The luxury brand sells a designer apron for Rs 57,000;  Check it out


Among the many fashion trends, luxury fashion brand Jil Sander, under the vision of Lucie and Luke Meier, has come up with a new apron.

What’s so amazing, you ask? The brand has come up with three varieties of designer aprons that cost a bomb.

The aprons are natural undyed cotton throws. Along with this, the aprons have a front printed in graphic text with quotes such as “Never Fade Away” or “Blue Windows Behind The Stars”.


One has gold metal studs on either side, while another is designed as a wrap with a gold studded fastening strap.

The aprons that are part of the brand’s spring / summer 2021 collection are priced at 650 euros (57,862 Rs).

apron Wraparound apron from the Jil Sander collection. (Source package:

Would you ever buy such an apron?



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