late father, peter le grand peter, noting Catherine's misfortune at court, gives Catherine a sterile lover, Leo she hesitates at first, but Leo manages to charm her Leo Sebastian de Souza, Catherine Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Belinda Bromilow, photo illustrated by ollie uptonhulu

Ollie Upton

Gillian Anderson will join the cast as Catherine’s mother.

In some really delightful casting news, Gillian Anderson (including her recent turn as Margaret Thatcher in The crown won her a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress) will appear in GreatSeason 2. She will play the role of Joanna, Catherine’s mother, whose high-level matchmaking skills and “glamorous socialite” character are sure to turn heads at Catherine’s court. A description of the character, by Deadline, reads: “She heard rumors about her daughter’s coup and came to Russia to see it for herself.” Although the apple of Catherine and a beloved mother, it soon becomes clear that Johanna has more sinister intentions to save her family’s reputation.

The first season ends with a heart-wrenching cliffhanger.

GreatCatherine’s finale follows her 20th birthday. As a gift for herself, she decides to put her meticulous months of planning aside by making the last-minute decision to kill Peter that day. Meanwhile, Peter grapples with the fact that he might actually love his wife and is determined to get her to tell him by the end of the day.

In other events, Aunt Elizabeth realizes Catherine’s plans to overthrow Peter. In distress, she does not tell it to the emperor. “Most women die with an unspoken best idea in their hearts,” she concludes. General Velementov begins the coup prematurely, soldiers in tow. Additionally, Orlo and Archie are physically fighting for power.

the big meatballs in dacha episode 108 Catherine's political abilities are put to the test when she gets the opportunity to travel abroad with Peter and Velementov to discuss the end of the war with the swedish king Velementov finally sees the potential of his leadership and decides to support the coup at the palace, leo wants to leave the marial court tries to keep him there by telling him about the coup peter nicholas hoult and catherine elle fanning, photo by ollie uptonhulu

Ollie Upton

Catherine’s plans to take out Peter are complicated by her birthday present – a visit from her idol, Voltaire (Dustin Demri-Burns). “You are the strangest of creatures,” she then said to her husband. “Cruel and thoughtless, tender, entertaining and bizarre – I love you. In a way, you break my heart. When Catherine throws herself forward with a knife to kill Peter, he misinterprets her attempted coup as preliminaries. But this confusion is corrected when Marial tells Peter about his wife’s plan – and reveals that Catherine is pregnant with her heir.

In the end, it’s a love story – hers for her and hers for Russia. While Peter holds a knife to Catherine’s throat, they negotiate the fate of the country and their relationship. “You love me and you love Paul,” she said, naming their unborn child in an attempt to gain his sympathy. “You won’t kill us.” Peter won’t, but he will ask Catherine to end the coup or lose Leo, her assigned mate turned real-life lover. After consulting Voltaire, Catherine sacrifices Leo for the good of her adopted country. Catherine and Peter are bound by mutual illusions – hers that she will fall in love with him, hers that he will allow her to reign.

the big beard episode 102 catherine takes her first steps towards a coup d'etat following marial's advice, she tries to seduce and recruit the intellectual count of the palace or it is a disaster however, after seeing the brutal treatment of Peter towards the local nobles and his refusal to listen, he decides to join the coup d'etat of Catherine Catherine elle Fanning and Peter Nicholas Hoult, photo illustrated by ollie uptonhulu

Ollie Upton

There is much more of the history of Catherine the Great to explore.

From the beginning, Great does not claim to be a historically accurate account of the life of Catherine the Great. A title card at the start of each episode reads “* a sometimes true story”. Based on the 2008 play of the same name by McNamara, Great is the kind of period play where each character speaks inexplicably with a British accent.

But despite the creative freedoms (Catherine was 14 when she married Peter, not 19, and she lived with him for decades before staging her coup, not six months), there’s still a lot to make in its history. For one thing, Catherine didn’t come to power until after the birth of her son Paul, a storyline teased in the finale. And she ruled for 34 years, so there’s a lot of content to explore.

the great and you sir, are not peter the great episode 103 catherine, orlo and marial continue their coup plan they try to recruit an unfortunate military general, velementov, for their cause during the celebrations of the palace in honor Peter's late father, Peter the Great Peter, noting Catherine's misfortune at court, gives Catherine a sterile lover, Leo she hesitates at first, but Leo manages to charm her husband Phoebe Fox and Catherine elle Fanning, photo illustrated by ollie uptonhulu

Ollie Upton

Executive producer Marian Macgowan said they plotted several seasons of the show. “We initially launched six seasons. So we think there is enough material to guide us until she becomes an old woman, ”Macgowan told Decider. When Fanning was asked about the season 2 schedule by Weekly entertainment, she confirmed that she would resume with the characters at a similar age. (No The crown casting changes here.)

In an interview with Deadline, posted after Fanning won a Golden Globe nomination for her performance, she declined to reveal much about the second season, but stressed that her relationship with Peter would change. “Catherine, I think, has a real weakness for [Peter], which needs to be explored, ”she said. “Their relationship is getting a lot more twisted. So we work a lot together. “

It will likely be years before Season 2 of Great hits the screen.

Before opening your stash of macaroons and breaking glasses, you have to remember the state of the world. It will probably be over a year before we get our promised second season. The first was ordered in February 2019 and didn’t debut until May 2020, and with delays during the coronavirus pandemic, production is only returning to something like normal.

the great parachute episode 106 peter has a new life after his near death experience, he is open to catherine's progressive ideas of bringing art and science to court and wants to focus on an heir orlo trying to figure out who poisoned peter and faces demons from his own catherine elle fanning and leo sebastian de souza, photo illustrated by ollie uptonhulu

Ollie Upton

In the meantime, we’ll just see Catherine again teaching Peter how to say touched.

Stream season 1 of Great now.

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