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If there’s one thing Team USA doesn’t have time for while competing in Tokyo right now, it’s the hair that catches her eyes. So we chatted with three Olympic pros: gold medalist in athletics and world record holder Sydney McLaughlin, finalist in women’s sport climbing Brooke Raboutou and gold medalist in beach volleyball Alix Klineman from their favorite hair products to use so they can keep their head in the game.

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Sydney McLaughlin, USA Athletics

Professional styling gel styler

“I like my hair to hang out of my face because I want to focus on running, so I wear it in a ponytail and use Eco Style Olive Oil Gel ($ 12) daily. While my hair is still damp, I use a firm hairbrush to get the shape. Then I go in with the gel, putting a handful in my hands, rubbing them together, and using my fingers to get it through my hair. I brush it one last time, then put on the elastics. Although the gel is really strong and keeps my hair in place, I also like that it is made for curls and that it has a little more humidity. ” – @ sydneymclaughlin16


Brooke Roboutou, USA Sport climbing

BOING Curl Leave-In

“I like to wear my hair in two Dutch or French braids for competitions because it’s fun and a bit more styled. I use Unite Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner ($ 28) every time I shower, and sometimes in the morning, to define and straighten my really long hair. I will spray it all over when my hair is wet and then shake my hair out to help [define] buckles. I will also reapply it when my hair is in braids if I have a lot of flyaways. I like it to be a spray because I can’t get residue on my hands when I climb. “- @ brookeclimbs

Alix Klineman, USA Beach Volleyball

Tres Two Extra Firm Control Aero unscented hairspray

As far back as I can remember, I have played with my hair in a high ponytail. My hair is [naturally] thick and curly, so I like to use TRESemmé TRES Two Unscented Extra Hold Hairspray ($ 6) because I need a strong hairspray that can withstand the sweat, wind, and movement of beach volleyball. At the end of a match, I’m always surprised that my ponytail is still in good shape. “- @ alixklineman

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