The latest in the United States women’s football team’s fight for equal pay


fight for equal pay for women

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On July 23, while the United States women’s football team was in Tokyo for the Olympics, it filed a preliminary brief in its ongoing equal pay lawsuit against the United States Football Federation. United States.

This filing came after the rejection by a judge in May 2020 of the players’ claims against the federation. Judge R. Gary Klausner of the United States District Court for the Central District of California sided with the federation’s argument that women had earned more “in both aggregate and average per game ”than the men’s team.

The players, including Megan Rapinoe, who has been one of the main frontline voices in the fight, have said, through a spokesperson, that they will appeal the decision.

“We believe in our case and know our value,” Rapinoe said in a statement on this 2021 case, by The New York Times. “It’s time the USSF did it too.

“Anyone who knows this team knows that we don’t give up until we win,” forward Christen Press said in his own statement, according to the Times.


As women continue to play on the world stage — they face Canada at 4 am EDT tomorrow — their case at home continues to grow. On Friday, July 30, the men’s team filed an amicus brief in which they claimed the women’s team had been discriminated against by US Soccer for decades, for example The Washington Post. They reportedly said the women’s team should be paid more than them.

The men’s team called Judge Klausner’s decision “flawed” and “oversimplified” and added that the women’s team’s salary should reflect their performance. “Women deserved better from the Federation and a lot more money,” they said and also added that the federation “has consistently treated women as a second class throughout the 35-year history of the national women’s team “.

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